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Forest of Funerals – Chapter 12: Perfect Lie

“Wh-what do we do!? Big brother, if this keeps up, things won’t end well for us!” the little ferret tremblingly hugged Weiss’ clothes, irritating Weiss. But despite the ferrets fears, Weiss was still a powerful demon lord. In the Goblin Village only that one would be able to trade blows Continue Reading →

Forest of Funerals – Chapter 11: Goblin Village

To Weiss, the mission was a heavy burden. It determined his worth. If he failed, his life’s meaning would be less important than the task. If he succeeded, it’d just be following orders. “Sarah is treating me like her pet monkey.” Weiss emitted a gloomy, discontent aura. Every step he Continue Reading →

Forest of Funerals – Chapter 10: Keep Looking

“Sarah!” upon hearing Weiss’s shout, Sarah, who was sitting on the ground and nodding off, lifted her head up and spotted a ragged Weiss excitedly rushing over. “What is it? Did you get bullied?” “Of course not. I just found a good helper.” “Oh?” Sarah hadn’t expected Weiss to actually Continue Reading →

Forest of Funerals – Chapter 9: Recruited

“Wi-will the lo-lord demon king…… e-eat me?” Chirae fidgeted nervously. She looked completely different from that monster that was tearing apart demons. Seeing this, a glint of interest appeared in Weiss’s eyes. “Just now you entered a berserk state.”

Forest of Funerals – Chapter 8: Violent Elf

“He-hey…… what the hell is this? How’d that that elf turn into a giant!?” “H-how should I know!?” the demons started panicking when they saw the elf suddenly grow. Their minds were simple. They’d instinctively feel fear when met with something bigger than them.

Forest of Funerals – Chapter 7: A delicious pair of breasts

“A human’s scream?” Weiss uncertainly guessed. The little ferret behind him nodded its head, confirming Weiss’s guess. Then, he continued. “Big brother, there isn’t a any terrifying demon aura around, so it should be a human. Moreover, demon lords wouldn’t scream like that.”

Forest of Funerals – Chapter 6: Partners

“Sarah.” Weiss repeated what the white demon king said. This was simple to pronounce and easily entered his mind. “Uh, isn’t directly calling lord demon king’s name a bit too disrespectful?” the little ferret said as it pulled Weiss’s leg and trembled.

Forest of Funerals – Chapter 4: Your heart isn’t a single bit white

“What did you say? New Demon King.” The massive Demon King withdrew his faked smile, because the chap before him didn’t seem like a guest that would come by occasionally. And towards the enemy with only one option, he could only use his original expression to counter attack.

Forest of Funerals – Chapter 3: This territory is mine!

“I say, Demon King. You want me to find some strong guys, but why do you still place a curse upon me? I this not showing that you have absolutely no faith in your first subordinate? Like this, even if I went and found you one, two, or three generals, Continue Reading →

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