All Things Wrong – Chapter 41: Regarding earning money

After saying bye to Ye Hang, Li Huailin quickly logged off too. Li Huailin didn’t plan on playing after dinner too. Though it was the golden time for players to increase the gap between new players now, it was not the case for Li Huailin. Levelling wasn’t hard for Li Huailin. Usually, that is. Now there is that annoying all 280% buff for him causing him to be unable to die even if he wanted to.

However, Li Huailin had already thought things through. This buff actually had quite some perks. Taking the opportunity when he is still invincible (in the current area), he can do some preparation work to better level next time. For example, he can earn money now so that he can buy more HP potions. Or he can clear some dungeons to get equipment to sell. Or he can get some skill books that is useful to him. In conclusion, all he have to do now is casually look for things to do, even quests that will deduct his EXP. After all, he can easily make up for the lost EXP later.


As Li Huailin was planning his actions, he was also doing up the report about Venom Snake Cave. As Li Huailin was not used to writing such things, what he wrote was all over the place. The main points were still there, though it would take some effort to read.


The report went around 1000 words long before Li Huailin ran out of things to write. Since he had completed his report, he just randomly came up with the name ‘Receive this Ye Hang’ and sent it over.


With the matter regarding Spirit World settled, Li Huailion first looked at Heaven Universe’s official webpage. There wasn’t anything new on it. Li Huailin then looked at the forum. The forum, contrary to the official webpage, was booming. Especially the news regarding him clearing an Abyss mode dungeon. It was on the top of the page with big red words. At this point, Li Huailin realised he was already a regular on the top page.


This time the post obviously didn’t have any videos. Even until now, Li Huailin still didn’t know where the recording button was and the girls didn’t record the clearing process either. The post only had the recount of a player. In it was about how Li Huailin arrogantly slashed a person to death and declaring that he was going to clear the Abyss mode dungeon before really clearing it. At the end of the post was the author’s own opinion: Clearing Abyss mode dungeon at the current phase is almost impossible; Brother Niubi being able to clear it must be because he used some special means.


Looking at the post, Li Huailin was a little scared. Though he was famous now, he really was being a little too high profile. The main reason why he was scared was because he logged into the game illegally; if someone checked into it, something might happen. However, Li Huailin was curious too. Why hasn’t Heaven Universe done anything about him despite all the irregularities surrounding him?


“Looks like I can’t be so arrogant next time…”


Li Huailin thought about it, and decided that he must control himself when he makes trouble next time. Enough trouble to make people want to kill him, but not to the point people think his actions are unbelievable. Not once did the thought ‘I should keep a low profile’ ever occur to Li Huailin.


Li Huailin proceeded to look at the rest of the forum with purpose. Specifically, posts that had information about how to earn money. Li Huailin obviously wanted to earn money, regardless of in-game money or real life one. The more the merrier, right? Now that his stats were so high, Li Huailin wanted to take advantage of it to earn money.


“Land deeds?”


Soon, an item entered Li Huailin’s eyes. More like, there was no way it can’t enter his eyes. Because he realised that a big guild was offering 300 gold for a land deed. 300 gold, it was a price high enough to reach the heavens! Now, even in a big guild that had a few thousand people, taking out 300 gold will severely impact their finances.


“Why is it worth so much?”


Li Huailin swiftly searched the forum with ‘Land deed’ as the keyword. In the end, he found out there were very little posts about it. Only ten odd.


Li Huailin quickly scanned through all the posts and got the following conclusion. Godblessed City’s trading area had an area specially designated for players. There, you can open a player shop, and the spaces were limited. Furthermore, the people who got the deed earlier will be able to choose a better shop location, earning a huge advantage over other players.


There were two ways to get a shop. First, get a land deed. Second, become a noble. As becoming a noble requires Military Contribution points and Fame, when there is no war like now, it is impossible to become a noble. So, you can only get a shop by getting a land deed in the current phase.


However, all players so far have only heard that buying a shop requires a deed. No one knows where to get a deed. Whether it was by a treasure chest, by quests, or boss, it was completely unknown. Thus, all the shops at the designated area was still empty without a single player shop.


“300 gold… If I get it, I can become invincible! I will be able to drink HP potions like water next time.”


Li Huailin’s eyes brightened at this prospect.


“However, if they are willing to pay 300 gold for this, it must mean this deed is worth much more than 300 gold. I wonder how much you can really earn with a deed…”


Li Huailin suddenly thought of ScarletRain at this time. That girl can probably give him a long list of analysis. Professional things should be left to the professionals! Li Huailin made up his mind and decided to ask her when he logs in tomorrow. He did carry her through the dungeon twice already, so she will at least listen to this little favor, right?


Mind set and close to sleeping time, Li Huailin decided to sleep. When all the players were getting restless over the shocking news today, the perpetrator Li Huailin was having a good night’s sleep.


The next day. Li Huailin woke up early as usual. After eating some rubbish food, Li Huailin quickly logged in.


“Good morning, Huailin.”


Li Huailin had just arrived at the bar he logged off in yesterday and ScarletMoon’s voice could be heard from the guild channel already. As the guild channel allowed one to see online members, it was unknown whether it was ScarletMoon specially waiting for him or just a coincidence.


“You’re too cruel, leader! You betrayed me without a second thought yesterday!”


Li Huailin immediately complained about the heartbreaking experience yesterday.


“This is called abandoning your comrade in tears. Your sacrifice was not in vain. After all, us four retreated successfully because of you.”


ScarletMoon seemed to be in a good mood, replying Li Huailin in jest.


“Hmm, indeed! Now that you talk about it like that, I suddenly feel more noble!”


Li Huailin replied while smiling.


“Oh, Huailin! You’re online.”


Suddenly, ScarletBloodstain’s voice appeared in the guild channel.


“Right, the potion you asked me to sell yesterday has been sold off already. You got a pot of gold, do you still want it? If you don’t want, it’s mine~”


“Haha. I’m waiting for you at the bar in the trading area.”


Li Huailin wasn’t worried that ScarletBloodstain will steal his money. This was obviously her trying to tease him, how can he let her succeed?


“Tch! Wait for me, I’m coming over right now.”


ScarletBloodstain said, disappointment apparent.


“Right, is Rain around?”


Li Huailin suddenly recalled that he was going to ask ScarletRain about the deed.




ScarletRain replied brusquely.


“Oh, you’re here! Great! Do you have time? There is something I want to ask you.”


“Oh? Ask me? How rare!”


ScarletRain suddenly raised her tone to show her ‘surprise’.


“Hey, hey. I helped you clear the dungeon yesterday, right? Just treat it as returning the favor, please?”


Li Huailin hurriedly said.


ScarletRain thought for awhile.


“En… that’s okay too. I will come over with Bloodstain.”




ScarletRain joined in.


“Then I will come over too. Just right, everybody will be there. There’s something I want to discuss so we can hold a small meeting.”


“Haha… Everyone? Don’t tell me Drink is coming too…”


Li Huailin was traumatised by ScarletDrink’s clinginess.


“Shui’er is still sleeping, so she’s not online.”


ScarletRain replied.


“Quickly hold the meeting! I have something urgent later so let’s settle this quickly!”


Suddenly, Li Huailin was as hurried as a pianist playing the Minute Waltz.

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      Looking at the post, Li Huailin was a little scared. Though he was famous now, he really was being a little too high profile. The main reason why he was scared was because he logged into the game illegally; if someone checked into it, something might happen. However, Li Huailin was curious too. Why hasn’t Heaven Universe done anything about him despite all the irregularities surrounding him?

      This… is the biggest question that everyone wonders about. Well, since the author is fully aware of this and even mentions it in the text in this way, it implies that he has a plan and reasons for why they're not doing anything. I wonder how long time it'll take before the mc is contacted by them for this or that reason. I bet it will be interesting, but no doubt about the fact that the mc is going to keep on using his rig to "illegally" log in since the novel will continue. The changes I can see is that they might ask him for something, perhaps sign a contract with him for some reason and might pay him a bit to do something in addition to allowing him to do this stuff.

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