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About Chamber

Native Korean who studied in Britain for 5 years, currently living in Korea. 3rd year uni studying Computer Science and Engineering.

God of Music – Chapter 35: The Girl who Calls Kisses (1)

For the first time in a while KangYoon went home early after finishing work. After the performance, it was an early leave he hadn’t had for a long time. HeeYoon greeted him delightfully after he arrived at home by the hell-train. “Oppa-nim, did you have a safe trip?” “Yeah, did Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 34: Awakening of Silver Light (2)

‘No way… Musical notes!!’ It wasn’t just musical notes that KangYoon could see. The musical notes coming out of the two fused and harmonized and finally became white light. A faint white light enveloped the entire stage. Perhaps it was even influenced by the small spotlight installed on the stage Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 33: Awakening of Silver Light (1)

Although a lot of things happened recently, KangYoon was putting a lot of effort into the girl group project. Especially, since he invested a lot into the girls’ teamwork. He intentionally put together two girls, who had bad affinity with each other, and constantly received progress reports, and he put Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 32: A Stage That Widens Stages (5)

‘This is it.’ Seeing the audience being attracted by the green lights and the psychedelic lights, KangYoon clenched his fists. He was looking at the atmosphere in the past stages. Ballads and dances – although there were several different singers today, this kind of atmosphere wasn’t here before. While the Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 30: A Stage That Widens Stages (3)

A completely different sound was coming from the 2nd floor practice room where SeasonS members were practicing. Electric sounds which made one’s shoulders move up and down was filling the practice room. “This is our song? It’s completely my style?!” Song HaNeul was moving her shoulders up and down when Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 28: A Stage That Widens Stages (1)

“By impactful combination, do you mean arrangement?” “That is so.” “It will take a lot of money, though…” President Yoon MoonSoo expressed his difficulty as he was worried. For a small entertainment company, budget was always a pressure. However, KangYoon was firm in his decision. “It’s a necessary investment. And Continue Reading →

God of Music – Chapter 27: Earning Trust (2)

A fresh morning. HeeYoon had made Doenjang Jjigae and was eating breakfast together with KangYoon. However, she put her spoon down when she heard strange words from KangYoon. “Huh? What are you saying from the morning, oppa?” “If you finish school today, then come to this place – XX station Continue Reading →

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