All Things Wrong – Chapter 33: Abyss Mode Instance Dungeon


ScarletMoon was stunned.


“Abyss mode? Do you have confidence?”


“En, let me try first.”


What he didn’t say was, ‘I’m not scared of dying anyways.’ In fact, Li Huailin hoped that Abyss mode will be as difficult as possible. Then, he can die easily next time. This dungeon wasn’t that far from the respawn point. According to his speed (unbuffed), it will take only around 10~15 minutes. If this dungeon really could insta-kill him, it won’t be a bad training (dying) spot.


“Yay! Brother-in-law is bring us to clear Abyss!”


ScarletDrink was completely clueless about how difficult Abyss was. Now, their guild couldn’t even clear Normal mode, much less Hell or even Abyss. However, hearing that Li Huailin was the one leading the strike, she thought it will be fun no matter what.




As ScarletDrink cheered really loudly, even the other parties that were going to enter the dungeon could hear her. Thus, they looked over at Li Huailin’s side.


“I think I heard that they were going to clear Abyss?”


A warrior said while pointing at Li Huailin’s group.


“Haha… what a joke. Nobody has even cleared Hell yet, and you are talking about clearing Abyss?”


“You! Let me tell you, my brother-in-law…”


ScarletDrink immediately wanted to fight back, but ScarletMoon interrupted her.


“Shui’er, don’t create trouble.”


ScarletMoon said this with utmost seriousness.


“Leader, they…!”


ScarletDrink still wanted to retaliate, but seeing ScarletMoon’s face, she could only deflate like a balloon, unwillingly. After that, she walked to Li Huailin’s side.


“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law! I got bullied by them! Can you really clear Abyss? You must! I want to drive them crazy with anger!”


Li Huailin shurgged.


“How would I know? I haven’t even entered the dungeon yet. Why not go in and check out the situation first?


“Do you really have confidence?”


ScarletRain also came over and asked.


“You guys have seen it yourself. Normal mode couldn’t even let me drop a single HP. No matter how hard Abyss is, I think there will be a limit to it, right? I think I have around 50% chance of clearing it.”


“En, 50% is a lot already.”


ScarletMoon nodded her head. You don’t say? Can’t you see the big guild still toiling over clearing Hell mode? Abyss mode? They will throw in the white flag without a second thought!


“However, we have 6 people now. Only 5 can enter, so why not I…”


“I’m not entering.”


ScarletBloodstain interjected, before patting ScarletMoon’s shoulders.


“As the guild leader, you must be there no matter what. I won’t go this time, I need to go back to the city anyways.”




ScarletMoon thought about it for awhile, and concurred with ScarletBloodstain. No matter what, even if as a party mascot, she still had to be in the party. Thus, she nodded her head to show that she accepted ScarletBloodstain’s suggestion. They were old friends already; words weren’t necessary.


“You’re returning?”


Hearing that ScarletBloodstain was returning, Li Huailin went up to her.


“Can you help me with this? Put these medicine on the auction and sell them off. It’s up to you how much you sell it for.”


Saying that, Li Huailin gave ScarletBloodstain all the Spring of Life potions he had.


“Don’t you need it for the dungeon?”


“I don’t need these amount of recovery. If something could really make me die, such recovery wouldn’t help much. Sorry to trouble you.”


“As a newcomer, you are quite arrogant, huh? Commanding the vice-leader after just entering the guild.”


ScarletBloodstain teased Li Huailin.


“You guys enter then, I will be returning to the capital. Right, give those recipes to me too. I will put it in the bank, in case you drop it when you guys die.”



ScarletRain nodded her head, and passed the recipe to ScarletBloodstain.


After all this was done, ScarletBloodstain exited the party and ScarletMoon immediately invited Li Huailin in.


“Let’s go.”


Seeing that everything was ready, ScarletMoon prepared to enter the dungeon.




Before ScarletMoon could even adjust the difficulty, ScarletDrink suddenly shouted out loudly, scaring ScarletMoon.




ScarletMoon turned around and looked at ScarletDrink with confusion.


“Sis Moon, Sis Moon, quickly look at brother-in-law’s level!”


ScarletDrink said while jumping.


ScarletMoon didn’t notice at first, but after hearing ScarletDrink say so, looked at the party information: Forest, Level 15.


ScarletMoon was dumbfounded. She rubbed her eyes, and looked at it again: Forest, Level 15.


“How did you level up so fast?”


ScarletMoon clearly remembered that Li Huailin was only Level 12 when he brought them to clear the dungeon in the morning. Now, within the same day, he gained three levels?




Li Huailin was shocked by the question. Hmm, thinking about it, I did indeed level up too fast. Along with this realisation, was the reminder of the heartbreaking fact that he wasted a lot of HP potions.


As he was thinking about how to explain this, ScarletRain suddenly said:


“What else can it be? He said he completed a hidden quest to get those recipes. The quest must have given him a lot of EXP.”


“Right! My Rain is so smart!”


Li Huailin couldn’t help but exclaim with approval. What a perfect explanation (excuse)!




ScarletRain had just wanted to get angry over Li Huailin’s use of ‘My Rain’, but after thinking about it, thought that this fellow must be doing this on purpose. As such, she used the simplest method to deal with him: ignore him.


“So hidden quests give out so much EXP? Must have been hard.”


ScarletMoon had never done a hidden quest before, so she didn’t know exactly about its rewards. Thus, her tone while saying so had a little bit of envy in it.


“It seems that my chance of triggering hidden quest is very high. Now, I have already triggered three. If there is any in the future, I will call you guys to come with me.”


Li Huailin suggested kindly.


“Three already?”


ScarletMoon and ScarletRain were both shocked.


“You say that you have already accepted three hidden quests?”


Li Huailin recalled the joke-like way he received all the quest.


“Yeah. I received two at the Beginner’s Village, and this was my third.”


ScarletMoon exclaimed in shock.


“You’ve completed it all already? No wonder you are so strong.”


“Err… haha… yeah…”


Li Huailin rubbed his head. Somehow or another, his perverse stats were explained away too.


“This pervert’s luck is so good…”


ScarletRain muttered softly.


Li Huailin smiled, and immediately went into show off mode.


“You don’t know… Some people get on their knees and beg NPCs to give them a hidden quest, but they won’t get it. For me, NPCs get on their knees and beg me to accept the hidden quest. This… my friend, is the difference.”




ScarletRain muttered softly again.


“Okay, don’t fight anymore, you two.”


ScarletMoon held her forehead. These two sure start fighting fast.


“Hidden quests are based on fate, we will talk about it when it comes to us. Let’s enter the dungeon first. I still have to buy ingredients to cook with later.”


After saying such, ScarletMoon was finally able to adjust the dungeon difficulty to Abyss, and soon, the party entered the dungeon.


“So this is Abyss mode? Why can’t I feel any difference?”


Upon entering, ScarletDrink was looking all over the place. However, she found out that everything on the outside was the same. If you had to say something was different, then it was that the mob’s level raised from 15 to 20.


Seeing the mobs, Li Huailin moved give instructions to the rest of the party.


“All of you stand here and don’t move. I will go and test the waters. Don’t get dragged into the battle by coming too close.”


“What if you die?”


This was ScarletMoon.


“Then we will all leave the dungeon.”




ScarletMoon nodded her head. She knew that the only reason they were in Abyss mode was because of Li Huailin. If even Li Huailin can’t do it, then there was no way they could.


Thus, Li Huailin started fighting the group of 1 red snake and 2 green snake. As he had already fought them before in the morning, Li Huailin could still remember their Normal mode counterpart’s attack.














This time, Li Huailin didn’t attack first, but let himself be hit. From the first round of attack, it was apparent that the mob’s attack had raised up a notch. Even though Li Huailin had already leveled up 3 times and got stronger, the damage was still one times more than their Normal counterpart.




-25 (critical)












Seeing the second round of attack, Li Huailin was surprised by the increased healing. Realising something, he looked at his debuff column.


Grade 1 Poison: Recover 25 HP every 5 seconds. Duration: 30s. Stacks up to 5 times.


The poison damage didn’t change, but compared to Normal mode, the number of stacks increased up to 5. Originally it was three, now it was five.


“I suddenly have an evil idea.”


Li Huailin gave a sinister smile and immediately ran back, dragging the snakes with him.


“What is it? You can’t beat them?”


Seeing Li Huailin run back, ScarletMoon shouted loudly to ask Li Huailin about the situation.


“No, I suddenly have a great idea. Everybody, quickly leave the dungeon!”


While running, Li Huailin said so to the party.

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