All Things Wrong – Chapter 36: Change


The god of poison snakes will conquer the world, and apostates like you will have nowhere to hide!”


Though it was Abyss mode, the lines of Dergusen still didn’t change at all. After saying his lines, Dergusen approached Li Huailin while chanting his lightning magic.


“Right, I’m Level 15 now. I think I can learn a new skill already. I wonder if I can learn a skill that can disrupt spellcasting…”


Seeing Dergusen chanting his magic, Li Huailin suddenly realised that he was too absorbed in drinking HP pots that he forgot to visit his instructor which he took ‘special care’ of and ask how he is doing. That way, he can even learn skills, for free!


Though Li Huailin was having such idle thoughts, his attack didn’t stop. Soon, his attack reached Dergusen, and he was quite lucky, dealing a critical 988 damage.




At the same time, the boss’s lightning reached Li Huailin too. The damage did indeed increase exponentially compared to Normal mode. It was cheat-like, truth to be told. However, Li Huailin was a man with so many cute healers behind him! Though his HP bar had a chunk taken away, it was immediately recovered.


“I wonder what new skills this guy will have in Abyss mode…”


Li Huailin was experienced now. Abyss bosses will definitely have more skills than their Normal conterparts. For example, Dursula had an additional armour corrosion skill. Li Huailin wondered what changes this Dergusen will have, and hoped it won’t bring any accidents.


Battle at this phase was very simple. Players didn’t have much skills to choose from, and Li Huailin was a person who didn’t even use skills in the first place. Thus, the epic boss fight got downgraded to a repeated cycle of one person slashing and the other throwing lightning magic. Such a boring fight continued for one minute. During this time, Li Huailin’s HP had never gone below 80%, but Dergusen’s HP was already at 60%.


“Taste the power of my poison fog!”


Dergusen shouted loudly at this time, and his second skill emerged. Soon, a poison fog appeared near the ground. Li Huailin immediately noticed that his HP had fully recovered.


“Nice one, Brother Boss! Job well done!”


Li Huailin couldn’t hold back his praise. The reason why he was so sure he could clear Abyss mode was because he thought of this boss’s skill. Even if he was low on HP, he could immediately fully recover just by running to one of the mist created by Dergusen.


However, this skill also showed some difference from its Normal counterpart. In Normal mode, Dergusen could create only 3 poison fog, and that was a pain to avoid already. In Abyss mode, this Dergusen just started spamming this skill. The result; as long as you can stand on that place, that place will have poison fog!


Suddenly, ScarletMoon’s voice could be heard from below the altar.


“Huailin, we’ve reached! How is it? Do you need help?”


Li Huailin turned around and saw ScarletMoon and the rest had already caught up and were waiting below the altar. This was probably due to them seeing that the whole altar was already filled with poison fog.


“It’s too dangerous up here, you guys just wait down there. I have no problem over here.”


The battle on the altar looked epic from afar. Mostly due to the fact that all the mobs Li Huailin had gathered so far were all squeezed on that one altar. All of them were attacking only Li Huailin, and coupled with the poison fog as the background, it looked like some epic one man army battles in movies.


The boss’s HP were obviously way higher than in Normal mode. At least it could withstand Li Huailin’s perverted attacks for 2 minutes. However, Dergusen couldn’t last any longer. The new skill Li Huailin was looking forward to didn’t show any signs of appearance either. Till now, the boss was still behaving like in Normal mode, only throwing lightning arrows and poison fog around. Though upgraded, still, it was just like that only. After around two and a half minutes, Dergusen was already going to bite the dust already.


The change showed itself at the very moment. When Li Huailin emptied all of Dergusen’s HP, all the poison fog suddenly disappeared. Dergusen then took a step back while holding his chest in pain.


“O great snake god, are you going to abandon your follower?”


Saying this, Dergusen slowly walked to the centre of the altar. Of course, this was the game’s script. Dergusen currently had 0 HP, and won’t die even if you attack him again.


Upon reaching the centre, Dergusen raised both his hands high up and shouted loudly.

“I will offer my blood and life as sacrifice! O great snake god Decimas! Please descend upon us!”


“Hualin, what’s with the boss?”


Seeing that the poison fog has dissipated, ScarletMoon and the rest climbed up the altar.


“I don’t know. After I finished him off, he just went off like that.”


Li Huailin wasn’t sure what was going on as well. Looks like there were more changes than expected in Abyss mode.


As they were talking, the altar suddenly showed great changes. Firstly, the whole altar started radiating green light, and Li Huailin noticed that the statues on the altar were all vibrating, as if coming alive. Moreover, Li Huailin’s ‘followers’ that were attacking Li Huailin from the start till now suddenly stopped their attacks, and actually started trembling!


With a ‘ding’, a purple ray of light suddenly came down from the top of the cave, just right shining right upon the centre of the altar. The green light from the altar, as if responding to the purple light, gathered towards it.


A ‘hiss!’ so loud that it seemed as if a monster made it resounded in the cave. Before Li Huailin and the others could react, all of the monsters that were following Li Huailin until now showed fear and clambered to escape from the altar.


“Ahhhhh! O great snake god!”


Dergusen who was in the centre of the altar suddenly made such a loud death cry before quickly drying up, instantly becoming a dry corpse. After that, he collapsed on the floor. The scene was so horrific that ScarletDrink and ScarletSash immediately turned their head away.


Following Dergusen’s fall, the purple light shining on the altar got even stronger, and all the green light was encompassed by the purple light. Then, from the centre of the purple light, a huge figure slowly started coming out. It was the figure if a huge black snake, but the upper body of the snake looked a little like human.


Everyone present was shocked by this turn of events, and immediately checked this figure out with the system. Yet, the result was that due to the huge difference in levels, they could only tell that this ‘thing’ was called Decimas’s Shadow. Everything else was ‘???”.


“Looks like we still have to fight. Is this the hidden boss?”


Seeing the slowly emerging Decimas’s shadow, Li Huailin turned around to the rest.


“This should be the special feature of Abyss mode. That Dergusen isn’t the final boss for Abyss mode. This guy should be the one.”


ScarletMoon replied using her experience.


“Drink, heal me with direct healing skills later. Don’t use any recovery skills!”


Li Huailin quickly reminded ScarletDrink. Direct heals can heal him. This has already been tested by Li Huailin. Skills that recovered HP over time on the other hand is practically like helping the boss to kill him. Seeing that his cute lackeys had all run away already, Li Huailin wasn’t really that confident in beating this seemingly much stronger boss.


ScarletDrink was elated to finally have something to do.


“Oh, okay! I can finally help brother-in-law!”


“Mortals, you have angered me.”


Decimas’s Shadow suddenly roared, and purple light radiated from it. Now, its entire body had already emerged. It was around 5 metres tall, and was indeed a half-human half-snake monster. Of course, its face wasn’t that of a human’s but that of a terrifying snake. In its hands was a huge golden staff, and on the top of this staff was two snakes entwining each other. Looks like this was a mage-type boss.


Seeing the HP bar on the boss, the Li Huailin knew this was a boss fight and not some scripted talking event already. Li Huailin didn’t know anything about this boss at all, so the only choice left to him is to face it head on.  Thus, without any hesitation, Li Huailin went up first to attract the boss’s aggro.



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