All Things Wrong – Chapter 9: Don’t Play Dead On Me!

Just as they were talking, the other members of Spirit World already settled the three mummies. Li Huailin looked at the other members coming over, and saw that there were nine males and one female. These people all participated in the fight while Ye Hang was talking with Li Huailin. They were probably players who were planning to choose warrior as their profession later on. In the beginner village where changing profession was not possible, those with close combat builds were the king. Those planning to become wizards were probably crying now. Slow leveling rate but high mortality rate… But after changing profession, their leveling speed will be…


“This is the person who sold the hidden quest to us, Forest.” Ye Hang introduced Li Huailin to the other players before going on to introduce the Spirit World members to Li Huailin too. Li Huailin remembered most of the members’ name, but particularly noticed the only girl among them, Le Ling.


“You’re the one who beat up the village chief?” Le Ling was quite curious about Li Huailin. After all, beating up the village chief was not something just anyone could do. Le Ling didn’t see Li Huailin do the deed herself, but her party members who did all exclaimed that Li Huailin was really niubi. Naturally, such exclamations caused Le Ling to be slightly interested the person himself, so that’s why she asked such a question.


“Yup, don’t I look the part?” Li Huailin looked at himself, and saw that we was still wearing the beginner equipment set. As he hadn’t killed mobs nor done quests, Li Huailin naturally didn’t have any new equipment. Furthermore, the beginner set was a godly set with the unparalleled and niubi effect of being undroppable. This was the main reason Li Huailin was not running around naked now…


“Er… can you tell me how you did it?” Le Ling asked curiously.


“En… If I have to say, then it’s because of my dominator’s aura!” Li Huailin slightly tilted his head upwards. “For me, who has such a strong dominator’s aura, I will never lack worshippers wherever I go!”


“Then…” Le Ling still wanted to say something, but Ye Hang pulled her back.


Ye Hang thought that Li Huailin must have some special ability which allows him to beat NPCs, and obviously, such an ability must not be divulged so easily. If they continued prying, their relationship with Li Huailin might turn sour.


“Right, Huailin. You should be free now, right? Why not accompany us to do this hidden quest? Even though you can’t accept the quest, we can still give you whatever equipment the boss drops later.” Ye Hang was naturally extremely interested in Li Huailin too. That’s why he wanted to bring Li Huailin along so that he could understand Li Huailin more. Also, he was sure that an equipment dropped by a boss will definitely be attractive to a solo player.


Of course, he didn’t say that he will let Li Huailin choose whatever equipment the boss drops, nor promise to give him the best one. Ye Hang was planning on just randomly giving an uncommon equipment.


“Oh?” Li Huailin thought about this proposal for awhile. He was playing a game after all, and since he will definitely be able to get to Level 10 today, why not go and have some fun with this party? Just dying all the time was really too boring. Relaxing a little was quite a good option too.


Li Huailin had also considered the fact that since he didn’t accept quest, he won’t get EXP deducted for completing the quest after killing the boss. Furthermore, the EXP of the boss will definitely be given to the party beating the boss, which means he won’t get any EXP deducted at all. To get an uncommon equipment for just tagging along, and being able to get 10% EXP if he were to die, why not?


“Okay!” After these considerations, Li Huailin agreed crisply.


“Since you are here to train, and we are clearing the mobs now, why not you join the party? I will leave the party instead and this way, you will be able to get EXP too. We are all already Level 10, so we won’t get any EXP for killing mobs anyway.” Ye Hang offered a very considerate plan.


“What?! No, no need!” Li Huailin was scared out of his wits. If he really did this, how many times would he have to die to get back the lost EXP? He might even lose so much EXP to the point he become Level 1 again. “I have my own principles when doing things. I dislike accepting other people’s favour. Me getting an equipment for helping you to fight the boss is one thing, but you guys helping me level is another. I don’t like owing people.”


Li Huailin came up with a random excuse on the spot.


“I see…” Though Ye Hang thought that this excuse was quite weird, he still accepted it anyways. “Fine then. Let’s go.”


Thus, eleven people continued to clear the mobs in the tunnel. During this time, they met a few mummies which were smoothly settled. To not raise any suspicion, Li Huailin also went forward to slash the mobs a few times. Though he was Level 7, three levels lower than the others, with a beginner broken sword in hand, he still had an all strength build. So, his attack was on par with these Level 10 people, causing Ye Hang to be confused. However, he didn’t say anything. Additionally, Li Huailin’s output couldn’t compare with five people’s, so the EXP of the mobs belonged to the party in the end, saving Li Huailin from EXp loss.


After around 15 minutes, Li Huailin suddenly found a person lying down under an oil lamp near them. This person was a male who was around forty years old, and he was very fit. He had on a set of light armour, and with his back to the wall, he was holding his stomach with one hand, a sword in the other.


There was a green colour name on top of the person, “Neidhart Muller”, showing that this person was a NPC, and an ally.


“Quest.” Such a word appeared in everybody’s mind.


Ye Hang walked over without much thought, but Neidhart stopped him.


“Are you guys the ones sent to investigate the source of the black monsters?” Neidhard asked Ye Hang who was at the forefront.


“Yes.” Ye Hang replied.


“I think you guys must already know that the black monsters around the Beginner Village all appeared because of the Dark Mage Azer. He is trying to open a gate to the demon world through a dark ritual, and the dark energy which leaked from this ritual corrupted the living beings around the Beginner Village, forming the black monsters.” Neidhart explained.


“Yes, we know already.” The previous stage of the hidden quest had already told Ye Hang the background of this quest already. “We are here on the quest to eliminate this Dark Mage.”


“You guys? Hahahahaha-*cough* *cough*…” Neidhard had wanted to laugh loudly, but it seems that he had aggravated his wounds, causing him to cough up blood. Neidhart wiped off the blood around his lips, and said seriously, “This Dark Mage is a Level 30 boss. If beginners like you guys who haven’t even chosen a profession yet go, you will only be going to die.


“What, Level 30?!” “A boss too?!” Though Spirit World had already experienced all sorts of things during their gaming career, they still couldn’t stay calm after being told to go kill a Level 30 boss at Level 10.


“Don’t make anymore noise! The system will never give out an impossible quest. Even more so if this is just an AA-ranked quest, not a SS-ranked one.” As expected of a big guild’s vice-leader, Ye Hang immediately recovered after being shocked for a while.


“What should we do, vice-leader.” Firehead came forward and asked.


“The key to this quest must be this NPC. If not, why would the system put a NPC here? It will just let us fight the boss directly instead.” Ye Hang immediately analysed the situation.


“This NPC seems to be really high-leveled, look at his equipment.” Another party member suddenly remarked.


“Respected one, could you help us kill this Dark Mage?” Ye Hang suddenly thought of a plan, and asked to test the waters.


“Killing creatures of darkness, I will never reject.” Neidhart replied as expected. “But…”


Ye Hang was happy at first, but got anxious when Neidhart said ‘but’. He asked hurriedly, “But what?”


“As you guys can see, I’m already injured. The me now is probably not a match of that Dark Mage.” Neidhart moved away his right hand that was holding his stomach while saying so. Indeed, there was a wound on his stomach, but it was surrounded by black blood, so one couldn’t see the injury clearly. “If you guys can help me recover, I can help you defeat the Dark Mage.”


“Can I ask how can we help you?” Ye Hang inquired.


“I was injured by Azaz’s dark magic, so I need a medicine of the light attribute. I remember that there are large amounts of Light Jade Grass on the hill to the south of the village. Go collect 100 of them first, then pass it to the Beginner Village’s alchemist, Kerwin. He will tell you what to do.” Neidhart said.


[System Notice]: Neidhart is giving you a C-ranked quest, [Make Holy Medicine]. Do you accept.


“What?!” This mission was unexpectedly not part of the hidden quest’s stages, so even Li Huailin who didn’t say anything at the back got the quest. Luckily, he was not in the part and he immediately rejected the quest.


“What?! Light Jade Grass?! I know that place, but it’s so far away. Just getting there requires an hour!” Firehead suddenly exclaimed.


“Then when we collect all 100 and pass it to the alchemist, but the alchemist won’t help us and give us another quest instead, what do we do?” Huiji who was at the side understood the system sadistic nature very well.


“Vice-leader, we should have left the Beginner Village a long time ago, but already got dragged by this quest for two days already. If this goes on… and we can’t beat the boss… we will be left behind by our competitors.” Zhanhun who was at the side softly said to Ye Hang.


Ye Hang was also hesitating now. After all, the game had just started, so if the entire pioneer second team gets dragged behind, the whole Spirit World will be dragged along with them too.


“Why not let me try?” Li Huailin who had not said anything so far suddenly interjected. He also didn’t have time to waste on these stupid quests, especially those which required you to run all over the place like lackeys.


“What ideas do you have?” Ye Hang asked.


Li Huailin suddenly made a mysterious smile. “Just watch me.”


Don’t know why, but a feeling of unease arose in Ye Hang when he saw Li Huailin’s smile.


As expected, Li Huailin immediately rushed to the front of Neidhart and pulled Neidhart by his collar. “F*cker, have you lived enough already?! You dare ask me to become a lackey? Don’t play dead with me!” Finishing his piece, Li Huailin slapped Neidhart with a *smack*.


“Dafuq!” All the Spirit World member said the same thing.

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