All Things Wrong – Chapter 34: I don’t need a second slash!


At the entrance of Venom Snake Cave. Li Huailin’s party had already made out of the dungeon safely.


“How is it? Is it difficult? How certain are you in clearing this dungeon?

This was ScarletMoon.


“I am now 100% certain that I can clear it.”


After seeing the mob for himself, Li Huailin became even more confident.


“Re-enter the dungeon. This time, everybody follow me. Just don’t let the mob see you first.”


ScarletMoon nodded her head.


“En, okay.”


Just as she was about to adjust the settings, an annoying voice could be heard.


“Woahwoahwoah~ Isn’t that the little lady who just said she was going to clear Abyss mode? Why? Did you guys run out after meeting the first group of monsters?”


This was said by the warrior who had heard ScarletDrink’s declaration to clear Abyss mode before, in a tone that was typical of those annoying ruffians you would see in shows.


“The fact that they didn’t die is already a miracle. Look at their equipment!”


Another player joined in to make fun of Li Huailin’s party.


Well, truthfully, Li Huailin’s party did indeed have only one rare equipment, which was the one ScarletMoon got from the last dungeon clear. The others only had 2~3 uncommon equipment. Li Huailin took this to the extreme, only having beginner’s armour, and the Level 10 common sword Li Huailin got last time that didn’t drop even after dying 30+ times so far. Guess this sword was fated to be with Li Huailin?


“You guys..!”


ScarletDrink had wanted to confront them, but this time, someone else was faster.


“Try saying that again if you dare.”


Li Huailin came upfront and said so.


“Hoo~ Where did this newbie come from? To be brought by four girls too!”


The warrior immediately thought that Li Huailin was just a beginner that was leeching EXP after looking at his equipment. He didn’t expect Li Huailin to be so arrogant, but of course, he wasn’t really scared. However, just as he was about to say more, his party member pulled him.


“Fushen, I think that guy is Brother Niubi?”


“Brother Niubi?”


The warrior was confused.


“Who’s that? You know him?”


“The one in the top post who slapped NPCs!”

“Brother Niubi? So what if you are Brother Niubi? You think everyone is scared of you? I, Chen Fushen, am not scared of you! If you can come and…”


-1056 (Critical)


[System Notice]: You have killed player ‘Chen Fushen’, Infamy -1


Before the warrior could even finish his provocation, Li Huailin had already slashed him. As he had leveled up recently, Li Huailin’s attack power got even more perverse. With a four digit critical damage, Chen Fushen couldn’t even say his last words and went to meet his maker. His healer party member didn’t even have the chance to heal him.


“You’re finally right this time, system! Killing this type of people should indeed reduce my Infamy! If not, with so many of such bugs around to annoy people, the world will be such a tragic place!”


Li Huailin then shook off the imaginary blood on his sword, and looked at the surrounding players. Then, with a casual tone, he said, “Are there any more idiots like the one I just killed? If there is, just come out now. Don’t waste my time.”


The surrounding players couldn’t stay calm anymore.


“O-One hit kill…?!”


“I think I saw a four digit damge!”


“Brother Niubi is indeed Brother Niubi. My vision of this world has expanded.”


There were still four members in the warrior’s party, and they had already received the notification that they had 30 minutes to retaliate. Yet, none of them did. That guy only used one slash to kill the warrior just now, and was the most resilient in the whole party! What was the point of them retaliating? Their EXP didn’t come by easy, y’know?!


Seeing that no one was stepping up, Li Huailin turned on his arrogant mode.


“Listen up, trashes! Today, I will clear Abyss mode. If you have any opinions, say it to me straight in the face. Just don’t talk behind my back. Or else, I wouldn’t be able to bear it and just slash you. The results… are as you have seen.”


‘Brother Niubi is going to clear Abyss mode.’ This news spread like wildfire, and immediately, most big guilds had already gotten wind of it. If others said this, they would have only thought that he/she was joking. But, if it is Brother Niubi… This guy had never been normal. If he really managed to clear Abyss mode…


“Okay, everything is settled!”


Seeing that everybody had already been pacified, Li Huailin turned back to ScarletMoon and the others.


“Brother-in-law, you’re too cool! I could literally see an aura around you!”


This was ScarletDrink, with stars in her eyes.


“Now, we don’t even need to clear Abyss mode to be famous.”


ScarletMoon said this while having a headache.


“Looks like your ability to create trouble is not ordinary… You didn’t even confirm which guild that guy was from before killing him, can you at least be aware that you have already joined a guild?”


“Hey, hey, leader. You saw it yourself! That guy was even better at courting death than me! He put in so much effort into courting death that you might suspect he will get to max level after dying!”


Li Huailin retorted with a super serious tone, as if what he said was some universal truth.


“Fine, fine. The guy has already been killed, so I can’t possibly say anything now, right? I’m just venting my frustrations…”


ScarletMoon was obviously dissatisfied with that warrior too. However, she didn’t think Li Huailin would just kill him without saying another word. Though it will definitely bring the guild some trouble later, she still felt great satisfaction when she saw that warrior dying. In fact, her opinion of Li Huailin improved because of this, but she didn’t say it.


“Let’s re-enter the dungeon. We will definitely get through this time. With unthinkable speed too”


Li Huailin declared this with confidence.


ScarletMoon proceeded to configure the dungeon and after that was done, turned back to the party.


“Okay, let’s enter.”


Seeing Li Huailin’s party enter the dungeon, all the players at the entrance who were in a guild reported back to their guild. Their report consisted of two things. First, Brother Niubi was really not an existence you want to provoke. Secondly, is a update on Li Huailin’s party’s progress. After all, Brother Niubi had declared just now: he was going to clear Abyss mode today.


Currently, the game had only been opened for a very short while. Most big guilds were currently in the developing phase, and there were intense competition over resources between several guilds now. One these resources were players, and getting their guild’s name known through the worldwide announcement after clearing an Abyss dungeon is a superb way to get more players to join their guild. A few strong guilds were already trying to clear Hell mode dungeon. Though there wouldn’t be a worldwide announcement for Hell mode, taking a picture of their clear and posting it alone will still greatly improve their guild’s reputation.


Yet, very little guilds chose Venom Snake Cave as their target. This was because this dungeon was really too annoying. Most of the damage came not from physical damage, but poison. This meant players needed equipment with some poison resistance to be able to clear this dungeon. However, gathering equipment with poison resistance at the game’s current phase is hard, so choosing other dungeons were much better. Venom Snake Cave wasn’t the only Level 15 instance dungeon. The only advantage this dungeon had was that it was close to town, so gathering after dying was easier.


As such, most people at Venom Snake Cave were either guildless players, or players who weren’t part of the core forces of their guild, sent here to get some EXP and equipment. They didn’t think they would meet a guy like Li Huailin; while big guilds are racking their brains over how to clear Hell, he’s declaring that he is going to clear Abyss.


In Spirit World’s guild chat, a middle-aged warrior asked.


“Ye Hang, do you think he can clear?”


“I’m not sure.”


Ye Hang said after thinking for a while.


“If this was anyone else, I will definitely say no. However, he… somehow everything becomes uncertain when he is involved.”




The middle-aged warrior thought over Ye Hang’s words.


“I will bring a team to continue trying to clear ‘Shepherd’s Cave’. You go over to Venom Snake Cave to see the situation.”


“En, even if you didn’t say so, I was already planning on going over. Why can’t this guy just be a little more low-profile…?”


Ye Hang said this while smiling.

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