All Things Wrong – Chapter 3: Give Me Back My Money Bastard!

The overjoyed Li Huailin walked back to the village leader once more. Li Huailin was feeling very good now, so even the old village leader with a gray beard looked a little cute in his eyes.


“Old pops, I’ve finished your mission!” Li Huailin said happily.


“Future hero, you did not let me down as expected. The injuries you have on you testify to your bravery and courage. This is your reward!” The grey beard village leader replied in the same way he did to many other players.


System Notice: You completed the E-rank quest [Eliminate Black Slimes]. You have lost 200 EXP and 10 copper coins.


“What?!” Li Huailin instantly broke down. Why does he have to lose EXP and money even after completing a quest?! Looking at his EXP, it indeed become -250/500. The 13 copper coins he got from killing [Black Slimes] also became 3 now.


The EXP was still okay, since he had already known his EXP acquiring method was bugged. Besides, he would be able to recover it after dying a few times. However, the money was another matter! He finally got 13 coins after much trouble, and yet 10 was taken away from him for nothing?!


“Bastard! How dare you take my money!” Li Huailin didn’t care whether the village leader was an NPC or the final boss of this game and just lifted up his collar. “Give me back my money, bastard!”


“What’s happening?” The surrounding beginner players were quite curious. They were also planning to accept the quest from the village leader, and didn’t expect to see a player who seemed like he wanted to beat the chief. Thus, they started crowding around to see what was going on.


The village leader was unperturbed though and just said, “Hero, I temporarily don’t have any more quests for you here. However, I heard that the blacksmith and tailor in the village need some help. You can talk to them about it.”


“Talk what?! Give me back my money!” Li Huailin continued to grab the village chief’s collar. “If you don’t return it, I will beat you!”


“I think he wants to beat the chief! Why though?” The surrounding players were quite perplexed by this situation.


“Heh heh, you don’t know, right?” A player on the side seemed to have understood something and started analysing the situation himself without caring about other people, “There are hidden quests in <Heart of Glory>. This player must want to get a hidden quest, so he is doing all sorts of things to try to trigger it.”


“Oh, I see!” The surrounding players nodded their heads, and actually accepted this explanation!


Following a disdainful “Pft!”, around ten players walked over from behind. One could tell immediately that these players played together. Though they were still at the beginner village, they were already wearing the same equipment. Their leader was a 30 years old middle-aged man. His armour had a faint green glow, showing that he actually had an Uncommon equipment. To be able to have an Uncommon equipment in the beginner village meant that one was part of a guild. After all, most people could only get these sort of equipment by killing a boss in a guild. The chances of a player getting an uncommon equipment from normal mobs were too small, and only guilds stood a chance agaisnt the strong bosses.


“He expects to get a hidden quest by doing this? Are you kidding me? Our guild Spirit World has so many people, and have tried all sorts of way, but still, couldn’t trigger any hidden quest.” The leader said. “Just wait for the good show. This village chief should be an NPC who is above Level 30. With just a hit, a beginner will be insta-killed. Just wait for him to experience it!”


“Spirit World!” The surrounding players got noisy, but they all immediately believed the man’s words. Because Spirit World’s credibility has withstood the test of time and remained good all the while.


“If you keep repeating the same words to me, I will really hit you!” Li Huailin didn’t care about the players around him and continued to threaten the village chief.


“Hero, I temporarily don’t have any quests for you here. However…” The village chief continued to repeat his words as expected. No surprises there.


“I gave you a chance already.” Li Huailin didn’t say anymore and punched the chief’s face with his right hand.




System Notice: As you have attacked the Beginner Village’s village chief, friendliness level with village chief increased by 20 points. You are now seen as a friend.


“What?!” Li Huailin was once again stunned by the system notice.


“He really attacked!” The surrounding people got excited, and all had an expression that said ‘let’s see how this idiot gets killed’.


A second passed, then another… Soon, ten seconds passed. It was now very quiet and nothing has happened at all. The crowd soon realised something was wrong.


“What’s happening? Why hasn’t the village chief retaliated yet?”


“You’re right. I saw with my own eyes someone getting insta-killed after attacking the chief! Why hasn’t he done so this time?”


The members of the Spirit World guild were also flabbergasted. Dafuq is with this situation?


The following happenings made people break down even more. The village chief used to treat every player the same with a stoic expressionless face. However, after getting hit by Qin Fang, he actually had a smile on his face now.


“It’s you, hero! It’s so great to see you! I heard that the blacksmith and the tailor have quests for you. Could I trouble you to go and take a look?” The village chief said to Li Huailin while smiling.


“What?! Has the village chief gone haywire? Somebody beats him and he still faces him with a smile? Is he crazy?” The surrounding players couldn’t keep calm anymore.


Li Huailin was also perplexed by this reaction, but immediately identified the reason. Originally, the friendliness level should have been deducted. However, it became a gain instead for some reason, and gaining 20 points is enough for an NPC to be friendly towards you. No wonder the village chief is now all smiles with Li Huailin.


“What a masochistic NPC. On account of you taking away my 10 copper coins, I will hit you a few more times.” After finishing his retort, Li Huailin grabbed the village chief’s collar once more and slapped him hard making a *pak* sound. It was so hard even the surrounding players felt pain on their face just imagining it.


System Notice: As you have attacked the Beginner Village’s village chief, friendliness level with village chief increased by 15 points. You are now seen as a friend.


“Dafuq?! He hit him again!” Another stream of shocked shouts ensued.


“Let’s just hit him till I’m satisfied.” Li Huailin slapped the chief harder and harder, and actually got addicted to this feeling. Thus, he continued to slap the poor village chief.


System Notice: As you have attacked the Beginner Village’s village chief, friendliness level with village chief increased by 12 points. You are now respected.



System Notice: As you have attacked the Beginner Village’s village chief, friendliness level with village chief increased by 3 points. You are now worshiped.


After slapping the chief over ten times, Li Huailin was finally satisfied. He shaved off 40 HP from the NPC, and the friendliness level won’t rise anymore. He was already being worshiped.


The surrounding players were shocked once again, and didn’t know how to react. Even the people from Spirit World looked at Li Huailin like idiots.


“Okay! I’m satisfied now! The 10 copper you took from me is for you to see the doctor. No need to thank me, and keep whatever is remaining after seeing the doctor!” Li Huailin clapped his hands and said with satisfaction.


Who would have thought that the unmoving village chief would suddenly grab Li Huailin’s hands the moment Li Huailin let go of him, scaring Li Huailin.


“Oh, noble hero! I have finally met you again! Your heroism should be praised by the whole world, your heroic deeds carved into the holy altar!” The village chief said with exhilaration, his eyes filled with the feeling of worship towards Li Huailin.


“En, en!” Li Huailin nodded his head, seemingly satisfied by the praise. “What you have said is not bad, old pops! I didn’t work so hard to beat you for nothing!”

“……” The surrounding players started doubting life. What heroism, what heroic deeds? Is slapping you over time times considered heroic and honourable?!


“Talking about this, I actually have a hidden quest that I want you to complete for me, hero!” The village chief continued to talk without caring about anything else.


System Notice: The Beginner Village’s village chief has given you an AA-rank hidden quest, [The Source Of Evil]. Do you accept?


“Only an idiot would accept! Shoo! I decline!” Li Huailin was scared silly. Though he didn’t know what the quest rewards was, just looking at the AA-rank was enough to let Li Huailin fear this quest. What if the reward was over ten thousand EXP at once? He would be royally fucked. At his current level, he won’t be able to get the EXP back to 0 even after dying a few thousand times!


“WTF, the village chief really gave out a hidden quest!” The surrounding players were immediately excited by this bombshell news.


“Did you hear, that dude actually rejected!” Another player immediately added on.


“He’s too awesome. I don’t know what to say anymore.”


“Hero, can you reconsider? The quest rewards will definitely leave you satisfied.” Seeing that Li Huailin has rejected the quest, the chief started persuading Li Huailin to accept.


“I de-” Of course, Li Huailin wanted to reject. However, just as he was about to do so, a hand was suddenly placed on his shoulders.


“Wait, my friend.”


A voice came from behind. Li Huailin turned his head around and found the guild members of Spirit World were standing behind him. It was the middle-aged leader who stopped him from declining the quest.


“Is something the matter? Do I know you?” Li Huailin was quite perplexed. He had only cared about slapping the village chief just now and didn’t notice the conversation going on around him. Thus, he didn’t know these people were from the Spirit World guild.


“I am Spirit World’s vice-leader, Ye Hang. These are my subordinates.” Ye Hang gave a self-introduction.


“Spirit World guild…” Li Huailin’s eyes slightly contracted. This Spirit World was really a large guild. In the games he had played before, the Spirit World guild was also in all of them. Furthermore, they were always one of the top 3 guilds within the game. After <Heart of Glory> was launched, Li Huailin naturally predicted that big guilds from other games would enter too. However, he didn’t expect them to act so fast. Are they giving up the market and resources available in the other games?


Though he thought so much in his mind, he didn’t let it show on his face. He just smiled and replied, “I’m a solo player, Forest. You can call me Huailin.”


“Nice to meet you, Huailin.” Ye Hang said very politely. “I saw that you had just wanted to reject a hidden quest. Can you tell me why?” Ye Hang was very confused. Normally, people would search high and low for a hidden quest, yet this guy rejects it without hesitation?


“Oh. I saw that the quest was AA-rank so I felt that it was likely to be impossible for me to finish. Rather than wasting so much time on a hopeless quest, why not use it to train instead?” Li Huailin was obviously not silly enough as to say that he will get his EXP deducted. Afterall, he logged in illegally. If this was discovered, he may be banned from this game.


“I see…” Ye Hang nodded his head. Looking at Li Huailin who was wearing beginner armour, this mission would indeed be impossible if Li Huailin decides to play solo. This was a reasonable explanation. “Our guild Spirit World is very interested in this quest. Can you let us do it?”


“Oh?” Li Huailin smiled, “Has business come knocking?”

Translator’s Notes:

Third chapter of the 5 chapter mass release of new project~


Saquacon (Translator)

Saquacon (PR)     


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