BJ Archmage – Episode 10 : ? (3)

To the goblin’s miserable body Midas raised his palm and chanted in a low voice.




[Item Looting started.]

[Two items have been added to your inventory.]


Soon after he had a notification that he gained some items, Midas checked the items’ details.


[Goblin’s resentment (Rare)]

When used on a basic item, this material upgrades it to have special properties.


Goblin’s resentment.


It was a material that turned a basic item into a rare item upon using it.


Even just by seeing that it’s a rare level item, it’s already enough.


‘It’s at least 100,000 won.’


The money was enough.


Players who had strong purchasing ability would use their money generously. Its value exceeded by far what Lee Hyukjoo earned from his part-time job in God Wars.


‘I earned enough to take care of my Capsule Room fees for a long time.’


It was a windfall for the penniless Midas.


‘Hold on. How much can I actually earn from this item?’


‘At last earning something…’


After he became a pro-player, he only received money from his work payments, and as a result, never from any source outside or unrelated to his job.


No matter how much damage he dealt on a monster, killed or caught it, the items that dropped from the monster would eventually be shared with the guild or game company that he was employed in.


Whichever items he tried to lay his hands on were mysteriously reported stolen or robbed, or he was embezzled out of them shortly after being promised that those items would go to him.


‘Earning an item, it’s been so long.’


After coming to this realization, Midas was stunned for a while.


Because of the unknown feeling that touched his heart, everything became numb.




Something woke up Midas from his trance.




And that also not only one, but two distinct voices that turned Midas’ stunned face into one full of tension.


‘Oh shit!’


At that time Midas realized.


‘I was in the middle of a freaking battle!’


Midas immediately held his breath and lowered his posture.


He focused his attention to the recently appeared goblins.


‘Damn, there weren’t any goblins in my surroundings. Where the hell did these guys suddenly come from…..’


And then a little question popped up.


I thoroughly checked the surroundings and there were no goblins then, so where and why did these guys appear so suddenly? Why are they running?




It didn’t take a long time for the answer to form in his head.


It was a situation where these two had already used Escape, and were on low health. They were fleeing from players who had been trying to hunt them..


‘So they are in the middle of escaping.’


‘There is…… no player around, though?’


And that they had been succeed in escaping.


It was a common sight in God Wars.


A monster that was caught with difficulty escaped, and as one failed to chase it, it eventually wound up like someone who stared at a chicken on a roof, it could be experienced anytime.


Thus God Wars players agreed to say it.


‘As expected.’


This damned game!


This game is a trash game.


To that fact Midas smiled.


Midas’ hand held a rock.




Most games were like that.


It was bad manners to kill steal. (coming in and finishing off a monster who was painstakingly brought down to low health by someone else, and going ahead and stealing all the loot. usually, the one who gets the last blow gets the title/drops/exp in such vrmmorpg novels. generally speaking though, most games now have exp distribution based on dmg dealt, and loot just falls down for anyone who dealt damage to pick up)


Because of that players who saw escaping monsters with lots of injuries couldn’t easily attack them.


“Don’t disturb an injured monster. Because if you meet the players who are chasing after it, you will start a damned fight.”


With possibilities that there would be a problem, it was common sense to avoid those kinds of things.


Midas, as expected, was the same.


He didn’t have the slightest intention to catch monsters with the players right on their trail.


But, it would be a different story if the monster’s trail was already cut off.


Of course, it was usually very hard to separate the pursuer from the pursued.


Moreover, the risk was pretty high.


What if the monster was caught by an explorer guild’s helper for their customers?


It wasn’t only a headache but it was also an insane thing to cross an entire guild just for a beginner’s area monster.


Furthermore, there was no way for a player to divide other players’ affiliation only by looking at them.


‘Okay, there’s no chaser.’


But in Midas’ situation where he could not only see the monsters, but also the location of the players, it wasn’t hard.




Midas threw rocks toward the goblins that ran towards him without any hesitation.


[You have hunted a goblin.]


Midas kept on hunting the fleeing goblins, and the notification rang for the tenth time.


It was at that time.


[You have leveled up.]


The most favorite alarm of all users was heard in Midas’ ears.


‘Here it comes.’


Midas’ sight was sharpening as he heard the notification.


It was because he knew it.


[The God that you serve has been watching your first development.]

[The War Dragon gave you a chance to improve further.]


The moment he leveled up the first time, the moment one reached level 2 every player was able to choose one skill that was given by each God they served.


Because they could choose it directly, it was a very great opportunity.


The problem was only one.


[100 skill cards have arrived.]


100 cards, whose content was already decided, but was unknown to players.


After that notification ended, one hundred cards as big as a credit card appeared in front of Midas’ eyes.


[Please choose one skill card.]


‘Thank god this game is dependent on luck.’ (and has this system where the content of each card is decided and not rolling the result after having chosen a random card.)


And to the continued notification, Midas smiled.


Not an empty one, but a bright smile.




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