BJ Archmage – Episode 1: Prologue

Note: BJ is an acronym of Broadcasting Jockey, a word originally referring to the streamers on Afreeca TV, a korean streaming website.



It’s always been like that.

“The ones who rule the world are one of three categories.”

No matter where or when, they have always been the same.

“One, the talented bastards. Two, the rich bastards. Three, the lucky bastards.”

The ones who had innate talent, the ones who had money that wouldn’t run out, and the ones who had immense luck.

Reality was their garden, where only they were able to do as they pleased.

It was the reason why reality was harsh.

“Also, these three don’t fight each other and get along pretty well.”

The fact that there weren’t many cases where they fought against each other made it even worse

The ones with talent and the ones with money were friendly to each other and created a fence for themselves whereas the ones with luck somehow got their own fenced area that others wouldn’t be able to enter even if they begged.

“The ones who have become ancient beings after gathering and settling there cannot be changed no matter what.”

The stronghold they created did not dare allow challenges from people of lower standing.

“God Wars is like that too, right?”

God Wars, a virtual reality game that swallowed the world after its release in 2034, was the same as well, with its1.8 billion people in the world playing it and 5.1 billion people watching the gameplay.

“The people ruling God Wars are the same.”

As it stopped being a simple game to become a way of life, the ones ruling God Wars were also decided.

“They either had the most talent, the most money, or the most luck.”

Talent, money, and luck.

There was just one, a single exception to this.

“If a speeding truck were to crash into a telephone pole, and that telephone pole would electrocute you, giving you the power to see all hidden informations in the game, there might be a way.” 

Jung Hyun-woo, he who was called Midas in God Wars was the sole exception.


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TL: KyleXaus

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