All Things Wrong – Chapter 30: Compensation

“Everybody, come and see! This quack doctor not only killed me when I was on the verge of death, he even tried to silence me by giving me another even stronger poison! In just 10 seconds, my life was taken from me! How can I endure this anymore? How can someone be so evil?!”


In front of Eddark’s house, Li Huailin was putting on a melodramatic monologue.


“Child, child, let’s calm down and talk properly, okay?”


Once again, Eddark dragged Li Huailin into his house.


“What’s there to talk about? One time wasn’t enough so you poisoned me twice. To think you have the gall to call yourself a doctor that can’t bear seeing someone die in front of you! Nonsense! You are obviously someone who has already made killing a habit!”


Contrary to his maligned performance, in actual fact, Li Huailin was jumping for joy in his heart. Just like that, he died twice, earning so much EXP. However, he was still planning on scam- asking for compensation for his death.


“This… this…!”


Poor Eddark was completely baffled by these happenings. In actual fact, he was being manipulated by the sinister Li Huailin.


“Why not we… try again?”


“You still want to try to silence me?!”


To keep up the act, Li Huailin immediately replied, with an angry glare.


“But I really am not feeding you poison!”


To try to prove his innocence, he literally roared that out.


“Maybe… maybe something went a little wrong somewhere as I hadn’t made this medicine for a long time already…”


“So you let me be the guinea pig for your ‘medicine’ after your skills have rusted so much? Giving me one that kills me in one shot too? How could you bear to do something… something so cruel!”

Declaring as such with a face filled with righteousness, Li Huailin revealed his true intentions soon after.


“Tell me, how are you going to compensate me? I will give you a chance. If you give me a few hundred of these potions, I will let this matter go.”


“F-few hundred?!”


Despite this being the second time hearing this request, Eddark still had the urge to vomit blood.


“I really don’t have so many ingredients! How could I possibly make so much? Why not I give you a quest to gather all these ingredients? I will help you make it after you have gathered them. You will also get a lot EXP, at least enough to compensate your lost EXP. It may even give you more than you lost.”


Li Huailin obviously won’t choose this option! Not only is gathering ingredients troublesome, but as Eddark said, there will be ‘a lot of EXP’, not gained, but deducted after finishing the quest! What is he, stupid? Doing the quest to get potions which will give him EXP, but losing EXP when getting the potion… what’s the point?


“I won’t do the quest! If you don’t give me the medicine, you can just silence me now! Then from now onwards, I will come find you every day, and you can just silence me… around ten-odd times!”


Li Huailin said this with determination and solemnity. If Eddark was really willing to kill him, that was for the best! Even the need to drink medicine is removed!


Yet, this resolution made Eddark think that Li Huailin was seriously angry, making him break out in cold sweat. If he didn’t satisfy Li Huailin now, he really will come here and make a scene every day! Everybody knows that these players can revive!


“How could I do such a thing? R-right! I have enough ingredients to make ten odd potions. Why not I give you a quest and just give it to you?”


“Ten odd only?”


Li Huailin frowned. This was only enough for 1 level, so he was obviously unsatisfied.


Seeing Li Huailin frown, Eddark upped the compensation.


“I will give you the recipe so that you can learn alchemy and make the potion yourself next time.”


“I won’t learn Alchemy. I have no interest in such things!”


Though he said this so cooly, in his heart, Li Huailin was crying. His secondary profession was destined to be a tragedy. Doing more of a thing makes his EXP even more negative. Alas, he was fated to be an eternal student in any secondary profession…


To protect his quiet everyday life, Eddark’s mind was on full throttle now, and he immediately gave a good suggestion.


“You can pass this recipe to your friend! Then you can ask them to help you make it.”




Li Huailin eyes lit up. What this guy said is correct! Even if he got a few hundred potions here, it will be gone in no time! Life is long, so he would be better off asking people to help him make it.


But… thinking about it, he didn’t have any friends that were good at alchemy, right? Li Huailin organised all the people he knew so far. Spirit World? No good. As a big guild, this recipe will obviously be used to support the main fighting team, and not Li Huailin alone.


Those… girls? Li Huailin’s eyes brightened. Their guild will definitely have alchemists, and their scale isn’t that large too. Their core members didn’t have much Level 15s, so even if they did go to clear instance dungeons, they won’t require so many potions, and more can be given to Li Huailin.


Thinking till here, Li Huailin nodded his head and turned back to Eddark.


“En, what you have said is reasonable. I will make do and unwillingly accept your proposal!”


“Make do…? Unwillingly…?”


Eddark almost exploded on the spot. The crystallisation of his life’s work and this rascal unwillingly accepts it? Is he trying to drive me to an early grave?!


After calming down with much difficulty, poor, old Eddark started doing alchemy. Of course, as a master in alchemy, he had the ability to make even such high-class potions in batches, being able to make 10 at once. After just two attempts, he finished all the potions.


“Here! Take it, take it!”


Eddark couldn’t help but wince when giving it away. These ingredients don’t come by easy!


Li Huailin took the items handed to him and looked at it. 14 Advanced Spring of Life and 3 Super Spring of Life potions. Together with these potions were three recipes.


Recipe: Spring of Life Potion


Recover 2% of HP per second, for 40 seconds. Getting attacked will interrupt the healing effect.


Learning condition: Intermediate Alchemy (Required ingredients will be shown after learning the recipe)


Recipe: Advanced Spring of Life Potion


Recover 5% of HP per second, for 25 seconds. Getting attacked will interrupt the healing effect.


Learning condition: Advanced Alchemy (Required ingredients will be shown after learning the recipe)


Recipe: Super Spring of Life Potion


Recover 10% of HP per second, for 12 seconds. Getting attacked will interrupt the healing effect.


Learning condition: Master Alchemy (Required ingredients will be shown after learning the recipe)


“Truly potions that were made for me! Much more reliable than drinking normal HP pots like water!”


Such were the thoughts of Li Huailin after looking at the potion properties once again.


“Quickly leave after you have confirmed everything! Or else my heart can’t take it anymore…”


Old Eddark couldn’t endure this torture anymore and started chasing Li Huailin away. En, what did the great people say again? If you don’t see a problem, you won’t be bothered by it!


“Hehe… Old pops, if you had not let me die twice and put me in a good mood today, I would have started slapping you already!”


Li Huailin, in a good mood, smiled.


“Okay, seeing that there is nothing else I can scam… I mean ask from you as compensation, and that I have not much time for idle talk, I will be going now. Please rest well, pops!”


“Go, quickly!”


Eddark’s beard rose once more and shooed Li Huailin out.


Seeing that Li Huailin finally left, Eddark rubbed his head in confusion.


“Why am I so unlucky today? Just where did my medicine go wrong? Weird… looks like I have to do more research…”


Eddark then proceeded to research his alchemic recipes again.


On the other hand, Li Huailin who had just left wanted to immediately set his ‘Death-inducing Potion Production Plan’ into motion. He who cannot be an alchemist have no choice but to give this recipe to that group of girls and set the month quota of potions they have to give him. This way, his levelling plan will be more safe and less prone to failing by evil interferences by the world, like his previous plans.


Just as he was about to contact ScarletMoon, Li Huailin suddenly received a call request. Looking at the name, it was ScarletDrink.




Li Huailin was surprised, but still took the call.




ScarletDrink’s voice immediately passed over.


“Brother-in-law, have you settled your matter? Are you busy now?”


“I have nothing on right now. Why? Is there something?”


“Brother-in-law, please bring us to clear dungeons! After you left, we tried clearing it again, but it was a tragedy! I died 4 times and am now back to Level 14.”


ScarletDrink said this with a voice that threatened to break into sobs.


“This dungeon is so hard! Completely different from when you were with us! Sister Moon’s HP was jumping up and down so fast, I didn’t even have time to add it!”


“So you guys are still trying to clear that dungeon…”


Li Huailin smiled.


“Forget it, I just so happen to have something to talk to you guys about. I will come over right now. Ask them not to go first.”


“Really?! I knew brother-in-law is the best!”


ScarletDrink was elated.

Translator’s Note:

En, trying to make up for those days I didn’t release a chapter. School finally slowed down a little after all those exam thingies after all, haha~

Saquacon (Translator)

Saquacon (PR)     


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    1. Saquacon Post author

      It’s because Li Huailin’s actions hadn’t reached the threshold of lowering Friendliness level yet. Mainly due to Eddark thinking that Li Huailin was ‘in the right’ (lol).

  1. Seregosa

    Urgh, school… just the word gives me shivers. Being forced to learn a lot of crap you never wanted to know, will never need and will forget in a few months to a year… I have been considering going to higher studies for a long time now, but I think it’s just not for me, I have my hands full just learning japanese which will at least take a year or two more before I’ve reached the level where I can use it fluently to some extent(like in reading).

    Maybe I should just give up. Why torture myself for a job I might not even get or might not be that interesting after I get it? Might as well get a job where you don’t have a lot of pressure and high-paced work and enjoy my life to the fullest without being concerned about anything as soon as I get home everyday.

    That’s life… Trying to achieve ”your dreams” will likely not amount to anything. I have nothing I TRULY love doing, or maybe I haven’t found it yet. Was going for game design studies, but do I really want to work with that anyway? I doubt it will be much funnier than other jobs for me, I have aspergers syndrome, so I really can’t put any real energy into anything unless it truly perks my interest.

    Hah, to think that ”school”, ”exams” and stuff like that can trigger so many emotions. But it was truly torturous for someone with my diagnosis, being forced to do something I hate despite and have no real reason to learn, just high school has sadly dragged on for a good few years before I’m now going to finish all the courses and get the possibility to go further, and that’s me trying my hardest to cope with and finish it. Has been stressing me to death, but now I’m finally soon finished with the last course -.- Sure, I did get A’s in pretty much everything, but having to get it perfect before turning it in drained so much extra time and energy in addition to having issues just doing it in the first place.

    Haha, sorry for the depressing text wall. Had to vent some steam after seeing the translator talking about that stuff so many times. Respect for being able to not only go through with some demanding education but also being able to translate stuff at the same time. Good luck in your studies, I hope you have it easier than me to do all of that stuff 😛

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