Announcement 6th February 2015

Hello, this is KobatoChanDaiSuki, the founder,leader,translator and scanlator of KCSDS.

There’ll be probably a few changes during the weekend here primarily with the FAQ, the “About us” pages and others as to give a more detailled informations about us and our way of working.
I’ll also add a “recruitement” page for those who’d like to join us as well.

I’ll see about to fix a regular schedule for the releases of the novels (Kenkyo and Maou) and the webtoon “Lookism” and put them somewhere easy to see.

The next chapter of kenkyo will probably be done & released by tomorrow (high chance that it comes after 5pm GMT+1)

P.S : I don’t plan on taking more projects as I’m enough busy with those 3. that’s at least for myself.

8 Replies to “Announcement 6th February 2015”

  1. stefano

    Take your own pace
    A steady release is more important than a fast release
    Your announces are very appreciated because they make us understand how much important these projects are for your group ( and that you are still alive [^J^])

  2. Loco15

    Thanks for notifying us Kobatochandaisuki, and I hope you feel better.

    Btw, I realized this like a week ago when I decided to download all the manga I liked and wanted to read, but I noticed that you suddenly stopped with Satsuki Complex. And I never heard again of that manga with the extremely stupid male lead. It may be that I didn’t check enough post in this website but would you be so kind as to enlighten me about their current state and/or the reason why you dropped them? It doesn’t look like anybody stoled them so maybe a lack of staff or overall interest? Thanks in advance

    Now I guess I’ll read all the post in this website to get updated.

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