All Things Wrong – Chapter 39: Shocking the game world

Party ‘Your Grandfather, I, is just so great’ has successfully cleared Abyss mode instance dungeon Venom Snake Cave.

Overall evaluation: S

Clear time: 17min 42s

Party member: Forest (Leader), ScarletMoon, ScarletSash, ScarletDrink, ScarletRain

Rewards: 10,000 EXP, 2 gold, and commission into the continent’s Glory Records


The big server notification stabbed into every player’s heart. Though many had already got wind of the news that Brother Niubi was attempting to clear Abyss mode, none of them expected that he would really succeed.


“Someone actually cleared Abyss mode already?! It must be a joke, right? I can’t even clear a normal mode one!”

This was a player shouting in disbelief. It can’t be helped. Now, even normal mode dungeons weren’t clearable by the likes of free players. Only guilds that cooperated well had any chance of clearing it.


“It is definitely a joke! What 17 minute clear time? What the hell is with that clear time?! We took 1 hour just to clear normal mode, and you tell me that someone cleared Abyss mode in 17 minutes?”


Another slightly stronger player said in disbelief.


“Brother Niubi normally doesn’t do anything, but when he does, he will shock the world…”


A fan of Brother Niubi thought as such, before going offline to go to the forums to start posting about this big news.


Normal players were knocked dizzy by this big news, and the big guilds that are diligently trying to clear Hell mode even now were even worse off.


One such guild who was still in a Hell mode dungeon suddenly received this server notice and were shocked still. This resulted in a chain reaction happening resulting in the complete wipeout of the guild’s party.


“Goddamit, our guild spent days and night trying to clear Hell mode to no avail and now an Abyss mode is cleared in 17 minutes?”


A guild member in Rebirth complained.


“Bug, it’s definitely a bug!”


Another member said in denial.


“At least they are good enough to find bugs… Our party want to use bugs to clear the dungeon as well, but we can’t find any…”


A party member beside him pouted and said enviously.


“This is Brother Niubi! Have you seen the forum posts before? Do you know how niubi this guy is? He is a man who dares to slap the Beginner Village Chief and even his warrior instructor!”


Another party member said with reverence.


“So this ‘Forest’ is Brother Niubi! No wonder, this guy is literally my idol!”


A wizard at the side nodded his head.


Just like that, with the help of the server notification, Li Huailin’s in-game name was made known to the whole game world. Now, he was really famous. Though the girls’ name were announced alongside his, it didn’t gather much attention. This was because Li Huailin previous reputation was too high, to the point everybody thought that it must be Li Huailin who did all the work in the dungeon. Well, that is coincidentally the truth.


Of course, all the higher ranking members of the big guilds started investigating this ‘Brother Niubi’. They had already heard of Brother Niubi before. This was natural as a big guild must have a well-developed information gathering web. However, they didn’t pay much attention on him as they thought he was just a special player who could beat up NPCs. However, he now shows the ability to clear Abyss mode dungeons. This, they must pay attention to.


“Ye Hang, how is it?”


Spirit World’s guild leader contacted Ye Hang with the long-range call function.


“Isn’t this guy clearing the dungeon a little too fast? I haven’t even reached and he’s done already? Can it be anymore exaggerated?”


Ye Hang had already started to move towards Venom Snake Cave when he was informed that Li Huailin was going to try to clear it. Yet Li Huailin clears the dungeon faster than he can walk to it? Utterly unbelievable.


“What about making a call?”


“He didn’t take. I think many people must be trying to call him now and he blocked all of it thinking it’s annoying.”


Ye Hang’s guess was exactly right.


“Unthinkable.. Clearing Abyss in 17 minutes…”


SpiritKing (guild leader of Spirit World) sighed. This was his umpteenth sigh today already.


“Leaving no time for us to react at all… Ye Hang, your friend really is…”


“How’s your clear attempt over there? Can it be cleared today?”


“Doesn’t seem likely. Our equipment still can’t keep up. The monsters are too strong. The moment the boss lands a critical, our party gets wiped out. We still need to clear normal mode a few more times to get the EXP back and some more equipment too.”


After pausing for a moment, SpiritKing continued.


“Furthermore, even if we do manage to clear today, all the spotlight has already been snatched already. That guy cleared Abyss while we cleared Hell only, I don’t have the cheeks to publicise our guild under such a scenario.”


“Let me ask him for his bugged way to clear Abyss mode Venom Snake Cave.”


Ye Hang was also under the assumption that Li Huailin had found some bug in the dungeon. Or else, how can he clear Abyss mode?


“If he does give it to us, that will be good. However, if you were the one who know about the bug, will you give it out to others?”


SpiritKing didn’t hold much confidence in this plan.


“Of course not! Do you think I’m stupid? I will obviously use this bug to grind a full gold set first, then think about the future.”


Ye Hang said while smiling.


“However, if it is this guy… Things may turn out differently. If not, why would he have such an arrogant party name?”


“Anyways, just ask about it. If he is willing to sell the information, we, Spirit World, will use all means to get it. You have full authority over this trade.”


Though SpiritKing didn’t hold much confidence, he still said as such.


“Okay, got it. En, I see him now.”


Ye Hang immediately spotted Li Huailin who just came out of the dungeon.


Li Huailin was also stunned. He didn’t expect so many people to be here. He obviously didn’t know this was only the first wave of people, and many more were still on the way.


“Brother Niubi came out!”


A player suddenly pointed at Li Huailin and shouted.


This sentence was like an alert in the army. The players who were still chatting happily all suddenly turned their heads towards Li Huailin and… rushed towards him.


“Eek…! W-What to do?”


ScarletSash who was extremely bad with people was nervous and immediately hugged the most trustworthy existence in the party, ScarletMoon.


“At this time… you must decisively betray your friend, even with a pained heart!”


ScarletMoon smiled, and suddenly pushed Li Huailin towards the crowd from behind.


“Hey! Leader, you…!”


Li Huailin, caught off guard, stumbled a few steps forward, right into the rushing crowd.


“Brother Niubi, you are too niubi! I worship you!”


“Brother Niubi, bring me to clear Abyss!”


“Brother Niubi, I want to be your subordinate!”


“Brother Niubi, you are can we be more than friends!” …This was said by a male.


“Then, you take this chance to use a return scroll!”


This time it was not a Brother Niubi fan, but ScarletMoon who had just successfully carried out a sinister plot.


“Good job, leader!”


ScarletRain showed a rare smile seeing Li Huailin’s plight.


“Brother-in-law… er… that is… I’m going off first! I will find you later~”


ScarletDrink didn’t want to leave Li Huailin in the lurch, but there really were too many people. She was really annoyed by this, and made the snap decision to betray Li Huailin. She can just make up to him later, right?


ScarletSash… instantly used the scroll.


“Hey, hey! You can betray me all you want, but at least leave one scroll for me first!”


However, it was too late, and the four girls had already disappeared as particles of light.




Li Huailin held his face before looking at the noisy people around him. He suddenly took a deep breath, before shouting, “All of you, quiet! Listen to me!”


The crowd immediately quietened down and all of them looked at Li Huailin. They really stopped talking.


“Those asking for equipment; look at me, does it look like I have any? Those asking for me to bring them for Abyss; I have no time. As for the males who are asking to be more than friends; who said that? Stand out here and say it one more time for me to hear!”


Li Huailin had a menacing tone.


The whole place was quiet, no one was talking. All of them were stunned by Li Huailin’s ‘aura’.


“Well, I have something on, so I’m logging off now.”


Li Huailin looked at the time and found it was about time to eat already. Thinking that there was not much else he could do for the day, he decided to log off.




A voice suddenly interrupted Li Huailin who was going to press the log off button.


“Which bastard is not afraid of death?”


Li Huailin took out his sword wanting to stab that person, but tracing the voice, found it was Ye Hang who was walking over while smiling.


“En? Ye Hang?”


“Brother Niubi, I’ve really been shocked by you this time. Do you have time to talk?”


Ye Hang walked to Li Huailin’s side with a smile.


“Change a place.”


Li Huailin said after thinking for awhile. Ye Hang had indeed helped him a great deal last time. The main thing is that the 10 gold Ye Hang gave him had already been spent, so even if he wanted to return it, Li Huailin can’t. Since Li Huailin owed Ye Hang a favor, he couldn’t just reject Ye Hang’s request.


“Give me a return scroll. We will talk in the capital.”




Ye Hang smiled, before proceeding to pass a return scroll to Li Huailin.

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Merry X’mas~


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