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I Am the Monarch – Chapter 176 : The Decisive Battle (3)

T/n: A bit late Tuesday’s Chapter. I’ll have ch. 177 up as soon as possible, sometime tomorrow morning at the latest. Sorry about the lateness. I’m still getting used to new semester at college, but hopefully I should have everything set by next week. “Just what are they planning, sir?” Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 175 : The Decisive Battle (2)

T/n: IatM’s release schedule will be changed to 2 chapters per week on Tuesdays. So hopefully, do please expect double chapters next Tuesday. Roan’s fierce counterattack that began with the west and the northeast as the center. Count Jonathan Chase was awfully displeased.

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 174 : The Decisive Battle (1)

T/n: Late last Saturday and Tuesday Chapters double release. Sorry about the lateness. Juggling the first week back at college and translating has been more difficult than I expected. On that note, IatM’s release schedule will change for now to 2 chapters per Tuesdays to fit my college schedule. Around Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 173 : Crimson Ghost (6)

T/n: Slightly late Tuesday’s Chapter. Update: Sorry, but Saturday’s chapter will be delayed to Tuesday, Sep. 5 as double chapter. My college started again this week, and it’s a bit more busy than I expected. “How annoying.” Duke Bradley Webster creased his brows while holding a wine cup. In the Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 172 : Crimson Ghost (5)

T/n: Late last Saturday’s chapter. Tuesday’s chapter is currently in proofreading process, and should be up as soon as it’s done. Note: ch.102 and ch.106’s “new medicine” , and ch. 102’s “palace”, have been corrected to “God’s Medicine” and “Holy Palace” respectively. Yes, IatM does have religion involved, albeit fictional ones. Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 171 : Crimson Ghost (4)

T/n: The final sponsored chapter in the sponsored bar… Update: Forgot to mention this, but Sunday Chapter will be moved to Tuesday as a double release. I need to study and retake the driving test on Monday. Sorry. The troops that appeared in the front and back. Amongst them, the Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 170 : Crimson Ghost (3)

T/n: The late last Saturday’s chapter. Why was there no instant when the sad predictions were wrong? No, in truth, Pichio’s case was slightly different. Because regardless of whether it was good or bad, the feelings he felt were correct with a very high probability. Dududududu!

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 169 : Crimson Ghost (2)

T/n: Tuesday Chapter. The last Saturday’s chapter will also be up soon, and hopefully together with the sponsored. Sorry about the messed up schedule. I’ve been a bit busy making preparations to go back to school. [Hiiaa!] Kinis looked over her body, then soon screamed out a sharp shriek.

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 167 : Enter the War (5)

T/n: The missed last Sunday’s chapter. Assuming I can finish before Kuhaku goes to sleep, the sponsored chapter will be up in the next few hours. A northern wind blew. At the bleak battlefield where the cleanup of the aftermath was being done. At that place, Roan and Chris were Continue Reading →

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