Announcement 16th December 2014

I’ll be working on [Kenkyo, kenjtsu o motto ni ikite orimasu!] about a chapter or two every week.

I probably won’t be working on it during the weekends since I’m busy with other things.

Other than that, I’m planning to translate other web novels as well, one being R18 (rated over 18) dark harem s*x&dungeon fantasy story and another one that I have yet to choose between a transported gun maniac male protagonist in a fantasy world or a female protagonist reincarnated in a f

antasy world or gloomy male protagonist&harem&dungeon&slime

in a fantasy world or a yandere suspence novel or a male protag transported in a dungeon.

Ew…so many possibilities…

anyway! We are recruiting translators and/or proofreaders!

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  1. FlameStrike

    Haha those all sound interesting! Can you give us some titles so we can look up any info that’s out there? I think I’ve heard of the Gun otaku one before, I saw a couple of translated chapters about a LN with that kind of premise. R18 dark fantasy is too broad a topic for me to guess at a specific one XD. Same for female reincarnated into a fantasy world, but that does sound interesting. After all Kenkyo is great and it has the whole female protag reincarnated premise. There are sooo many male protagonists being transported or reincarnated then getting a harem etc. We need more female leads!

    Hmm that story with the slime, is that Monster no Goshujin-sama? I’ve read some translated chapters and it’s really good. The MC is in one heck of a crappy world but his power is unique and interesting.

    Anyway I’ll be looking forward to whatever you pick! Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Zeke

    Both of the series Flame’s talking about are currently being held by Re:Translations ( Gun-Ota might want to collab with you if you contact them (seeing as they are doing some collab already for other series), but Master of Monster is currently figuring things out. The translation for Master of Monster is quite slow atm and ( is currently trying to get a collab with them.

    Errr your daily news brought to you by Zeke, saving you time while he browses for some new novels to read!

    If those two aren’t what you’re looking at, casually ignore~

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      Yes, I’ll ignore ‘__’
      I’m not much interested to do what others are/were doing. I’m not like some certain groups that goes poaching other groups’ project(if I was interested to, I’d ask them before and discuss about).
      Well, thank you anyway 🙂

  3. Unknown

    what is the name of the” female reincarnated in a fantasy world” you were talking about? Thanks to Kenkyo Kenjitsu it make me want to look for other that girl is the MC.

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