All Things Wrong – Chapter 9: Don’t Play Dead On Me!

Just as they were talking, the other members of Spirit World already settled the three mummies. Li Huailin looked at the other members coming over, and saw that there were nine males and one female. These people all participated in the fight while Ye Hang was talking with Li Huailin. Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 7: This Is Called Levelling!

Even though Li Huailin had already slapped Bard till even his mother couldn’t recognise him, Li Huailin still didn’t get much from him. Looking at his EXP which was -500/500, Li Huailin felt a lot of pressure. Li Huailin could say for sure that the amount of EXP he had Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 5: You’re Asking For A Beating Too, Right?

As it was a little late, Li Huailin went to sleep after looking at his bank account. The second day, 7 am. Li Huailin woke up on time and made some instant rice for breakfast. As he was eating, he also browsed through <Heart of Glory>’s official web page and Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 4: Kaching! Kaching!

Translator’s Notes: I will be frequently using a new term today, called ‘niubi’. In Chinese, it is 牛逼, and I seriously couldn’t find a translation for it. It means being cool, awesome, great, basically the definition of badassery and all things awesome. However, saying badass all the time seems awkward, and Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 3: Give Me Back My Money Bastard!

The overjoyed Li Huailin walked back to the village leader once more. Li Huailin was feeling very good now, so even the old village leader with a gray beard looked a little cute in his eyes.   “Old pops, I’ve finished your mission!” Li Huailin said happily.   “Future hero, Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 2: What Is With My Character?!

Li Huailin’s five main stats Strength, Agility, Constitution, Intelligence and Mind were all normal. A beginner’s stats were capped at 10, but those who had 10 for all stats when they first created their character were nonexistent. Li Huailin’s stats were also quite random, but it was already considered to Continue Reading →

All Things Wrong – Chapter 1: My Capability Is Such A Cheat!

Year 21XX, on a summer afternoon. On the 24th floor of a normal condominium in City XS in China, incessant waves of ear-piercing *clank* *clank* *clank* sounds were resounding. On a quiet afternoon such as today’s, the sounds were made even more apparent and annoying.   Room 2402, in a Continue Reading →