Announcement 10th October 2015

Well well. Gotta say it. Lookism is translated up to…about chapter 36 or something like that but only the scripts are done yet. Gotta wait on the editors to work back on it but they seem to be busy…so if anybody competent in editing, please give us a hand!!

Otherwise, the new novel I’m translating…the first chapter has 16 pages only for the raw so I’m taking quite the time to do it. Can’t go faster I guess. I hope I can get it done soon as possible…

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  1. shiba

    Sorry, guys!
    The two editors we have, myself included, do about everything (i.e. cleaning, typesetting, etc.), so it takes longer than average. If you guys want to help, whether with proofreading or just cleaning the bubbles, PLEASE comment below.

    On average, it takes me about 3-4 hours in one sitting to do it, plus I have school to manage.

    If you’re serious about this, just tell me and I’ll tell you the ropes on how I edit my chapters. Maybe with Gimp too if I’m feeling considerate….
    (I’m almost done with one of the chapters; it’ll probably done by Sunday afternoon EST time. Not sure about Mizki…)

    Proofreader -> be fluent in English (I think that’s all we’re asking for tbh…)
    Typesetting -> filling in the bubbles with deh mudda words
    Cleaning -> taking the words out of the bubbles as well as editing in the sfx and drawing (not as bad as it may sound actually)

    Thanks guys, and sorry for the inconvenience!

    – Shiba

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