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The Onion Junktion is glad to announce you an art contest! There is a cash prize and much more for the best. Here are the prizes:

1st: 50$ + selection for the novel book cover + opportunity for a webcomic serialization!
2nd: 30$ + opportunity for a webcomic serialization!
3rd: 20$ opportunity for a webcomic serialization!

The intake for the competition starts on 5th May and ends on 18th May.
A popularity poll will take place to help the jury on the 20th May and ends on the 22nd May.

Contestants only need to send their work (or works) to [email protected] with their details (name or pseudonym, skill set, email address)

One can hand over multiple works. But they all have to be handed at once.

The best work will be used as a book cover of a yet-to-be-released book!

As previously mentioned, the top three will be offered contracts for future work in making comic for adaptions of popular novels such as Titan’s Throne.

The contracts will have front-end pay, with terms and prices negotiable.

Covers will be judged on three major categories: skill (ability of the artist in drawing the piece), appeal (the way it appeals to the judges) and relevance (how pertinent the drawing is to the topic). The winners will be selected based on the jury and the popularity vote on

The topic for the book cover will be the depiction of the following:

Hovering in front of a powerful, elderly martial artist with a large body to match his strength, is a domineering Chinese-style cauldron. Floating above the cauldron is a majestic pill, emitting an ethereal glow and seemingly containing a whole world within…

It is advised to read the prologue of the story for which the book cover is for.

Here is the link

The title of the novel is “Concoctor Of Worlds” (COW for short)

The winners will be announced at the Onion Junktion’s facebook page and on

Like the Facebook page here to keep up with the details of this competition and much more! If you want to check out our patreon you can click here and if you want to see Titan’s Throne on kobato click here. If you want to check out our very first web-comic titled King’s Game click here.

We at the Onion Junktion wish you all luck!

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