All Things Wrong – Chapter 4: Kaching! Kaching!

Translator’s Notes:

I will be frequently using a new term today, called ‘niubi’. In Chinese, it is 牛逼, and I seriously couldn’t find a translation for it. It means being cool, awesome, great, basically the definition of badassery and all things awesome. However, saying badass all the time seems awkward, and many jokes involving this phrase in this novel would be lost. So I just decided to start using the word niubi. Remember, niubi means being badass, awesome, cool, etc.! You can even google it!

Also, due to Chinese gaming names seriously being hard to translate to English, I will be arbitrarily giving them English nicknames close to their original meaning in Chinese. If you want to know how awkward it is, Li Huailin’s original game name is 胸怀若琳 which when romanised will be XiongHuaiRuoLin or when translated is Heart as big as a forest. Choose your poison. Tell me in the comments below. Anyways, time to start the story! Sorry for the long note. T.T


“You guys want to buy this quest? What’s your offer?”


Li Huailin who heard Ye Hang’s words asked.


“Ask the village chief if the quest is a solo mission or a party mission first.” Ye Hang was very professional and didn’t answer before confirming whether the quest could be shared first.


“Okay.” Li Huailin nodded his head and turned towards the village chief. “Old pops, is the quest you are talking about a solo mission or a party mission?”


“Noble hero, though you are very strong, this mission is filled with dangers. Thus, I suggest that you call some powerful allies to help you on this quest.” The village chief answered that it was a party quest in a long-winded way.


“Looks like it’s a party quest.” Li Huailin turned around and said.


“If it’s like that, I have two proposals. The first one is that you form a party with us and we help you complete this mission. Like this, you don’t need to pay us, but the quest rewards we get will belong to us. That will be considered as our pay. The second is also that you form a party with us but then give up the quest. Afterward, our guild will go complete it. If you choose this proposal, we will give you some money as compensation.”


As expected of the vice-leader of a big guild, Ye Hang already had plausible proposals ready.


“Oh? How much is the compensation?” Li Huailin didn’t consider the first proposal at all. He didn’t want to suddenly ‘gain’ so much EXP after completing the quest and spend the rest of his gaming life trying to suicide to get to Level 2. Thus, he immediately talked about the second proposal.


“Our guild has just joined <Heart of Glory>, so we don’t have much game money. Can we use real life money instead?” Ye Hang thought about it and asked.


Li Huailin nodded his head and said, “No problem!”


“If so, thirty thousand dollars.” Ye Hang immediately gave a price.


“Thirty thousand, huh…” Li Huailin was quite satisfied with this price, but he still showed a face that showed dissatisfaction. This was a business transaction after all, you can’t agree straight away. Who knows, the other party might raise the price even more.


“Thirty five thousand. I will instantly wire the money to you.” Seeing Li Huailin’s hesitation, Ye Hang immediately raised the price.


Hook, line, sinker.


“Thirty five thousand and 10 silver coins. That’s the selling price.” Li Huailin thought about it and felt that he needed some game money as backup. 10 silver coins wasn’t much, just 1000 copper coins. A big guild like Spirit World will definitely have it.


“Okay, deal!” Ye Hang agreed in a clear-cut manner.


“Okay. You guys invite me to your party and I will accept the quest. Transfer me the money after I’ve forfeited the quest.” Li Huailin wasn’t worried about Spirit World not keeping their promises. With so many players around now, a credible guild like Spirit World wouldn’t cheat him.




An invitation to the party was instantly sent to Li Huailin, and he accepted it. After entering the party, he saw four spirit world users, SW Ye Hang, SW Firehead, SW Battlesoul, SW Huiji. All four were males. (T/L Note: In Chinese gaming, players tend to put their guild name in before their username. So ‘SW’ stands for Spirit World. However, it sounds damned awkward, so I just put it as SW, and I probably won’t do it anymore. So I will just call Ye Hang Ye Hang etc.)


“Quickly give me the quest, old pops.” After forming the party, Li Huailin asked for the quest once again.


“Of course, hero!” The village chief replied all smiles.


System Notice: Beginner Village village chief is giving you an AA-rank quest, [The Source Of Evil]. Do you accept?




AA rank quest [The Source Of Evil — 1]: Find the source of the creatures of darkness appearing around the beginner village. Hint: It is said that someone has discovered traces of the demon race at the south of the village. Please head there to check. Mission rewards: 2000 EXP, 10 Fame, 1 silver coin.


“The reward is so little?” Li Huailin was quite confused.


“No, the mission has a ‘– 1’ behind. This means that this is a chain quest. This reward is only the reward for this stage of the quest. A hidden quest’s reward will never be so little.” Ye Hang who has rich gaming experience immediately found out the reason for the unusually small rewards.


“I see.” Li Huailin nodded his head. “But this has nothing to do with me.”


Li Huailin then left the party and forfeited the quest.


System Notice: Do you really want to forfeit the AA-rank hidden quest [The Source Of Evil]?




System Notice: You have forfeited the AA rank hidden quest [The Source Of Evil]. You have gained 1000 Fame.


“Huh?” Li Huailin was befuddled by this increase in Fame. However, he immediately recovered. So one’s Fame will be detected when you give up a quest. However, due to his character’s bug, the deduction became an addition instead.


“Can I still accept the mission again?” Li Huailin quickly asked the village chief.


“I’m sorry, hero. This is a hidden quest. You can’t accept it again after forfeiting it once.” The village elder replied with a tone filled with disappointment.


“Damnit! I can’t grind Fame anymore…” Li Huailin muttered, disappointed.


The Spirit World guild didn’t notice Li Huailin’s action though. They were currently discussing about the quest and the job of transferring the money to Li Huailin was tasked to the treasurer of the guild.


“Settled. The money has been transferred to your account already. This is 10 silver coins.” Ye Hang walked over and passed the coins to Li Huailin. “We will be going to complete the mission now. Oh right, Huailin. You are a solo player, right? Have you ever thought of joining a guild? I can recommend you into my guild and let you join the second team which I lead.”


“En?” Li Huailin was slightly tempted. Spirit World’s second team was not just a game team, but a division of a big company. One could get pay every month when you are in the second team. It is said the monthly pay was above ten thousand dollars monthly, and there were bonuses too. Truly a dream job.


However, after thinking about it more thoroughly, Li Huailin’s current situation is that he is logging in illegally. If Li Huailin needed to report to work if he joined or his situation was found out because of some other circumstances, then wouldn’t he lose everything?


“Sorry, but I’m a solo player. I won’t join any guilds.” Due to his situation, Li Huailin rejected seriously with no room for negotiations.


“Oh, I see.” Ye Hang nodded his head. There were indeed some players who liked to play all alone, so he wasn’t surprised. “Forget about it then. Let’s add each other as friends instead. We might have to meet each other next time.”




After adding each other as friends, the Spirit World guild left. The surrounding players were still standing there though. They were really shellshocked by the happenings just now, and they wanted to ask Li Huailin what exactly happened. However, seeing that Spirit World had something to do with Li Huailin, they waited first. Spirit World was a huge guild after all, and they couldn’t afford to offend them. Now that Spirit World was gone, they immediately rushed forward.




With a ‘whoosh’, before the players could react, Li Huailin logged off in a white flash.


“Damn, this Brother Niubi sure runs fast.” The surrounding players who couldn’t ask anything said moodily.


“Niubi, he’s too Niubi!” A player whose brain was not working, trying to process the scene of someone slapping an NPC, finally awoke, and shouted fervently.


“I salute him. Begging earnestly on my knees for information about Brother Niubi’s real name. I want to become his subordinate!” A big guy shouted out.


“Wait, he got a hidden quest after slapping the village chief, right? Why don’t we try it too?” A player suddenly suggested.


“You’re right!”


The players suddenly had an epiphany, and their eyes which shone all turned to look at the unsuspecting village chief.


“Let me try!” A build man walked out. He then grabbed the village chief’s collar and gave the chief a tight slap.


With a *smack*, the player, as if hit by a truck, shot out in a straight line and hit a wall around ten metres away. After that, he immediately turned into sparkles of light and vanished, showing he was dead.


“Wow, it’s really an insta-kill!” The surrounding players said in shock.


“What’s going on? Why was Brother Niubi fine, yet we are insta-killed?”


“Is it because our hitting pose was not right? I remember that Brother Niubi used this pose…” Thus, another player was sent flying, before vanishing in a flash of white light.


“That doesn’t seem right… I remember it was like that…” Not long after, another player was sent flying.


“I think the expression is not right… I remember Brother Niubi had this expression while hitting…” Another player who tried to have a constipated face on while slapping flew away too.


“Must you be a virgin for it to work?” Not long after, a young man was sent flying out of the universe.



Anyways, ignoring the white fireworks occurring around the village chief, Li Huailin immediately checked his online bank account after logging off. As expected, there was an additional thirty five thousand.


“Hahaha, this game is quite good for earning money. Earning thirty five thousand on my first day playing, I’m indeed super-duper-ultra awesome!” Li Huailin said filled with self-satisfaction.

Translator’s Notes:

Fourth chapter of the 5 chapter mass release of new project~

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  1. antoo

    1. agree with english nickname & shorten name. its a pain to read whole name + guild name

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    = i think it should be DEDUCTED.

    TQ for the chap 😀

    1. Seregosa

      There’s a lot to do if you’re creative. You can also kill stuff, especially later on when experience required raises, because then you’d just need to die once or so to make up for the “losses” from killing stuff.

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