All Things Wrong – Chapter 40: Trade

The trading area in Godblessed City has a big bar which is also of the western style. The bar mainly serves as a place for players to rest, so there are lots of seats. Though virtual beer alcohol can never make you drunk like drinking real beer, the atmosphere of the bar was still not bad. With NPC pianists constantly playing soothing music, this is not a good hangout spot if you are not training.


Of course, as the game has just started, everybody is crazily training and thus, there are not many people in the bar now. Those here were probably casual players that didn’t even care about levels. This was the place Li Huailin and Ye Hang decided to have their talk.


“Huailin, I have to first congratulate you on clearing an Abyss mode dungeon.”


Seeing that Li Huailin had sat down already, Ye Hang smiled and started with the courtesies first.


“How was it? I heard that first clears usually have higher drop rates. Your gains must have been not bad, right?”


“Gains? I got a skill book, and is indeed a good one. Also, a Level 20 gold equipment came out. However, it is a staff for healers.”


Li Huailin didn’t hide their drops and just said it all.


“Level 20 gold equipment…”


Ye Hang took gasped.


“That is the server’s first gold equipment.”


“En, probably so.”


Li Huailin didn’t care much about first or not. This was the early phase of the game. Equipments that looked godly now won’t stay with you till end game, and would even look like dirt in the end. Furthermore, it didn’t matter whether Li Huailin had good equipment now anyways. He didn’t even need to (can’t) kill mobs to level up, so good equipment wouldn’t hasten his level up process. In fact, it would hinder it. It would be even more of a waste when it drops when he dies too.


Thus, even if a gold warrior equipment appeared instead, Li Hualin would sell it to get more gold to buy more HP pots.


“Is the weapon still with you? Do you want to sell it? We Spirit World have the money to buy it.”


Ye Hang, like all other players, assumed that Li Huailin was the one carrying the whole party. So he thought the weapon must be Li Huailin’s.


Towards Ye Hang’s question, Li Huailin could only rub his head awkwardly.


“Err… The weapon was already split to someone else. I only got a skill book, nothing else.”




Ye Hang was momentarily dazed. However, he soon recalled the girls that came out together with Li Huailin and immediately thought of something. Ye Hang then put on a vulgar laugh.


“Oh, I see, I see. I understand, I understand.”


“*Cough* *Cough*”

Though Li Huailin didn’t know what Ye Hang understood, just by seeing the vulgar smile he had on, Li Huailin knew it wasn’t anything good. However, Li Huailin was lazy to explain.


“Right, Ye Hang. Other than the equipment, is there anything else.”


Seeing that Li Huailin wanted to get straight to the point, Ye Hang immediately got serious again.


“En. It’s like this. Can I ask you if you are willing to sell the walkthrough for Venom Snake Cave?”




Li Huailin was taken aback. Walkthrough? What walkthrough? If these people really knew how he cleared the dungeon, he will definitely get reported by the whole Spirit World.


“Err… This is troubling… I used some special skills that only I know so other people probably can’t use the same strategy I used.”




Ye Hang thought over Li Huailin’s words and nodded his head. In other words, Li Huailin either meant that only he who has some special skill or item can use this bug, or was tactfully saying he won’t be selling it.


“In that case, forget about my question just now.”


Li Huailin felt bad that he couldn’t give anything to Ye Hang. After all, he did take his 10 gold. After thinking for awhile, Li Huailin suddenly thought of something.


“However, I can provide you with all the monsters’ stats and the boss’ skills.”


“Oh? Really?”


Ye Hang’s eyes lit up. This was good too. Even if there was no bug to abuse, knowing the whole dungeon’s monsters’ stats and skills can save a lot of trouble. Most of the time, these skills can only be known by sacrificing the team once. Not only does it waste time repeating the dungeon up to that point again, EXP is also deducted, wasting even more time getting them back. Now, this information will literally save tons of time for the guild, which it desperately needs if it wants to clear Abyss before the other big guilds.


“En, including the hidden boss’s skills.”


“So Abyss mode dungeons really have hidden bosses?”


Though Ye Hang had heard of it before, as he has not cleared an Abyss mode so far he wasn’t sure of it. Thus, hearing that it was true shocked him.


“Yeah, the hidden boss’s name is God of Snake Decimas’s Shadow. His skills are…”


Suddenly, Li Huailin realised that there really are a lot of things he has to say. Furthermore, it was now approaching dinner time. Thus, he stopped describing the dungeon.


“It’s quite late now already and I have to log off. How about this? Give me your email address. Then, I will write a report for everything I can recall and send it to you. It can be done by tonight.”


“En, no problem.”


Ye Hang nodded his head and gave his email address to Li Huailin. After that, he suddenly realised they had not talked about one important thing yet.


“Huailin, how much are you planning to sell all these information for?”


“How much?”


Li Huailin didn’t think that Ye Hang would talk about money. However, though he did need money now, he didn’t plan on asking for any this time.


“No need, this time it’s for free. Thanks for your help last time. The 10 gold really helped me out a lot.”


“That’s not good! Our guild leader had specifically ordered me to build a good relation with you. It’s best if you owe us a favor. If he ever gets wind that not only did I not let you owe us and even allow you to repay the favor, he will definitely strangle me!”


Ye Hang said his objective very plainly and honestly. This was because Li Huailin did not hide anything from him from the very start, and from his understanding of Li Huailin, Li Huailin was not one that like to beat around the bush. Thus, saying everything straightforwardly is the best option.


“I see.”


Li Huailin nodded his head, but he was confused.


“Why did your leader order you to build good relations with me?”


“Could it be that you don’t know how famous you are? I think not only we Spirit World, other big guilds are also trying to find you.”


Ye Hang smiled.


“Just think about it, you are one who has cleared an Abyss mode dungeon. How can any guild not take notice of you? Of course, there are also people who want to settle the score with you.”


“Settle the score? With me?”


Li Huailin’s eyes lit up. Good, settle the score with me! I can’t wait for whole guilds to chase after me!


“Yeah. There are guilds that were on the precipice of clearing Hell mode, but you just came along and stole all the glory. Can they not hate you?”


Ye Hang laughed. Actually, there were also many people in Spirit World that wanted to strangle Li Huailin to death.


“How about it? Do you want me to warn them not to touch you? We Spirit World are not afraid of offending any guilds.”


“Please, definitely don’t!”


Li Huailin immediately refused! Guilds are finally trying to kill him and he definitely won’t allow Spirit World to ruin his plan. However, he needed a good reason for that. Analysing his actions so far in the game, Li Huailin immediately thought of the best excuse.


“I have extreme confidence in myself, please don’t help me. If not, you will damage my pride.”


“Oh, I see… Anyways, back to the topic. How much are you planning to sell the info for?”




Li Huailin thought about it, and suddenly had a great idea.


“Spirit World should have a lot of Alchemists, right?”


“Hmm? Of course. Our provision team has about 50 people. Why?”


“Then did they make a lot of HP pots while trying to raise their Alchemy level? The recovery over time, not the instant ones.”


“Oh? Are you talking about Medium HP pots? A lot, we have a lot. To the point we have nowhere to store it. You want them?”


Ye Hang was befuddled by Li Huailin’s questions.


“I want them, I need them!”


Li Huailin was exhilarated.


“Just give me those. Give me as many as you can. I want all of it.”


“Why do you want so many HP pots…”


Ye Hang was seriously confused. Even if you treated HP pots as plain water, you can’t drink that many, right?


Li Huailin knew that his request was too weird so he immediately thought up of an excuse.


“Err… I received a mission which required mountains of HP pots.”


“En, okay. No problems! I will ask people to send it to you. Of course, we have to save some for ourselves, so I can’t confirm the amount we will give you now. I have to discuss this with the provision team, so we can only give you the potions tomorrow. You aren’t in a hurry, right?”


“No, not at all! Really.”


Li Huailin’s ‘HP buff’ still had a 5-day duration. Drinking potions now will be too inefficient, so Li Huailin was planning on levelling up like crazy after 5 days.


With the matter settled, Ye Hang was quite contented. Though they didn’t get a bug, he still completed his primary mission to make Li Huailin an ally, with the dungeon’s information as a bonus. Thus, since Li Huailin had already said he wanted to log off, Ye Hang stood up and said his farewells.


“That’s good. Anyways, once again, I would like to represent Spirit World and express to you our sincerest wish to have good relations with you. Now, I won’t disturb you from eating dinner anymore.”


Li Huailin nodded his head to show that he has received the sentiment.


“En, see you tomorrow.”

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      Hmm, he actually doesn’t need that many potions. He just need a few hundred at most, probably 100-200, to get to level 20, after that he’ll learn that skill and can use it all the way to his death which is way faster and more efficient. I don’t know if it can truly kill you or will leave you at 1 hp or something similar, in that case he will need a few more…

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