All Things Wrong – Chapter 35: One Wave Clear


“Everyone, run with, but not in front of me! Make sure to follow me only after the mob notices me.”

After leaving behind these instructions, Li Huailin immediately rushed deeper into the dungeon.


ScarletMoon was astounded seeing Li Huailin run off just like that.


“Hey, Huailin, you haven’t been buffed yet!”


“Let’s not care about that… Follow me closely.”


Li Huailin dodged the topic about buffs and proceeded to slash a green snake, dealing 450 damage. Though Li Huaililn’s attack power has indeed increased, the mob’s defense had similarly increased due to the rise in difficulty. As such, the damage dealt was still the same as last time.


Li Huailin could have finished off this green snake after one or two more attacks. Though Abyss mode dungeons had mobs with increased level, they still can’t withstand the Li Huailin’s cheat-like attacks. Yet, Li Huailin didn’t do that.


After attacking the first green snake, Li Huailin immediately proceeded to attack the second one. After that, he proceeded to attack the red snake. All three snakes were left alive and were all biting Li Huailin like crazy. Ignoring the three snakes, Li Huailin rushed towards the second group of mobs.


Soon, all three snakes had already bit Li Huailin more than 5 times, and the poison was fully stacked, meaning Li Huailin was recovering 375 HP every 5 seconds now. This was far greater than the damage the bites were dealing to Li Huailin. In other words, though it looked like Li Huailin was going to be bitten to death by the snakes, they were free HP potions in Li Huailin’s eyes.


The girls behind were obviously confounded by Li Huailin’s actions. Leaving the first group alive and running to the second group with so many ‘followers’, doesn’t that make things more dangerous?


The logical ScarletRain couldn’t help but exclaim,


“What is he doing?”


“I don’t know.”


This was ScarletRain who was similarly confused. Li Huailin’s actions completely defied common sense. However, after thinking for awhile on a train of thought that must have been strange, she said, “Let’s just follow him first. I think he has a plan.”


Hearing their leader say so, the girls just nodded their heads and followed Li Huailin from a distance away.


Soon, Li Huailin reached the second group of mobs and as per normal, slashed each mob once before running off to the next group.


Venom Snake Cave wasn’t big, thus the mobs were quite dense. If a normal team tried killing the mobs one group by one group, it will take anywhere between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Even last time, with the help of Li Huailin’s perverted attack power, it took 20 odd minutes. If normal mode recorded time, many people would have been shocked silly already.


This time, Li Huailin didn’t even stop to kill the mobs. He treated all the mobs fairly: one slash each. Then, he will just run away. After just 7 minutes, they were already in front of the first boss – Dursula.


Behind Li Huailin now was green and red snakes as far as the eyes could see. Not only that, his buff column was already choked full of the poison ‘buff’. So plentiful, Li Huailin didn’t even bother counting them. Now, all Li Huailin could see in his battle log were lines that went ‘You have recovered XX HP’ etc..


“Start killing the boss!”


After saying that, Li Huailin went forward and slashed Dursula, awakening it.




Dursula’s appearance were exactly the same as the one in normal mode, but its skills seems to have changed. Seeing Li Huailin come over, it opened its mouth and spit a green fluid at Li Huailin. This was an attack not seen in normal mode.


With a ‘pa!’, the green fluid hit Li Huailin. A ‘327’ appeared on his head, signifying the physical damage he received. At the same time, his buff column had a new addition.


Armour Corrosion: Increase 2~2 Physical Defense every 10 seconds for 30 seconds.


“This skill… normal people really can’t deal with it, huh?”


After reading the skill and thinking about it, Li Huailin knew how horrifying this debuff was. Consider this. A normal team needs around 4~5 minutes to kill the boss considering their damage output. If this debuffs come into play, and there is no switching of tanks, the debuff will reduce the tank’s Physical Defense by 60. For players at this level and phase of game, this is a devastating blow. The boss having just single digit HP left suddenly insta-kills the soft-shelled tank and then proceeding to kill off the rest of the team. Such a tragic situation was highly likely.


However, not only was this debuff ineffective on Li Huailin, it even increased his defense! Now, the bites of the snake hurt even less, yet the ‘damage’ he receives from the poison is unaffected. To say Dursula was helping Li Huailin was not an understatement.


However, this debuff took 5 minutes to take effect. Li Huailin was obviously not one to wait, thus he made a snap decision to just drag this boss along with him as his ‘buffer’ to face the second boss.


With his mind set, Li Huailin ran forward.


“Everybody, follow me. We will directly go for the second boss.”


The party, having been shocked before already, had some immunity to Li Huailin’s reaction. Though they still felt the pain of their common sense dying away, they quickly recovered and heeded Li Huailin’s instructions so far. The exception was poor ScarletSash, who was an initiate to Li Huailin’s dungeon clearing methods. From the start till now, she had a blank expression on, not knowing how she should react.


By this time, ScarletMoon and the rest knew what Li Huailin was planning already. Isn’t this a rush to one wave clear? However, even ScarletMoon and the rest were shocked when they saw Li Huailin dragging the boss with him too.


ScarletDrink reacted quickly.


“Brother-in-law, are you not going to kill the python (Dursula)?”


“There is use in leaving him alive. We will kill him after killing the second boss.”


Li Huailin turned around to explain, before rushing forward again. While doing that, his eyes lit up. This was because he saw a wooden box, right behind a group of mobs behind the first boss.


Li Huailin immediately pointed at the box’s direction and shouted, “Leader, I think there is a box there!”


“Correct, that is a treasure box! A recipe will be in there.”


ScarletMoon could see the box too and was elated. No matter which recipe came out, it will be great for her guild. The chances of chests appearing in Abyss mode dungeons is indeed much higher. There wasn’t even anything in Normal mode.


Li Huailin didn’t say anything more and slashed the next group of mobs once each. After attracting the aggro, he continued to drag the mobs forward with him. After the first boss, there will be humanoid mobs in the mob groups, and these won’t ‘heal’ Li Huailin like those cute snakes. However, the amount of poison Li Huailin was inflicted with was already at such a terrifying amount that these humanoids couldn’t even make a single dent in Li Huailin’s HP.


“You guys stay behind to open the chest. Come after you are done.”


After saying that, Li Huailin proceeded forward again.


“Got it.”


ScarletMoon nodded her head in affirmation. She knows that Li Huailin is trying to clear the dungeon in the fastest time, so she didn’t dilly-dally.


Just like that, with the help of the ‘cute’ snakes that constantly healed him, and the ‘friendly’ boss that was giving him a Defense UP buff, Li Huailin had a smooth journey to the second boss. Now, he was standing in front of the Snake Charmer Dergusen.


Li Huailin’s situation looked perilous with a mountain of mobs and a boss constantly attacking him. Yet, he had not dropped even a single point of HP so far. Not only that, his defense got raised till a whole new level.


Seeing that ScarletMoon had not caught up yet, Li Huailin couldn’t afford to waste time and just rushed at Dergusen alone…

Translator’s Notes:

Is it too late to say, “One does not simply rush a boss alone in a dungeon, Li Huailin!”?
Anyways, tis’ the season to pro~ cas~ ti~ nate~… I’m sorry, trying to make up for the promised chapters now…


Saquacon (Translator)

Saquacon (PR)     


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