BJ Archmage – Episode 12 : ! (2)



Want to play games easily?


The best way to do so is by playing well.


It sounds irresponsible, but there is nothing more certain than this. If you know how to play a game well, know the mechanics, it can be very easy.


The problem is that quite few people are good at gaming.


Of course, there is an easy way for them to play a game as well.


Item and skills.


At least in God Wars, these two things make it easy for players who aren’t good at playing games.


‘What a shitty game it is.’


However, not everyone could use such a method.


In order to have those two things I mentioned earlier, one needs a pocket full of money.


In the case of God Wars, it was not enough just being full, it had to be at a level where the pocket would burst because it was so full.


In the end, the ones without money in their pockets had to face the difficulty head on.


In reality, there was nothing wrong with that in itself.


If you are playing games for self-satisfaction, you can enjoy the process even if it is difficult.


But in Midas’ situation, it was different.


‘Because of this game, I did all kinds of things.’


However, self-satisfaction is unacceptable to Midas, who somehow had to produce better results than others and thereby earn his own value and earn money through it.


Because of that, he had to rack his brain to come up with better results in such difficult situations.


‘The oil potion also came out at that time.’


The oil potion was created by Midas at that time.


It was not a difficult concept.


If you just use it to light your body on fire, it won’t do much good.


‘I made it to catch goblins.’


In the case of monsters that do not even have hair, such as goblins, they could still be burned, but there were very few cases where the body would catch on fire.


Then how do you make the flames catch so they burn even one second longer?


It was not difficult to think of oil at this point.


And it was not difficult to get oil.


The problem is the existence of a tool that allows the oil to be stored and sprayed on the target at the same time.


Unfortunately, it was impossible to get or make a spray gun in God Wars.


Also, it would be too uncomfortable to pour oil in a huge container like it’s pouring water.


‘It was a great idea to come up with an empty potion bottle at that time.’


There, Midas came up with an empty potion bottle.


After the usage of the expensive potion, the discarded empty bottle would be easy to obtain and easy to use.


And the obtained empty bottle was filled with oil.


‘I still can’t believe it can go into the inventory.’


The story changed when it was identified as an item,  which evidently became obvious when it could be stored in the inventory.


The moment it became known, the oil potion became an indispensable hot item for the flame wizards.


‘Even if I could only apply it as a patent … …. ’


The truth that Midas himself came to realize but could not do much, it was a pity in some sense.


‘Well, it’s an old story.’


However, Midas didn’t come to regret his past now.


‘A story that is not worth worrying about unless you were hit by a truck and return.’


In the past, he knew well enough that his past didn’t have any meaning and could only brood about it.


So Midas looked ahead, not behind.




In front of Midas’ eyes, a goblin appeared.


‘Oh, yellow!’


A goblin with a yellow light on his chest.






A potion bottle filled with oil collided with the back of the goblin’s head and it spat out a stinging sound.




Immediately, the goblin screamed in surprise.


The surprised goblin turned his head towards the direction where the bottle came from.


It was at that moment.




A Fireball the size of an adult man’s fist hit the goblin’s head.




The goblin started to scream and started rubbing his face that was burnt by the fireball.




At the same time, the back of the goblin’s head caught fire.




The goblin desperately tried to put out the fire on his head.




At this time, an oil bottle smashed into the goblin’s forehead.


The goblin’s face became oily.




The fire on the back of the head naturally ignited the oil on the face of the goblin, and the head of the goblin became a ball of fire in no time.


The goblin began to struggle to extinguish the fire.


Then Midas appeared.


The goblin could not respond properly to Midas’ appearance.


First, he couldn’t even feel Midas’ presence.




Also, two of Goblin’s most powerful weapons, his hands, were busy extinguishing the fire on his head.


Perfectly defenseless.




Midas’ club came in ruthlessly and violently towards the goblin’s body.


The goblin had no way of dealing with it.


‘There is no surer way than this.’


In other words, it was a strategy to capture the goblin perfectly.


There was only one choice that the goblin could make in front of such a strategy.


Just waiting to fall below a certain level of HP from damage.




As soon as HP reached a certain level, the goblin began to run away without looking back.


Midas did not chase after the goblin as it escaped.




He chanted a magic spell on the spot.


Then a small magic circle appeared on his palm, and the magic circle turned into some kind of magical thread and soon turned into a fireball.


Midas held the fireball lightly and prepared to toss it towards the goblin.


However, he did not throw it right away.


Midas waited.


’10 meters.’


At a distance of 10 meters or more from the goblin, he threw a fireball.




The fireball that left the hand was pinned to the back of Goblin’s head while it was escaping.


There could not be a more perfect finish than this.


[Goblin Captured]

[Achieved Pinpoint Title.]

[A Rune is paid as Reward.]


And it was the moment when Midas’ goal was fulfilled today.




Midas organized the situation straight away.


‘I collected all 30 Goblin Leathers.’


First, he confirmed the items.




After completing the looting on the goblin body, he opened his inventory.


30 Goblin Leathers and 7 Goblin’s Resentments caught his eye.


The result would not look extraordinary to any strangers.


However, it was a result that could be said to be ridiculous if the player caught the goblin himself in God Wars.


Goblin’s Resentment was known to drop about 3% of the time, meaning only one would drop every 30 or so goblins hunted.


‘It’s a ridiculous rate considering the difficulty of hunting them.’


But Midas got 7 Goblin’s Resentment from 30 Goblins.


‘With this pace, there will be no problem with the cost of living and games this month.’


The revenue was not small.


‘When I go home, I should get ice cream for Hye-rin.’


It was an amount that he could buy some snacks for his cute niece and go home.


‘The rune reward is ……. ’


Of course, the bigger one was the new title and the resulting rune rewards.


[Pinpoint Proposition]

-Title Description: This title is given to those who know how to accurately hit the target’s head with throwing magic.

-Title Reward: +2 Intellect and Magic Power


For magical powers and intellect +2, it’s a satisfactory effect for a wizard.


No, it wasn’t just satisfactory.



-Level: 3

-Faith: War Dragon

-Job: Archmage

-Ability: Strength (5 + 10) / endurance (5 + 10) / Intelligence (11 + 12) / Magic Power (7 + 12)

-Remaining stats: 4


Midas, who checked the stats of the status window, and the result was unbelievable.


‘Is this for real?’


In fact, the level of the stats itself is similar to that of a level 10 player that did not wear proper equipment.


The difference between such amounts in this section was enormous.


This was the power of the runes given as titles and rewards.


‘More than that, these title conditions ……. ’


Naturally, Midas also kept in mind to sell this information.


Moreover, some of this information could be sold for a much more expensive price than the Tutorial Master title.


A thing that High-level players worth eyeing.


‘For now, it’s a keeper.’


Of course, he didn’t intend to sell it right away.


Selling information isn’t so easy, and Midas, who had to face fierce competition, knew that selling this information would only lead to the growth of his competitors.

He knew that better than anyone.


At the same time, he knew well that he didn’t have to sell it urgently.


‘Unless some crazy person suddenly releases this information for free, there is no reason to sell, when I could set the price at any time and sell it.’


Unless it was an exceptionally unusual circumstance, then this information could serve as a currency that can be exchanged for money at any time.


He doesn’t have to make a decision right now.


‘The question is what comes after.’


Rather, there is something to worry about right now.


‘I need to get a linked quest.’


Midas’ hard-earned 30 pieces of goblin leather was to obtain a hidden quest from Hyden.


There was no problem in obtaining it.


‘Without friction with the Explorer’s Guild.’


The problem is that in the process, you have to overcome the situation against the manager of the explorer guild who clings to Hayden.


If there is suspicion, then there might be trouble in the future.


‘Well, it’s nothing too difficult.’


Of course, the answer to the problem had already been prepared.


‘Because the customer is a king. In particular, the true customer is the King of Kings. ‘

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