All Things Wrong – Chapter 38: All sorts of rewards

Completely clueless, Li Huailin immediately looked at his character page. He really leveled up! He was now Level 16. He then looked at his bag. It used to have some silver only, but now there was an additional two gold. He really received the money.

“Strange… Could it be that server rewards are not considered to be gained by me per se, that’s why it bypassed the reverse coding?”


Going by this assumption… Li Huailin was indeed going to level up before entering the dungeon. However, after after killing the bosses and getting a S evaluation, Li Huailin lost 4550 EXP. However, with the server reward of 10,000 EXP, he will have an overall gain of 5450 EXP. That really would have been enough for him to level up.


Li Huailin was beyond excited. Finally, he found another method to level up! However, this method seems to be… quite hard. After all, you had to do something that was grand enough to get announced server-wide. Other than being the first to clear Abyss mode dungeons, it was unknown how you could get these rewards.


“Wow! So many friend requests.”


Just as Li Huailin was thinking about leveling up, ScarletDrink exclaimed.


“Me too!”


ScarletRain looked at her friend page and found a lot of friend requests.


“The system had just announced our names so it is natural that many would want to become friends with us.”


ScarletMoon was in the same situation too.


“I will handle this situation later. Let’s see what we got first.”

“Right, right! I forgot about it already.”


ScarletDrink said happily.


Though Decimas’s Shadow did not leave behind a corpse, it still left a treasure chest behind as a reward. Also, there was the dried up corpse of Dursula that hasn’t been looted yet. All in all, the rewards were plentiful.


“It is said that there will be a special drop for any dungeon’s first clear for any difficulty. I think something good will come up this time. Who wants to do it?”


ScarletMoon said while smiling.


“Me, me!”


The moment ScarletMoon said that, ScarletDrink immediately raised up her hand to volunteer herself.


“You do it then.”


ScarletMoon nodded her head. In the end, looting corpses depended all on luck, and there were no secret technique to it. It will be almost the same regardless of who does it.


“Let a godly healer equipment appear!”


ScarletDrink prayed as she opened up the treasure chest.


With a ‘foosh!’, a golden light flashed. Everyone was shocked. A gold coloured equipment popped up in the reward interface.


(Author’s Note:

An equipment’s level goes from

White (Common)

Green (Uncommon)

Blue (Rare)

Gold (Unique)

Purple (Historical)

Orange (Legendary))


Decimas’s Staff (Unique)

Two-handed staff

Attack: 50-70

Intelligence +15

Mind +20

Increases magic attack by 47

Increases healing effect by 114

Skill: Summon two poison snakes to fight for you

Required level: 20

Profession: Mage, Healer, Druid, Warlock


“A healer equipment really came out! And it’s a gold one too!”


This time, even ScarletMoon couldn’t keep calm.


“Mine, mine~ This is mine~”


ScaretDrink danced around happily.


“This could be the very first gold equipment in the server.”


ScarletRain’s inner merchant awoke.


“It will be worth a lot if we sell it.”


“No selling! This is mine! Brother-in-law got it for me!”


The moment ScarletDrink heard that ScarletRain planned on selling it, she panicked.


“Okay, okay. The guild doesn’t need money now anyways. Just give it to Shui’er.”


ScarletMoon laughed when she saw ScarletDrink panicking so much, and passed the staff to ScarletDrink.


ScarletDrink hasn’t reached Level 20 yet, so she can’t equip the staff. However, she could still check the appearance of the staff. In the end, the staff was the one Decimas’s Shadow was holding in one hand just now, but now it became a two-handed staff… Is this discrimination?


“Err… so ugly…”


The previously happy ScarletDrink became unsatisfied upon seeing the looks of the staff.


“Then sell it.”


ScarletRain said while smirking.


“No! It’s mine!”


ScarletDrink immediately hugged the staff and replied like a mother hen protecting her chicks.


“Haha, don’t tease her anymore. Just hold on to it, Drink.”


ScarletMoon laughed again, before looking at the other drops. Lo and behold, it was a skill book!


Barbaric Strike (Skill book)

Instantly make an attack with 95 more attack power which also causes the target to be stunned for 1.5 seconds. 20% of your current HP will be lost after the attack.

Instant cast.

MP cost: 15

Cooldown: 12s

Unusable when HP below 50.

Required level: 20

Profession: Warrior


“A rare skill book.”


ScarletMoon nodded her head.


“It’s for attack-type warrior, whilst I’m a defense-type. It’s of no use to me. Losing 20% of current HP is just like suicide, as if the healer is not busy enough healing everybody already. Huailin, for you.”


“Oh. Not bad. I’ll take it then.”


Li Huailin took it without any formalities. This skill… putting aside the attack power boost, just the stun is a great thing. The 20% HP loss isn’t the buff type so it probably won’t be reversed, but isn’t dying his ultimate goal anyways? In a nutshell, it was a skill that suited him.


As it was a Level 20 skill, Li Huailin couldn’t learn it now. After receiving the skill book, Li Huailin made a note to himself to store it in the bank later, lest it drops when he dies.


This was the two drops from Decimas’s Shadow. There was still Dursula, and ScarletDrink took the initiative to go and loot it.


“Let another godly healer equipment appear!”


ScarletDrink shouted loudly.


“Hey, don’t pray for healer equipment anymore. We need tank equipment more now!”


The logical ScarletRain couldn’t resist the urge to retort.


“Oh, I see. Then…”


ScarletDrink retracted her hands that was going to touch the corpse…


“Let a godly tank equipment appear!”

…and changed her sentence before touching the corpse again.


Dursula’s Robe (Rare)

Cloth armour

Physical defence: 10~10

Magic defence: 25~35

Constitution +5

Intelligence +10

Mind +12

Required level: 20


Venomous Snake Trap (Skill book)

Place a trap on the floor. When an enemy player steps on it, 5~7 young poison snakes will be summoned to attack him/her.

Required level: 20

Profession: Hunter


Dursula’s drops weren’t as good as the big boss, but it was still a Level 20 rare equipment and a skill book. There literally weren’t much of those in the market now.


“Cloth armour and a hunter’s skill book… The skill book will go to Sash, no doubts there. As for the cloth armour, since Drink has already gotten the staff, it will go to Rain then.”




ScarletDrink nodded her head without expressing any objections.


“Looks like there’s still some things left for me.”


ScarletRain received the robe. It’s design was still okay, and it would probably look good when she wore it.


ScarletSash received the skill book, and though she didn’t speak, she still smiled slightly. This girl hadn’t squeaked a single word other than the ‘En’ she used to reply when Li Huailin introduced herself. So quiet she was, to the point Li Huailin almost forgot about her.


“Now that everything has been distributed, let’s leave the dungeon!”


ScarletMoon waved her hands and declared.


“Sister Moon! You are the only one that didn’t get much this time, do you want brother-in-law to bring us to clear it again?”


ScarletDrink suddenly said.


“Who said so? Did you forget about that treasure chest?”


ScarletMoon suddenly smiled.


“Oh, right! What recipe did the treasure chest yield?”


Hearing ScarletMoon talk about the treasure chest, Li Huailin suddenly recalled that they did indeed come across one in the dungeon. He had forgotten all about it while gathering his ‘followers’.


“I got a Level 15 rare shield, and I’ve equipped it already. Let me show you.”


ScarletMoon took off her shield and let Li Huailin look at it.


“I also got a recipe. We were very lucky and got an alchemist one.”

Saying that, ScarletMoon took out the recipe to show Li Huailin too.


Recipe: Beginner Fire Protection Potion

Increase resistance to fire by 10

Absorb 225 flame damage

Duration: 10s

Learning requirements: Beginner Alchemy


“Coincidentally, it is a recipe a Beginner Alchemist can learn. We can learn about what ingredients we need when Rain learns it later, and if it is accessible, we can use it to grind her alchemist level.”


“We really got all we wanted this time.”


Li Huailin was elated.


As the whole party had benefited from this trip , everybody was obviously happy. However, they didn’t realise how much commotion had been raised outside over their accomplishment…

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