I Am the Monarch – Chapter 224: Amaranth (24)

T/N: My apologies for going missing in July. I injured my wrists rather badly back in the last week of June and couldn’t translate for a while. They’ve recuperated a bit now thanks to the rest, so I’ll translate and have up the rest of the six chapters I’d missed Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 223: Amaranth (23)

The way to stopping Mad Monarch Simon Rinse who once more started to rampage. The method was unexpectedly simple. Roan, Flamdor, and Travias combining into one. Instead of taking turns and controlling Roan’s body, it was altogether the three existences being reborn once again as single existence. If the three Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 222: Amaranth (22)

T/N: Sorry this chapter was late. The IRL issue took rather long to resolve. “Should we begin?” “Leave it to me.” “I’ll show you what a true spearmanship is.” Words that followed one another. Surprisingly, they were all words Roan had said. The color of his eyes dyed each time Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 221: Amaranth (21)

T/N Update: Chapter 222 will be delayed to Monday afternoon and will be released together with ch. 223. Taking 2 weeks to finish the current arc feels like the story is dragging on even for me, so I’ll just finish the current arc by Monday. Release to be sometime between Continue Reading →

I Am the Monarch – Chapter 215: Amaranth (15)

T/N Note: I’m finally back. And as an offering, please accept this 5 chapter release. As for the good news, I finally made some headway preparing stock chapters. This means the patrons will get to read further ahead (as soon as I transfer the chapters from translating folder to the Continue Reading →