All Things Wrong – Chapter 43: Finding trouble (1)

After saying farewell to the three girls, Li Huailin immediately rushed over to the South Gate. Honestly, Li Huailin had never went to the South Gate before. Different from the East Gate and North Gate, once you left the South Gate, the scenery quickly changes. From grass plains with mobs like wolves which are around Level 10, it becomes a wasteland. The mobs also changes from animals to Level 12~13 Rock Elementals.


Rock Elementals have outstanding physical defence but somewhat weak magical defence. Its attack is also quite low, so it’s a good training mob for mages. Players training here were more numerous than at the North Gate. However, it was still morning now so professional players were still sleeping. So far, Li Huailin only met 4 parties.


After walking for around 10 minutes, Li Huailin was nearby the Lava Crack ScarletMoon mentioned. Li Huailin could tell from the surroundings. The wastelands changed to black molten rocks and Li Huailin could even feel the hot air coming towards him. It cannot be denied that <Heart of Glory>’s sensory systems are extraordinary. Li Huailin could really feel heat.


Lava Crack is actually a valley surrounded by black mountains with no plants growing on it at all. Coincidentally, lava flows out from the bottom of the valley, causing the valley to become steaming hot. The main monsters in the valley are Fire Elementals. This monster is not easy to kill. Its attack is high and can even release fireballs. To professions with low magic defence, this monster is their nightmare. Even for close-ranged professions with high magic defence, trying to fight a long-ranged monster is not a very good experience. However, Fire Elementals also have relatively low HP, so it’s not too unbalanced.


Just after reaching the valley’s entrance, Li Huailin could see three people standing there. These people just stood there with no intentions to go in to train at all. It is thus apparent that these people should be part of Apocalypse Brothers, responsible for barring players from coming in.


As expected, the moment Li Huailin tried to approach, the three players all approached him. One of them extended his hands to block Li Huailin.


“Sorry, friend. The area behind us has already been occupied by us Apocalypse. Can we trouble you to switch locations?”


Unexpectedly, one of the players who was a knight wasn’t very arrogant. Instead, they asked very politely.


“Yeah, if you walk along there, there is a good spot for killing Evil Assasins. Those monsters have low defence, just right for a warrior for you to train. Friend, go over there to train instead. These Fire Elementals’ attack are terrifyingly strong, not suitable for you.”


Another player who was a mage joined in.


“Umm… does it look like I am here to train?”


Li Huailin extended his hands to show his equipment.


What Li Huailin said is right. What Li Huailin had on was just the beginner’s armour and a Level 10 uncommon sword. If you say someone like that is here to train, it seems a little unbelievable. Anything from the store is better than what Li Huailin is wearing now.


“Then what are you here for?”


The knight player asked.


“Of course, I’m here to create trouble.”


Li Huailin declared naturally.




All three players were dazed. Li Huailin indeed didn’t look like he was here to train. However, he also doesn’t look like he is here to create trouble!”


“Create trouble?”


The mage seems to be in disbelief as he confirmed once more with Li Huailin.




Li Huailin nodded his head.


“Are you the small frys of Apocalypse? Tell your guild leader this place has already been taken by me. Ask him to find another place.”




The three were dazed once again, but they soon burst out laughing.


“Hahahahaha! Leader, this guy’s too funny! I can’t anymore! Let me laugh for awhile first…”


A healer said to the knight while laughing.


“Which guild sent you here?”


The knight said while enduring his laughter.


“Aoguo or Angel? How much money did they give you to ask you to let us become red names? I advise you to be careful. If you dare offend us, we will send you back to Beginner’s Village without a second word. If you don’t believe, try us.”


“Oh? So you are going to kill me?”


Li Huailin was a little excited. As expected, big guild have pride! Much better than those solo players!


“Quickly scram! Or else we will send you back to the village. Then, we will kill you whenever you step out of the village.”


The knight said fiercely. If it wasn’t for the fact that PK was impossible in Beginner’s Village, the knight will probably say kill you until you are Level 0.


“Really?! Then I must create even more trouble!”


Li Huailin then raised his Level 10 copper sword.


“You dare to attack us first?”


The knight was shocked. He had thought that this player was sent to provoke them into killing him so that they will become red names. However, if the opposition attacks first, they won’t become red names no matter what. He isn’t scared of becoming a red name as he has a guild to rely on. If you got red name while helping the guild, you will get some compensation. However, if possible, not becoming a red name is better. Thinking that this must be some ploy, the knight turned to his two party members.


“He’s probably feinting his attack to lure us to attack first. Pay attention later for the system notice. Finish him after you have confirmed that you have been attacked.”


However, before the knight could finish his sentence, Li Huailin has already completed his attack. Without hesitation, the attack reached the knight’s head.




“What the XXXX!”


The healer had already prepared to heal the knight but the damage which appeared made him stunned silly. How can someone wearing those equipment reduce a knight’s HP by half with just one hit?


Without waiting for the three to recover, Li Huailin had already made his second slash. Li Huailin did not come here to die only. If not, he would have just stood there and let them kill him after attacking the knight once. Today, Li Huailin was really going to create trouble. A trouble big enough to the point the guild will never let him off.




Another slash hit home and a ‘-601’ appeared above the knight’s head. As the knight was just Level 14, he didn’t have more than 1000 HP. This two attack was enough to send him to heaven.




Looking at the knight which was lying on the floor, the healer shouted out loudly.


“You… you are…! Brother Niu-”


The mage suddenly recalled something, but before he could complete his sentence, Li Huailin had already launched another attack.


-1106 (Critical)


The mage got hit by a critical attack and collapsed onto the floor without a second word.


“Br-Brother Niubi?”


After getting a hint from the mage, the healer has already realised who the player in front of him was. Li Huailin’s name was already known to all in the forum but those who have actually seen him are few. Most have only seen him in the videos. The healer didn’t recognise Li Huailin at first, but now he could match the person in front of him with the one in the videos.


“Yep. Don’t forget to tell Wentian my name.”


Li Huailin was here to create trouble in the first place so he wasn’t afraid of having his identity being exposed.


“Okay, I’ve said my piece. Goodbye.”


“Brother Niubi…”


The healer had wanted to say something but Li Huailin didn’t even give him a chance. He immediately raised his sword and made two more slashes.


-551, -578


No critical, but two hits was enough. The healer fell to the floor begrudgingly, turning into white particle soon after.


“Killing only three people isn’t much of a thing, right? Let’s continue~”


Li Huailin said to himself before walking into the valley with his sword in hand.

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Thus, I won’t be releasing regular chapters, only releasing them when I have time. Sorry…

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