BJ Archmage – Episode 11 : ! (1)


There were many reasons why players paid a large amount of money to play God Wars.

Starting from the fact that until that moment, there was no proper VRMMORPG except God Wars, now someone’s worth was decided by their God Wars play, that the whole world only bragged about God Wars.

“God Wars? To be honest, I just want to taste what it’s like to use the skill.”

But if they should choose one among all reasons, most of them will choose one skill.

They could only do that.

“You should bring a good item so that when you fight against a monster the feeling will be different, but skill is different. It feels like you became a Marvel or DC Comics hero.”

“It’s a world where people can’t stagnate and turn into oil but even so when you leveled up, and you learn new skills and tasted how you use them, there’s no way you can stop. To be frank, what does anyone who exists above me know? In God Wars things that can’t be done in real life can be done.”

“In real life, no matter how rashly you act you can never fly in the sky, in God Wars anyone can fly in the sky if they work hard enough. Of course if you want to do it without any funds, an incredible amount of hard work will be needed.”

Because it had been a long lasting dream of humanity to be able to do something like this on a stage that’s similar with the reality in this universe.

It was one of the biggest reasons why people would willingly pay in God Wars.

Skills were God Wars’ core part.

“That’s why a skill card is hella expensive.”

A skill card that seemed very useless, why the hell they would make this kind of skill card and spend money like crazy? Those kinds of words came out as it cost at least hundreds of thousands of won.

In the case of a legendary level skill card, it was impossible to negotiate the price.One could only with a barter of a skill card with the same level or a similar item.

“To be honest, it’s only possible for an extremely rich person to purchase a skill card and use it.”

Fortunately in God Wars, there was a way to obtain a skill without purchasing a skill card.

“In the end most players can only practice a skill using a skill card that’s given when they leveled up.”

In a case where one achieved a milestone level or secured a special title, in a case where one had conquered a quest, they would be able to receive one skill card that was impossible to trade from the God that they served.

“This is of course a very good system. To pick only random ones I mean.”

The problem was that one should only rely on good fortune to do that.

“To be honest, it’s an impossible thing to hope for the skill you want to show up among 100 cards.”

That also not like a college entrance exam where someone should choose one among five choices but they should choose one among as many as one hundred choices randomly.

To that reality, as expected, Midas had seen countless blood until now.

‘I hated this card picking the most.’

When the opportunity to pick the card came after he leveled up with difficulty he prayed to RNGsus sincerely.

He begged so a skill that will be helpful will come out.

Of course, after trying hard to pray the result that he obtained was only as much as his hand had chosen.

‘It was because I could only sincerely pray even though I know I wouldn’t make it.’

Even so he always prayed.

Midas, because to him there wasn’t anything to rely on except God.

To Midas who had a life of extreme poverty he prayed sincerely for that kind of things.

‘Even though it’s damned.’

Those were indescribably miserable days.

‘Although now, I don’t need to do that kind of damned thing anymore.’

Now he didn’t have to pray by hoping for luck that the one he wished for will come out.

Because it was seen.

100 cards, because the skills that laid behind the cards were clear as crystal.

‘Now, what should I choose?’

The thing that Midas did was to choose one of them.

As expected, it wasn’t hard to choose.

‘For now let’s exclude the normal level.’

Soon he ignored the cards that didn’t shine any color.

‘Really the rubbish ones mixed very well. There are 90 normal cards.’

Only by that his choice decreased to 10.

‘There is not even one unique card.’

‘Among these there are three attack magic.’

Even so he didn’t think too long.

‘Among those three there’s only fireball that I can properly use immediately.’


To say it honestly the other skill cards didn’t have any meaning to Midas except that skill card.

Fire wizard, it was because it’s the occupation Midas did for more than 5 years in God Wars.

‘It’ll be easier to get back into my groove.’

Because of that for him it was rather the best situation for a fireball to come out.

‘It’s because there’s no need for me to practice to adapt myself with this new skill.’

It was because he had already well-informed about everything related to the usage of fireball perfectly.

When the incident happened there Midas’ hand was already aimed to the fireball skill card.

[You have chosen a card.]

[You have acquired Fireball.]

Midas, it was the moment when his first skill was held in his hand.


That moment the days that his old character spent to be able to hold the fireball skill on his hands came across his mind.

‘At that time I was really going through hella hardships to obtain this…….’

Those days were the days where God Wars just started the service. It was to the extent where it was impossible to purchase it with money since trading in-game items for real money was prohibited.

It was when those who obtained Fireball through card picking were only a few.

And then after fireball had been acknowledged as a very important skill it was a situation when the customer exploded.

In that process the quests where someone could receive the fireball skill card could be found with difficulty.

‘Even so, I wouldn’t be able to obtain it without any help.’

‘If I’m not a former baseball player I wouldn’t be able to receive help as well.

Midas invested his title as a former pro baseball player, it was because it made him as a useful player to the party who would be able to help.

Of course, after that they relied on Midas’ level and when they found out they heartlessly left Midas.

To be exact, Midas didn’t chase them, and they didn’t wait for Midas as well.

‘This world is all like that, though.’

Midas dwelled on the bitter feeling that he felt at that time as a new skill information board showed up in front of his eyes.


Skill Rank: F
Skill Effect: Can summon a fireball.

A plain information board that he had seen so many times.


Under this plain-looking board, there was a heap of information that made his eyes pop out.

!When one hits the bull’s eye continuously for 33 times from a distance of 10 meters or more, the title ‘The one who knows how to throw’ is obtained.

!When hits the bull’s eye continuously for 109 times, the title ‘The one who knows how to aim’ is obtained.

!When one hits the bull’s eye on the target’s head continuously for 10 times, the title ‘Pinpoint control’ is obtained.

!When one kills a monster with fireball or the last hit on a monster is a fireball continuously for 100 times, the title ‘Fireballer’ is obtained.

‘Title achievement conditions!’

The titles that could be obtained through Fireball, those were the conditions to obtain the title.

Because those were so much it was to the point that the texts didn’t fit into his eyes properly.

‘Oh my goodness!’

At that time, Midas was able to realize.

‘Even this can be seen too?’

The fact that the things that he could obtain was more than he imagined.

After that reality came up Midas’ thought changed.

‘If it’s like this…… a change of plans is necessary.’

‘First of all let’s log out.’

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