All Things Wrong – Chapter 31: Enormous Profits

“Here, Huailin.”


Just as Li Huailin reached the dungeon, he could hear somebody calling him. Turning around, he saw ScarletMoon and the others, obviously with a new addition too.


Knowing that Li Huailin had never seen this new member before, ScarletMoon did the introductions.


“This is ScarletSash, our guild’s main hunter.”


Li Huailin looked at the new member. This ScarletSash girl was quite young, about the same age as ScarletDrink, and looked quite pretty too, at the 80~90 points level. However, she looked quite shy and reserved.


“I am Forest, but others call me Huailin.”




ScarletSash nodded her head before lowering it. Then, there was no more reaction.




Seeing this situation, ScarletMoon put on a bitter smile.


“Haha, don’t mind, Li Huailin. Sash isn’t good with males.”


“I see.”


Li Huailin nodded his head.


“I will make sure to not tease her then.”


“That’s right, you should tease our Rain instead!”


ScarletBloodstain who was already quite familiar with Li Huailin started making teasing him.


“Second Sis, you…!”


ScarletRain had already been anxious the moment Li Huailin showed up. To clear all suspicion, she had already tried to move as far away from Li Huailin, but she didn’t expect to get attacked suddenly in such a way!


“I will log off if you continue messing around!”


“Ai, ai! Don’t, Rain!”


ScarletBloodstain quickly hugged ScarletRain.


“Aren’t you the slightest bit moved that he comes the moment he is called for you?”


“It-It’s not like I’m the one who called him…!”


Unfortunately, due to embarrassment, her retort got softer and softer towards the end.




As they were talking, ScarletDrink immediately started clinging to Li Huailin again.


“It’s so good that you are here, brother-in-law! As expected, clearing dungeons with brother-in-law is the best! Sash is so stupid, sis is so stupid too! Both of them keep on standing in the poison fogs, I don’t even know who to heal!”


“You little… who talks about their friend and cousin like that?”


This was ScarletMoon who came to knock ScarletDrink on the head for her rude complain.




ScarletDrink held her head, but continued to use her eyes to tell Li Huailin: “Brother-in-law, what I said is all true!”


After disciplining ScarletDrink, ScarletMoon turned to Li Huailin.


“Right, Huailin. I heard from Shui’er that you have something to talk about with me?”


Li Huailin nodded his head.


“Yeah, I received Drink’s call request just as I was just about to find you. I need a favor from you. Do your guild have alchemists?”


ScarletMoon nodded her head in affirmation.


“Of course we have them.”


Alchemists were the staple secondary profession team of all guilds after all. Though Scarlet Lady Army was a small guild, it still had the foundation set.




“Look at this first.”


Li Huailin immediately took out and passed two potions to ScarletMoon; one Advanced and one Super Spring of Life Potions.


“What an exaggerated potion!”


ScarletMoon’s eye lit upon seeing the potion’s properties, and she turned to ScarletRain.


“Rain, look at these.”


“Hmm? What is it?”


ScarletRain was curious too, and after looking at the properties, her eyes lit up like ScarletMoon’s. However, she immediately creased her eyebrown.


“It’s a good potion, a pity that it appeared too early. It doesn’t have much use now.”


ScarletRain immediately gave an in-depth analysis.


“As this potion heals based on percentage, it is obvious that the higher your base health, the better this potion. If one has 10,000 HP, one can heal 1000 HP/s, being able to recover 2000 HP even if you are interrupted after 2 seconds in battle. However, all players now barely have 1000 HP, being able to heal 70~80 HP/s only. Using it now is such a waste.”


“En, what you said is true.”


Both Li Huailin and ScarletMoon nodded their heads at the same time.


“However, there are special occasions which requires this potion. For example, if there is a boss whose normal attacks are focused on the main tank, but releases an AoE attack every 30 seconds, the pressure on the healers will be very large as they still have to take care of everybody’s health every 30 seconds. But if everyone all has a potion like this in their hands, then all the healer has to do is focus on healing the main tank, while the others can just drink the potion to recover their HP after every 30 seconds.”


ScarletRain went on to summarise this potion’s use.


“Thus, this potion can be considered to be a great tool for clearing dungeons, especially on the first attempt when they meet troublesome boss. Now, this potion can probably be sold for 1 gold on the auction. However, after 1 month, this price will probably increase by 20 times, after 3 months, 50 times.”


Hearing the detailed and accurate analysis, Li Huailin had only one sentence…


“Why are you so smart?”


He looked at ScarletRain in confusion, as if he had just known her. Being able to see so many things from a potion’s properties was not something just anyone could do.


“Hmph! Don’t look down on people!”


ScarletRain frowned.


Seeing this exchange, ScarletMoon laughed and came out to do the explanation.


“Rain is also in charge of our guild’s finances, being a manager even in real life. Economy is her specialty.”




Li Huailin looked at ScarletRain in shock, and muttered, “As expected of the woman I have touched before…”




ScarletRain’s face turned black after being reminded of the incident.


“The two of you are really…”


ScarletMoon didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry seeing them fight like children.


“Right, Li Huailin. Why did you show me this potion?”


“Oh, it’s like this. I still have ten odd of the Advanced version of the potion, and three of the Super version.”


Li Huailin had already decided just now; since the potions were so valuable, why not exchange it for more normal potions now? His HP was not very high now (without the buff), so drinking normal potions were more economical. Furthermore, he had the recipe, so he wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t have such potion in the future.


“Oh? So many? If so, you can sell it at a higher price. The ten odd Advanced can probably go for around 10 gold to the big guilds, and the three Super can probably go for 5 to 6 gold as a bundle too.”


After telling them of the ready-made potion, Li Huailin proceeded to inform them of the bigger bomb.


“Other than that, I have the recipe too…”




Both ScarletMoon and ScarletRain went blank for a moment.


“Err… I have the recipe, the recipe for these potions.”


Seeing the girls which reacted more strongly than he expected, Li Huailin repeated himself to get through to them.


ScarletRain immediately questioned Li Huailin.


“Is it a unique recipe?”




Li Huailin recalled about how Eddark boasted about his medicine. He did indeed say that only he knew how to make this potion…


“Probably. I got it from a hidden quest.”


“Leader, we’ve struck gold!”


ScarletRain immediately said excitedly.


“These potions are godly potions during the late phase of the game! We can’t sell it for much gold now as there is not much money circulating in the game, but at the late phase, there won’t be this problem! We can probably sell one potion for up to 50 gold! Monopoly, this is a monopoly! Also, other guilds will have to sell favors to us too, or else if we don’t sell such a good potion to them, they will lose out a lot when clearing dungeons compared to other guilds who have it! Also, also…!”


ScarletRain got more and more excited as she went on, the the point it became a machine gun.


“Right, right, I know this recipe will bring great benefits to our guild.”


ScarletMoon quickly poured some cold water on the overheating ScarletRain.


“But, can you please remember that the recipe is in the hands of your lover, not our guild!”




ScarletRain finally realised this fact and quietened down.


Seeing that ScarletRain has cooled down, ScarletMoon turned back to Li Huailin.


“Okay, Huailin. Since you told us such an important thing, it must mean that you want to cooperate with us, right?”


“You’re right. In reality, I wanted to pass this recipe to you guys.”




ScarletRain immediately got happy. However, her face suddenly turned black again.


“Don’t tell me there will be conditions…”


“Of course there will be!”


Li Huailin nodded his head as a matter-of-factly. I need these potions for levelling up!


However, ScarletRain got livid the moment she heard Li Huailin’s reply.


“Don’t even think about it!”




Li Huailin was dazed. What’s the matter with her? I haven’t even said the conditions… right? Why is there such a reaction from her?


ScarletMoon also pitched in with a preaching tone.


“Say, Li Huailin… Though I really want your recipe, I still think that matters of relationship should be split apart from business…”


“What has this got to do with relationship…?”


Li Huailin was confused. However, just as he completed the sentence, he realised! These two must have thought that he wanted to set conditions like ‘Let ScarletRain become my girlfriend’, right?




Li Huailin felt his head aching.


“My condition is that after your guild has learnt the recipe, you must give a set amount of potion to me monthly.”


“So simple?”


This was ScarletRain who couldn’t believe such a thing.


“What else do you think I want? Can I please ask you to not be so full of yourself?”


Li Huailin couldn’t help but retort ScarletRain in such a manner.




ScarletRain immediately furrowed her eyebrows, wanting to retaliate again. However, ScarletMoon immediately cut in between these two that were like Francium and water.


“Say, Huailin, this trade gives too much profits to our guild. You said that you wouldn’t put relationship on the scale of this trade, so even if we bought and made the potions with our own money, and gave you some of the potions we made, the profit we would make from selling the potion will far outweigh and benefits you will gain. In the end, we will be the ones that profit the most of this deal.”


ScarletMoon said as such with sincerity.


“Honestly, I won’t go and learn alchemy as I don’t have the time to do so, but I really need this potion, in large amounts too. I don’t know how to make an equal trade either, so I will leave it up to you, leader.”


Li Huailin similarly replied with sincerity.


“Why not do this?”


ScarletDrink suddenly jumped in from the side.


“Brother-in-law, you can just join our guild, then everyone can benefit!”




Li Huailin quickly processed this suggestion.


“You’re right! Why didn’t I think of that? Talking about things I haven’t thought about, hasn’t it been quite numerous recently…?”

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