All Things Wrong – Chapter 42: Lacking Herbs

After sitting in the bar for awhile, Li Huailin could see the three girls coming in. Looks like they weren’t far from the city. Seeing them, Li Huailin immediately raised his hands and called them.




“You’re up quite early, Huailin. Young people with such sleeping habits are rare nowadays.”


ScarletMoon who heard Li Huailin walked over while smiling.


Li Huailin laughed at ScarletMoon’s jest.


“Haha… Leader, you talk as if you are very old.”


“Right! Leader, you pulled me down too! I am three years older than you, so don’t act so old!”


This was ScarletBloodstain trying to defend her youth.


“Okay, okay. Let’s talk about the proper things now.”


ScarletMoon pressed down her hands to calm ScarletBloodstain, before asking her, “How much did you sell the potions for yesterday?”


“En, I didn’t expect to be able to sell it for so much too. After deducting the auction’s processing fee, it went for 13 gold and 40 silvers.”


ScarletBloodstain replied with a face like she struck gold.


“That’s about the same as Rain’s estimate.”


Li Huailin said, amazed.


“That’s right. Rain’s estimates has never been wrong before!”


ScarletMoon said with pride.


“Okay, pass the money to Huailin.”


“Haa… This is my first time holding so much gold~ Can I hold on to it longer?”


ScarletBloodstain said reluctantly.




“Okay, okay. Here it is.”


ScarletBloodstain laughed after seeing Li Huailin stare at her. She then made a trade request and put all the money in the interface.


ScarletMoon nodded with satisfaction seeing that one thing was done.


“Now that that is settled, it’s time to talk about what Huailin wanted to talk with Rain about.”


“Right. Ask whatever you want.”


ScarletRain walked forward and said.


“En, it’s like that…”


Li Huailin paused to organise his words,


“I saw a post when browsing through the forum, saying that there is an area in the trading sector for players to open shop. Do you guys know?”


“En, I do”


ScarletRain nodded her head.


“As the guild’s financial officer, how would I not know about that place? The shops are located along the street just opposite of the auction house. In the future, there definitely will be a lot of human traffic there. Whoever opens a shop in that street will have nothing to worry about for the rest of their life.”


“So profitable? To have nothing to worry about for the rest of your life?”


Li Huailin’s eyes lit up.


“Of course. The human traffic there is humongous. If 2~3 of every 10 people visits your store, and 2~3 of the 10 people who visits your store buys something, you can earn enough money to be worry-free for the rest of your life.”


“What is the estimated amount of money you can earn?”


“That’s hard to say. Gold coins are very valuable now but it’s value will definitely deflate in the future. Thus, how much you can earn is uncertain, but a lot is for sure.”


ScarletRain ended her analysis here, but she was curious.


“What are you asking this for? Don’t tell me you have a deed.”


“I wish I had…”


Li Huailin shook his head.


“I saw a post yesterday about a guild wanting to buy a deed for 300 gold. Thus, I decided to ask about it.”


“300 gold? Which idiot will sell a deed for 300 gold? Unless you are a solo player who has a deed but don’t have enough money to buy land, you will be losing so much if you sell a deed for just 300 gold.”


“Even 300 gold is too little?”


Li Huailin was shocked.


“Think about it. On one side is 300 gold that can devalue at any time. On another side is a ticket that will be able to increase in value almost infinitely in the long run. Which will you choose?”


ScarletRain asked.


“Hmm, you’re right.”


Li Huailin nodded his head after hearing ScarletRain’s explanation.


“If only our guild can get a land deed. Then our guild can sell Spring of Life Potions at a price lower than in auctions, but still give us immense profits. At that time, maybe all of us can become rich women.”


ScarletRain sighed.


“Where can you get deeds? Do you guys have any information?”


Li Huailin feels that he should take advantage of now when his stats are still perverted to get a land deed. No matter if it is some troll EXP deducting quest or dungeon, he will get the land deed first no matter what.


“We don’t know…”


ScarletMoon shook her head.


“I think nobody knows actually. Land deeds are such valuable things. If a big guild knew how to get it, do you think they will announce it and let others have a chance to get their hands on it? Even if someone did announce how to get it, that area will definitely be occupied by a strong big guild. Then, the guild won’t leave until they get a deed, and this cycle will repeat continuously.”




Li Huailin started piecing together all the information so far.


“So you are saying nobody knows where to get a land deed. In other words, it will only appear in pervertedly dangerous areas no one has gone yet, a reward from clearing Abyss dungeons, and the like…”


“Do you need money urgently now?”


ScarletRain asked, seeing that Li Huailin was a little disappointed.


“In real life?”


“No, I have enough, and I don’t use much money anyways.”


Li Huailin shook his head to clear the misunderstanding.


“I’m just trying to prepare for my future levelling.”


“Then go and clear Abyss dungeons a few times and sell the equipment you get from it. Won’t you have money then?”


ScarletRain suggested.


This, Li Huailin had already thought of. However, Li Huailin preferred a more direct way of earning money through selling things in shops. If he had to go and clear dungeons whenever he needed money… Won’t he be deducting his EXP to earn money to buy potions to earn EXP? If he constantly did that, Li Huailin will feel like he’s an idiot.


“Right, have you raised your alchemy level to intermediate already?”


Li Huailin immediately changed the topic so that they won’t talk about clearing dungeons anymore.


“We just wanted to talk to you about that.”


ScarletMoon suddenly cut in.


“What happened?”


“Something happened.”


ScarletMoon frowned.


“Do you still remember the recipe we obtained yesterday?”




“I already let Rain learn the recipe, and it requires three herbs to make. Two of the three are very common and are available everywhere. There are stacks upon stacks in the auction house. However, the third called Fire Flower… this is troublesome.”


“Why is it troublesome? Can’t find the spawn location? Or is the spawn rate very low?”


“There are quite a few spawn locations, and I’m already privy to all of them. The troublesome thing is that Fire Flower is also an ingredient in another potion, called Fire Strengthening Potion. It is a potion that can increase fire damage and is very useful to mages. You will feel like a god when you are training and it can also increase DoS when clearing dungeons. Thus, the supply never meets the demand and it is selling like hotcakes now.”


ScarletMoon paused for awhile, and continued.


“So though I know where these flowers spawn, the places have already been occupied by large guilds. Now, not only do they not let you harvest the flowers, they don’t even let you step into the spawn area.”


“These people are so arrogant… Which spawn area is closest to the city?”


“To the south of the city, near the Lava Crack area. It take approximately 15 minutes to reach there from the city if you run. Now, it’s currently being occupied by the Apocalypse Brothers guild.”


“What? What an arrogant name! Apocalypse Brothers?”


Li Huailin sweated from the awkwardness.


“It’s a big guild, among the top ten in the server.”


ScarletMoon laughed seeing Li Huailin’s reaction.


“It’s guild name used to be called just Apocalypse, but they entered late this time and others took it. Since the people who took the name first weren’t willing to sell the name to them, they could only call themselves ‘Apocalypse Brothers’.”


“Oh, it’s them!”


The moment ScarletMoon said Apocalypse, Li Huailin recalled who they were. There really was such a guild in previous online games and this guild was really one of the top guilds. However, Li Huailin didn’t have any dealings with them. No grudges nor favors.


“It’s decided, they are the one! I will go and chat with their guild leader. They will probably give me some face and let us harvest herbs there.”


Li Huailin nodded his head and declared so.


“You know their guild leader Wentian?”


ScarletMoon asked, shocked.


“Wentian? Who’s that? However, I will immediately get to know him.”


Li Huailin replied while smiling.


ScarletMoon understood after seeing Li Huailn’s smile.


“You… are going there to create trouble, right?”


“Rest assured! Look, I’m not even wearing the guild emblem!”


Li Huailin quickly calmed ScarletMoon down. After joining a guild, you can buy some guild-only items in the city’s Guild Headquarters. One of them is a guild emblem which costs only 1 silver. This item has no stats at all and it doesn’t take up equipment space. You just hang it on your chest. On this emblem is each guild’s own insignia. This way, others can tell which guild you come from from the emblem. Most guilds make wearing this emblem a must for their members, but most members will voluntarily wear it anyways.


Li Huailin obviously hasn’t gone to the Guild Headquarters before, but he also didn’t want to wear the emblem either. This is because… just look at the design ScarletMoon set for the emblem. Li Huailin had already seen it from the emblem on ScarletMoon’s chest. Flowers, flowers everywhere… the moment Li Huailin saw it, he knew. He would never wear this emblem no matter what.


“You are definitely going to create trouble then.”


ScarletMoon sighed and held her forehead in her palm.


“What are you planning to do?”


“What else? Just snatch it!”


Li Huailin smiled.


“Let me say first, our guild don’t have the rights to fight with them at all. Just their reserve team alone is enough to wipe up our guild several times over.”


ScarletMoon said honestly.


“No need for you guys to fight. I’m just going to chat with their leader, Wentian. Who know, he might be a nice guy, right?”


Li Huailin was set on offending this guild. Who cares if he died? He can still gain EXP. If he really succeeded, he will be able to get the flowers too. This is practically a plan that will never result in a loss for Li Huailin! If Li Huailin succeeds in offending them to the point they place a bounty on them, even better! He can save potion money then.


“You’ve already made up your mind?”


ScarletMoon looked at Li Huailin who was super excited.


“Don’t worry, I have confidence!”


Li Huailin replied seriously.


“You guys go and train. Leave the flower matter to me! Let me show you the prowess of Brother Niubi!”

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