BJ Archmage – Episode 11 : ! (1)



Along with the voice of the opening capsule gate Jung Hyun-woo’s two closed eyes were opened.

The numbed visibility range started to fit the current shape quickly.


In the middle of that visibility range Lee Hyuk-joo’s face was seen.

“Why are you coming out often like this?”

There was a dissatisfied silence in Lee Hyuk-joo’s expression who looked at Jung Hyun-woo in such a way.

To that fact Jung Hyun-woo formed a sour face.

“Hey, if someone has a problem they will come out. Who comes out because they like it?”

“Hyung, you don’t have any problem right?”

To the Lee Hyuk-joo’s repetitive questions, Jung Hyun-woo didn’t look so happy,

“Why? Is there something happened?”

“Now Urbis Guild is in the middle of raiding the Two-Headed Dragon!”


After Lee Hyuk-joo finished that words an exclamation burst out in a Capsule Room’s prepared lounge.

“The Goddess’ song has started!”

“Urbis’ Muse has showed up!”

“Lee Seol has come!”

At that time Jung Hyun-woo was able to figure out the situation.

‘Right, Urbis Guild’s raid is now.’

Urbis Guild.

One of 10 Great Guilds in God Wars.

And it was the best guild where the best players gathered and made only the best results that represented God Wars.

A star on the sky that couldn’t be reached, that was also a place where stars that shone the brightest existed.

“Hyung, I will watch that show okay. Please clean it up.”

As Lee Hyuk-joo spoke those earnest words he forgot his own duty and ran to the lounge, it was absolutely those stars that shone magical light.

As expected Jung Hyun-woo’s stare directed to the lounge naturally.

At that time an Asian woman who had a long black straight hair and beautiful appearance came onto the screen.

Aaah………. .

As the woman who wore a snowy-white dress that shone with a golden light closed her eyes and gathered her hands she started to sing a song.

It was a beautiful song.

‘Last year that song was nominated for the Grammy Awards because the sales were overwhelming.’

It could only be like that.

‘Well, she’s Urbis Guild’s Muse, of course it will be like that.’

Urbis Guild that received the best judgment because there was a boss monster raid, it would be a weird thing if the singer’s song that represented that guild didn’t get famous.

Moreover that woman’s song was not a simple song.

The place where that woman sang the song always became a fierce battlefield that made anyone in this world had a sweaty hands, the reason why she sang was in order to win in that battlefield.

The song could completely reverse the conditions of a tough match, or turn the match between equally matched opponents heavily in one’s favour.

‘Lee Seol.’

Because of that it was always hundreds of millions of people, when there were many people one billion viewers were called and gathered in Urbis Guild’s boss monster raid and there was Lee Seol, when Urbis’ Muse sang a song it was like a highlight.

The most shining moment.

“A Goddess has descended.”

“Who? If someone like Hera or Freya came up it would be crazy though?”

“Nike! It’s the victory Goddess!”

“Wah, the game is set!”

And after that moment passed, at that time an explosive race was started without any chance to breathe.

Right now, the situation on the screen was like that as well.

Lee Seol, to the woman’s song the sky got cloudy and as the cloud splitted a winged angel descended while holding tight a spear and threw the spear to the big two headed dragon.

Ghuooooooo! (*sfx for pain)

The dragon let out a horrible shriek, and the Urbis Guild’s rearguard units who saw it started to move forward.

“It’s Merlin!”

In that situation soon in the screen a handsome man with blonde hair and white skin got zoomed in.

“Archmage Merlin!”


The second player in God Wars who became an Archmage.

He is the player who was called the greatest Archmage in God Wars.

He was the most powerful wizard in God Wars.

“There’s a caption huh?”

“Does it mean he’s going to perform a new skill?”

It was a skill that had never shown by Merlin in a broadcast that would be shown in front of countless eyes and ears in this world.


Merlin, as he struck a 3 meters long big cane in his hand on the ground the earth shook as if an earthquake happened.

Along with the shake the ground’s sands floated on Merlin’s head and soon a magic circle was formed.

A big magic circle with a diameter as long as 50 meters appeared.

At the same time the caption changed.

“Flame Dragon?”


Along with the appearance of that caption a big dragon made by flame appeared in the air from the magic circle.

GHUOOOOOO! (*sfx for a battlecry)

The appeared flame dragon ran towards the two headed dragon while shouting a dragon’s cry.

All the viewers were silently watching this moment.

Everyone was only looking at the screen while swallowing their saliva without spitting any words.

‘It’s great.’

Midas as expected was astonished at the scene inside that screen.

‘He was just overpowered with the skill without any kind of tactic. He didn’t care at all about the phase or pattern and just ignored all of them with the effect of his skill.’

The sight that overpowered boss monster with the endlessly powerful skill power without any tactics was surely a sight that could only be shown by a few number of people including Urbis Guild inside God Wars.

‘We are playing the same game but it’s like a completely different world for them.’

Midas, it was a scene that couldn’t be permitted to him even in his dreams.

But, he wasn’t disappointed with that fact.

‘Well, if I don’t have it I just gotta deal without it.”

‘Then shall I buy oil and potions?’

Thus, Midas started the game again.


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