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I Am the Monarch – Chapter 165 : Enter the War (3)

T/n: Tuesday Chapter. Sorry about the missed Sunday’s chapter. I’ve been a bit busy cramming for the driver’s license test. I’ll make sure to make it up this week, and hopefully the sponsored chapter too. It was something completely unexpected. “Roan Tale. For you to come find me……” Kallum Rinse Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 163 : Enter the War (1)

T/n: Sorry about the lateness. I got a bit too greedy and tried to do a double chapter release. Well, here are the double chapters. He wasn’t even enraged. Instead, the blood within his entire body cooled coldly. ‘Just what great thing would I accomplish with idiots like these……’

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 160 : Fief War (3)

T/n: So ultimately, I couldn’t contact Kerrigan and had to ask another PR, Sai101, to proofread the chapter. Sorry about the lateness. Note: “fief troop” has been changed to “fief regiment”. Additionally, “Count Lancephil Troop”, “Owells Troop”, and “Count Chase Troop” have been changed to “Count Lancephil Forces”, “Owells Forces”, Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 158 : Fief War (1)

T/n: Late chapter for Tuesday. Sorry. Next chapter will be up on Saturday. “We have to immediately dispatch a messenger. A fief war at a time like this! This is ridiculous!” First Prince Simon Rinse shouted with a brightly flushed face. For once after a long while, he was currently Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 157 : Poskein Subjugation (5)

A strange nervousness hung on the border of the Lancephil County and the Chase County. With the border region as the center, the Count Lancephil Forces and the Count Chase Forces scowled at each other. No. It looked as if they were scowling. The strange nervousness too was not directed Continue Reading →

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