BJ Archmage – Episode 10 : ? (3)



As God Wars gained popularity, its shareholders were able to make ridiculous amounts of profits, but with great popularity also comes a great amount of questions.


“According to you, what impact will the reality created by God Wars have on the professional sports scene?”


“Can we train in any sport in real life that can help us become better in God Wars?”


Quite a few experts said that archery would help the most.


“The ranged DPS players aren’t just important in any team, but they are the core to clearing content.”


In God Wars, the Archer class was one of the core damage dealer roles.


Moreover, it was also a class that demanded a high level of ability from the players.


The act of shooting a bow was pretty much completely dependant on one’s ability, like most other things in God Wars, and a poor archer would never make a desirable team member.


Due to that reason, many archery medalists were the ones who recorded the best ranged DPS ability in the beginning of God Wars.


Not only experts, but also most players agreed that archery was the most helpful sport, in testament to this fact.


Then, what was the most beneficial sport after archery?


Unexpectedly, the most suggested sport was baseball.


“Throwing and pitching, carrying a bat and hitting something, these fundamentals of God Wars were only covered in baseball or cricket.” (pr: i feel like the author forgot about swordsman classes)


The training undergone by professional baseball players helped a lot more than anyone had expected.


Their rankings and placements were pretty good as well.


Quite a few outstanding performers amongst the magician class were former baseball players.


Midas was the same as well.


His talent that allowed him to become a pro baseball player was able to make ends meet for him and his family.


A part that needed to be addressed here was that if Midas really wasn’t that good, he wouldn’t be able to be a pro.


However, he was one of the top players in his team during his middle and high school years.


He was a one-two punch starting pitcher in his team, and even though he wasn’t the 4th batter in the batter’s box, he was a central barter who was responsible on the front and back.


During his high school time, his batting average was .331 and he had swung 3 home runs.


Thus, Midas knew how to swing the bat.




Midas’ swing struck the goblin’s puffy eyes accurately.




To that accurate damage the goblin screamed and fell onto the ground.


‘It’s been a while since I feel this sensation.’


Midas, who was in front of the fallen goblin didn’t launch a second attack right away.


‘Catch the timing.’


One of the biggest mistakes that beginners made was to double down on the offensive in order to deal a great amount of damage in a short time.


That seemed like common sense to the beginners.


It was advantageous to catch a mount position to the fallen opponent, because those words always came up once looking at the martial arts contest.


It was not wrong.


‘There’s no need to attempt grinding impudently here.’


But to catch the mount position and to properly inflict damage in that situation, if one thought about the amount of hard work and training that a martial artist had gone through before being able to do that, it wasn’t something that your average Joe could achieve.


Moreover, goblins are different from humans.


A goblin had higher physical strength than most people, so subduing was pretty difficult, even for some experienced grapplers.


Then what should be done?


The answer was simple.


‘Here it comes.’


Midas was looking for the moment when the goblin would stand up. Just as the moment arrived, he took action.




Midas struck the goblin once more with his second swing.


It was a flawless swing, a swing that had all of its strength properly put into the bat and smashed the target.




Because of the perfect swing, the goblin screamed in an even more frightened voice and fell to the ground.


A signal that its situation was not good.


Of course, Midas didn’t have to pay the slightest bit of attention to the goblin’s signal.


‘Its HP is decreasing pretty fast.’


All abilities and stats, including HP, were revealed to Midas’ eyes.


And then he just needed to carry out a tactics fit for the particular conditions.


‘It was something that was done by bastards without any venture.’


He had no reason to rush, and even less of a reason to overwork himself.


‘Those are bastards who don’t know anything, like me in the past.’


Moreover, Midas enjoyed the moment.


When Midas did around four home run swings, at that time the goblin’s scream became different.




Longer, a scream that was full of spite was heard.


Along with the scream the goblin soon crawled on all fours and started to flee.


It was the moment when the Escape skill had activated!




But Midas was calm and he readied his fist, which held a decent sized rock, as he predicted the fleeing Goblin’s path movement.


And then he held it and squared off. (the baseball thing where they start the throwing action)




After that he threw the stone along with a short exhale.




The rock that Midas threw flew surprisingly fast and hit the back of the goblin’s head, exactly in the middle of it.


[You have hunted a goblin.]


Midas’ first hunt after getting his ability had thus concluded.


To this fact, Midas rubbed his fingers lightly.


‘It seems that today is a scratching day.’


At that time, the days when Midas lived as a baseball player and had the best condition crossed his mind.


‘Right, sometimes this kind of day comes.’


There was nothing particular in the speed of the baseball, but nevertheless it was a feeling where he gained confidence after being able to catch a batter who stood on a mound.


‘Its the moment when the batter is seen like they’re stopping.’


He felt like the entire world had slowed down, and he was able to correctly and accurately predict everything that was going to happen. He was in complete control.


The feeling was like that when he fought against the goblin just a while ago.


‘Today I am in a good mood.’


It was a good feeling after a very long time.


As he felt it, Midas stood in front of the goblin that he caught by himself.


Because it got continuously thrashed, its bones were broken, including its skull, and its eyes were wide open, filled with bottomless suffering and malice.

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