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About Chamber

Native Korean who studied in Britain for 5 years, currently living in Korea. 3rd year uni studying Computer Science and Engineering.

God of Music – Chapter 45 : Ties Bring with it a Fraud (1)

Although KangYoon would usually never go to somewhere like a Director’s office, today, he had a reason to. It was because Director Lee HanSeo (T/N: Author’s being inconsistent again… He was originally called Lee HyunSang in the previous chapters.). Unlike usual, KangYoon headed there with empty hands.

God of Music – Chapter 44: Outside, Again!! (6)

[The ACE, rises as a hot star of university festivals.] The group The ACE (Members – HyeRin, Iris : real name – Kim JinGyung) have risen as a hot star of university festivals. They rose as a hot icon of university festivals, after a series of events of getting love Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 43: Outside, Again!! (5)

Before every regular Directors’ meeting, Chairman Won JinMoon receives a report from the directors about the celebrities they are in charge of. Their results, their plans for the future, etc – he received reports on these kind of things and would approve or disapprove them. This was his main work. Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 42: Outside, Again!! (4)

All team members, including the planning team in charge of The ACE’s album this time had gathered in the 2nd floor meeting room. However, all of them were flabbergasted at KangYoon’s unexpected first line. “Whaaat?!” “Team Leader, did I hear right? You will go to the scene yourself?” “You did Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 41: Outside, Again!! (3)

“It sure is disgustingly large.” In front of the high MG building, Lee JunYeol grumbled. Compared to his small company, this was like a royal palace. ‘Hey, it’s Lee JunYeol.’ ‘Whoa! He’s really handsome. But he really is shameless. Why’d he come here?’ When Lee JunYeol entered the lobby the Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 39: Outside, Again!! (1)

Although there was slapstick in their first meeting, KangYoon started the first meeting with The ACE as if nothing had happened. After a simple greeting, they talked about what kind of songs they did until now, what they wanted to do next and other things such as their preferred genre Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 38: The Girl who Calls Kisses (4)

“Haiz(E/N: a sigh), really… What is it that he called us at 10 o’clock at night?” Director Moon GwangShik grumbled as he entered the lobby hurriedly. Today, he planned to eat out and chat with the directors at a restaurant. There was no way he would feel good being called Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 37: The Girl who Calls Kisses (3)

“You want me to go together with you for the recording?” “Yes.” At KangYoon’s return question, Min JinSeo lowered her head in embarrassment. As her face was flushed, she was wrapping her face with her hands. “Are you too nervous because it’s your first recording?” “……”

God of Music – Chapter 36: The Girl who Calls Kisses (2)

“Debut? What do you mean by that?” Diretor Moon GwangShik frowned as he couldn’t understand. However. KangYoon didn’t panic and calmly told them. “I received a call yesterday morning. Min JinSeo was officially casted for a drama called ‘Whispers of the Stars’ of SBB TV station as the little sister Continue Reading →

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