April announcement ver.1

Well, there’s been stuffs going on and there had stuffs happened. Some news are late but I still have to inform so here’s the April announcement.

First of all, many of you have been asking me where did Conquest go. Well, this is one hella stupid case. Basically, a scammer pretended to be the author of the novel that was being published in another website (w**tpad) to earn money. Fortunately, the author of the novel contacted me about it before the con artist got away with any money. But yeah, Conquest was taken down for this reason.

Second, I’ll probably retrieve Coder LeeYongho back but we probably won’t have any translator to continue working on it for a long long while. We’re already short of hands…

Third, Sleepless (TLer of Craving Potion) and Saquacon (TLer of Omni Genius) are gone. Sleepless left me a note before suddenly quitting us because he/she couldn’t deal with the life and study issues. For Saquacon, I unfortunately have no idea where’d he go. He suddenly disappeard and I have no news and no replies (I’ve sent several messages and emails). He basically has gone MIA. RIP Sleepless and Saquacon.

We really need more translators! If only I could have Ot**space and R***bowturtles…

Well, as for now, I think I’ve said everything and if there’s news, I’ll make another announcement post.


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  1. Ajx

    I was going to recommend picking up k-novel “The Hero” because of its missing translator, but this announcement kinda answered it. Still tho, can you guys at least check it out? The story is damn good without any significant badpoints (imho) but last update was late 2016.

    1. h0rr1bl3cpu

      The novel’s actual name is parallel and can be found on RRL. “Conquest” was the version given to us by a pirate trying to take advantage of us.

  2. Shotty

    I do not mind helping translate omni genious, but I am afraid my english and chinese grammar is really sub par. I can send you a sample version of my tl if you pass me a link to the raws.

  3. aoisora

    guys just keep your good work…. we support all your desicions….
    btw….thats why life is fun…and dont try to grab the world whit one hand, it dosnt fit it…we will just wait….(._.)

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