All Things Wrong – Chapter 5: You’re Asking For A Beating Too, Right?

As it was a little late, Li Huailin went to sleep after looking at his bank account. The second day, 7 am. Li Huailin woke up on time and made some instant rice for breakfast. As he was eating, he also browsed through <Heart of Glory>’s official web page and forum.


Post title: History’s most niubi player beats Beginner Village village leader. Village leader succumbs under martial threat and gives out a hidden quest.


The post didn’t have any words, but there was a video attachment. Li Huailin clicked on it and as expected, saw a video of him slapping the village leader while holding him by the cuff.


The comments were…


Post author: I’m already speechless. Just watch the video by yourself.


Comment 1: One word, Niubi


Comment 2: All bow down to god!


Comment 3: This post will definitely become a trend.


Comment 4: The greatest slapping I’ve ever seen.




Comment 21: Niubi!




Comment 57: The greatest slapping I’ve ever seen.




Comment 690: I’m the person in the video. All bow down before me!


Comment 691: The person above me is an idiot.




“Aiii….” After looking at the post, Li Huailin sighed softly. “I have already retired from the spotlight, yet legends of me is still passed down everywhere…” 


After cleaning up, Li Huailin had wanted to play the game again. However, he suddenly heard a ‘bang!’ sound from outside.


A little curious, Li Huailin opened the door. Unexpectedly, he found the figure of his neighbour Chen Yuan sitting down right in front of his door. Her eyes were closed, and her chest was moving up and down. She seems to be sleeping.


“Hey, hey. Wake up.” Li Huailin squat down to try to wake her up, but before he got close, the smell of alcohol assaulted him.


“This girl… just how much did she drink?” Li Huailin frowned, but continued to try to wake her up. “Sister Juan, wake up!”


“Ah, handsome…” Chen Yuan recovered slightly and her beautiful face had a tinge of red on it. A seductive voice entered Li Huailin’s ear. “Come, come inside and sit.”


“This girl… This is my house!” A drop of imaginary sweat slid down Li Huailin’s face. “Where’s your key, Sister Juan? I will carry you back.”


Chen Juan had obviously drunk too much and didn’t know what she was doing anymore. She didn’t even reply to Li Huailin’s question. Luckily, Li Huailin spotted the bag pressed under her right hand and he found the key after rummaging through it. However, he also found some contraceptives along with the key, causing even more imaginary sweat to appear on Li Huailin’s face.


“I will carry you back.” Li Huailin then supported Chen Yuan and walked towards Chen Yuan’s house while limping. After opening the door, the smell of woman’s perfume assaulted Li Huailin’s nose.


“Why doesn’t this girl open her windows? She will get sick due to poor air ventilation one day!” Li Huailin quickly pulled Chen Yuan into her room and threw her on the bed. After that, he covered her with a blanket before going out and opening the windows. He then cleaned up the messy house with things strewn all over the place. After washing his hands and looking at Chen Yuan who was dead asleep, Li Huailin softly left the house.


“Was I too gentlemanly?” After closing the door, Li Huailin suddenly reacted. She had already prepared the safety measures, yet he didn’t do anything? Could it be he was gay?!


“Oh well, the door’s closed, and the key’s with her. Even if I wanted to, I can’t enter now.” Thinking about it, Li Huailin didn’t care anymore about this useless problem. He wasn’t so hungry for contact anyway, why go so far?


After returning back to his room and closing the door, Li Huailin once again sat on his homemade game device. After the blackness, Li Huailin once again appeared in the location where he logged off yesterday.


“What should I do today?” Li Huailin thought for a while. “Hum-um… A simple plan must be made. First of all, I must level up. According to my current -250 EXP, I need to die 105 times to get to level 10. Damnit! How to play?! This means I need to die 1005 times to get to level 100! Forget it, let’s just die 100 times first. Why doesn’t this game have a suicide option? I beg for death! I sincerely beg for a skill that lets you die after using it like P*kemon’s Explosion!”


With no way to suicide, Li Huailin had no choice but to go out and search for monsters. In the end, he settled with [Black Slimes]. After hitting each mob once, Li Huailin would make the mob chase after him and repeat the process. Under the [Black Slimes] vigorous chase, Li Huailin finally died when he was luring the fifth mob.


“50 EXP after working for so long? This isn’t much faster than fighting mobs!” Li Huailin who was walking out of the respawn point was quite moody. Running out of the village to die, respawn in the village, then running outside again… it takes such a long time! It was mainly due to [Black Slime]’s attack being so low. They took so long to kill a Level 1 like him.


Li Huailin’s leveling speed now was indeed quite slow. If it was other players, their first level up only needed 500 EXP. The village chief’s mission would give you 200, so one only needed to beat another 60 [Black Slimes] to level up. The time taken to get to Level 2 was not even one hour. On the other hand, Li Huailin needed to run around many times to die, and not even 2 hours was enough to level up once.


“If only there was a monster with good attacking power…” Li Huailin quickly thought of another solution. Li Huailin’s leveling (dying) speed was slow only because the slimes only dealt 2~3 damage to Li Huailin. Thus, won’t he be able to die much faster (and level up faster) if the mob was able to insta-kill him?


However, this plan didn’t seem feasible too. More dangerous mobs were usually located in places further from the village and it took a long time to reach there. But, he will always be revived in the beginner village! Wouldn’t he have to run enough distance to cover a marathon before he could level up this way? This method might not even be faster than letting slimes kill him.


“What a dilemma… Killing mobs normally is so much better…” Li Huailin said depressed.


Just as he was in a quandary, Li Huailin suddenly heard the conversation of two nearby players.


“Did you go and mine again? You should kill mobs and quickly leave the beginner village instead!” A player said to another player who was holding a pickaxe. “Secondary professions are useless! Your main profession is the most important!”


“I think mining is quite useful though! Look, this piece of Grade 10 iron ore can be sold for 15 copper coins! What a profitable profession!” The player holding a pickaxe said. “A pity that I can only mine at the entrance. The monsters inside are too strong and killed me in 2 seconds.”


“You don’t say? Just look at your equipment! Serves you right for mining all day.”


“Wait, both of you.” Li Huailin interrupted the two’s conversation. “Can I interrupt you for a while?”


“Huh? What’s the matter?” The two stopped and looked at Li Huailin.


“Where is this mine you speak of? How far is it from the beginner village?”


“Oh, it’s just slightly to the south of the village. It’s not that far away.” The pickaxe wielding player answered while pointing at a direction. “Just walk in this direction and you will reach it.”


“My god! Even the heavens are helping me!” Li Huailin excitedly fist pumped. “Is the monster inside strong?”


“Yeah. It’s still okay at the entrance where there are not many mobs, but you will definitely encounter Level 6 bats after walking further in. There are also Level 8 mummies. They are both very strong. The ore veins inside are better, but too dangerous for a Level 3 like me.”


“Oh, thank you!” Li Huailin said while smiling.


“If you want to go inside the mine to mine, you have to do a pre-quest to get a mining permit first. If not, the system won’t let you in the mine.” The player who saw that Li Huailin was very interested in the mine thought that Li Huailin was someone who was very passionate about mining like him. Thus, he gave an advice out of kindness.


“I see… Where do you get the quest?”


“At the village smith. After you take the secondary profession quest and learn the mining profession, you can get the permit.”


“Okay, I understand. Thank you!” Li Huailin said sincerely.


“It’s nothing. We should all help each other.” The player waved his hands and left while smiling.


After saying farewell to the two kind players, Li Huailin ran to the village smith. The blacksmith store wasn’t big, and had an area of around 40 square metres. There were around ten players at the entrance and some were forging things on the anvil. These were all people who had taken smithing as their secondary profession.


The blacksmith NPC was around forty years old and had a big beard. His name was Bard and was currently doing some smithing at the anvil while casually talking to incoming players.


“En? Kid, you’re the new hero the village chief was talking about, right? I heard that you had completed chief’s quest, and you look capable too. Let’s see, I have a quest here to help me collect 10 Sharp-toothed Rat’s teeth. I need it for smithing.” Seeing the approaching Li Huailin, the blacksmith immediately gave a quest.


System Notice: Village’s blacksmith Bard has given you an E-rank quest, [Collect Sharp Teeth]. Do you accept?

“Only an idiot would do this quest.” Li Huailin immediately rejected. “Quickly give me the mining permit.”


“Oh? So you want to mine? Mining is also an honourable profession, and I can teach you the trick to mining. However, you must first complete the quest I gave you just now. Only then can you learn the secondary profession.” The blacksmith Bard followed the system’s script and rejected Li Huailin’s request as expected.


“Damnit. If I do this mission and get another few hundred EXP, how many more times must I die to compensate the loss? I won’t do this mission! I’m warning you, quickly give me the permit. My hands are itching, and I’m scared that I will slap you till you become an idiot to ease my itch.” Li Huailin threatened the blacksmith.


“Hmph! A rascal who hasn’t even grown up dares threaten me?” The blacksmith Bard waved his arm and roared.


“What happened? Who is that player?” Asked one of the players in the crowd.


“Why does his face seem so familiar…?” A player said while holding his chin.


Li Huailin was never afraid of being the center of attention and didn’t care about the other players’ words at all. Furthermore, he was so infuriated by the blacksmith that he wanted to laugh. “I get it now. You are also asking for a beating, right?!”


“Huh?” Before Bard could understand Li Huailin’s words, Li Huailin had already slapped Bard.




The sharp slapping sound caused the whole shop to suddenly quieten down.

Translator’s Notes:

Final chapter of the mass release to start the new project. Hope you will stay with me for this project! Will be having a schedule of 2 updates per week, once on Wednesday, once on Sunday. Might give extra when during holidays. Who knows? That means there will be an update tomorrow, though! >. O

Saquacon (Translator)

Saquacon (PR)     


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