BJ Archmage – Episode 12 : ! (2)


The most important thing in the service industry is management.


Even if you have a good business, there is no use if it is not properly managed.


That’s why in the Explorer’s Guild, they attach managers to each NPC.


“Thank you for your hard work.”


That’s why Midas greeted manager Yol first then NPC Hyden.


To such Midas’ greeting, Yol nodded lightly.


“Yes, are you here for the Quest?”


“No, I’m here for the Quest Reward. ”


Midas showed the proof with the Explorer’s guild card that he showed at the time of the quest.


Yol nodded after confirming the proof.


“You have gathered the ingredients pretty quickly.”


Yol, who confirmed the time on the confirmation certificate, said that at the completion of an earlier quest.


“You are quite skilled it seems.”


“How could I be.”


A brief conversation came and went naturally.


“I thought I was going to die when I went to go catch a goblin.”


“Is that so?”


In the short conversation, Yol was able to come up with a conclusion in his head.


‘A Newbie.’


The player in front of him is a beginner who has never played God Wars and would have been a nightmare to hunt a goblin.


And he also realized in the process.


‘Looks like he gave up and bought the ingredients.’


He realized that it was impossible to collect item materials on his own, so he bought them at the auction house.


“At first, I was going to hunt for goblins and collect materials to try to get used to them while I enjoyed the game, but it seems like it will be a game over for me if I did that.”


As if he read Yol’s thoughts, Midas came up with the same answer as Yol expected.


Yol smiled lightly.


‘I knew it.’


A smile from the fact that his expectations were right.


‘A pushover for some time.’


It was a mocking smile for the fact that the character in front of him would become one of the countless wards devoting money to God of Wars.


Usually, that was the case.


‘If you can’t catch a goblin, you can’t do anything by yourself.’


When Yol earned a salary from the Explorer’s Guild and became a manager, he couldn’t catch the goblin among the players he saw, so he bought a really useless item of material at an expensive price.

Players that just started out the quest usually failed to play the game on their own.


Subsequently, results were also almost obvious.


‘After all, they have no choice but to get help from us.’


In RPGs, players who couldn’t even play a part in the hunt were, of course, not invited to the party, and even if they were, similarly skilled players eventually gathered together, and the following party will hardly give any result.


Eventually, they pay a high price to purchase the package reward from the Explorer’s Guild or hire helpers from the Explorer’s Guild to level up.


They were the biggest driving force of the Explorer’s Guild.




Those who pay for the game in God of Wars, Yol did not have to call them dumbasses.


Naturally, Yol’s face looking at Midas was that of him being more inferior to himself.


It was the look Midas was waiting for.


“Then I’ll get some quest rewards.”


As soon as he saw the expression, Midas spoke to Hayden.


“It’s the goblin leather you asked for. I brought it all. ”


“Oh! Good work. ”


A short conversation came and went with NPC Haydn.


Yol just looked at the process without changing his expression.


[You gave 30 goblin skins to Hyden.]


As soon as the system notification was heard, Midas shouted in bewilderment.


“Uh? What?”


In a sudden turmoil, Yoll tilted his head, and Midas said out loud as if he should listen.


“Why take all the goblin skins?”


While Yol’s face hardened in a strange way, NPC Hyden moved first.


“Your abilities are great. So, could you please do me a favor? ”




“Give me the goblin’s grudge that only a handful of goblins have.”


With that, Midas replied with a blank expression.


“Oh, yes.”


[The quest Hayden’s Request has started.]


Immediately, he heard a notification, and Midas said to Yol in amazement.


“Uh? I have a quest? ”


At that moment, Yol’s face was hardened.


“A Quest?”


Whether or not a quest has occurred can be noticed only by talking with an NPC.


That was why the Explorer’s Guild’s managers stuck next to the NPC.


From the perspective of the Explorer’s Guild, the NPC was a product.


In other words, the situation is that of an NPC giving a product to a customer who did not pay for it.


If this was intended, it would be taken as Explorer’s Guild being robbed.


“No, so I tried to buy goblin leather at the auction site and accidentally bought 30……. ”


But what if it wasn’t intended?


Then the situation becomes complicated.


“He suddenly took everything?”


So Midas was willing to act like a fool.


As an incompetent pushover fool of a player in God Wars that can’t play any game without paying money.


“Manager, you saw that right? I didn’t do anything. Damn it! The quest only says 10 goblin leathers, but now my remaining twenty goblin leathers just became worthless! ”


At that moment Midas changed the mood.


“No, shouldn’t you be telling me this in advance? If you were paid and provided a quest, you should tell me well! What are you going to do about my 20 Goblin Leathers? ”


Rather, he began to demand compensation.


And Midas’ words were quite valid.


In his part, isn’t the situation where he lost 20 goblin leathers because the Explorer’s Guild did not properly explain the service?

Above all, he was in a situation where he bought the service for money.


‘The weakness of the Explorer’s guild is that it is weak to customers.’


That was the weakness of the explorer’s guild.


They were like a Grim reaper to those who interfered with their business, but on the contrary, they had to provide enough services in front of customers.


‘The answer is obvious at this point.’


Of course, the Explorer’s Guild has made their own manual for this type of situation.


“I apologize. Explorer’s Guild does not know all quests and this is a pity, but it is your mistake.”


It’s your responsibility, so take care of it.


“It is also stated in clear transaction terms.”


They already made a hole to escape.


“What are the terms?”


“It is clearly stated that we will strictly comply with the information we provide, otherwise we will take full responsibility for it.”




Midas smiled into Yol’s words referring to it.


‘Yes, I know it very well.’


He knew very well that there were such terms.


“Damn, that means you can’t compensate?”




“Then I have to take responsibility for this quest?”




“It’s my responsibility whether you break this quest or not, don’t ask the Explorer’s Guild, do it yourself?”




Midas is full of anger at Yol’s response who looks very composed, and it feels like a dream to have a conversation with his expression full of dissatisfaction within his expression.


Then he sighed.


“Why, why is my luck like this……. ”


Yol exhaled a sigh of relief inside.


‘I almost got screwed.’


Yol found out that the situation had ended evidently because of his good handling.


‘I almost had to write an apology because of this dumbass pushover.’


At that moment, they ran into an invisible wall between Midas and himself.


He didn’t want to be associated with this troublesome guy anymore, he didn’t even want to talk, meaning ‘don’t talk to me anymore’, the wall had that kind of meaning.


In front of him, Midas said,


“Damn, I will definitely pass this quest somehow. 20 pieces of my goblin leather ……. ”


Along with such an attitude, Midas grasped the quest window.


[Hyden’s request]

-Quest Rank: Rare

-Quest level: Level 10 or below

-Quest Content: Hyden highly regarded your ability and made a special request. Get 2 Goblin’s Resentment.

-Quest reward: 30 gold, experience, favorability

! When you gather 7 of Goblin’s Resentment, a ‘Hyden’s Research (Rating: Unique)’ event occurs.




Midas, who confirmed the quest, said to Yol.


“I ask again, this quest is something found by me and the Explorer’s Guild is not connected to this Quest in any way whether I manage to clear it or not, right?”


Yol nodded without answering as if he no longer liked to talk to Midas anymore.


Looking at such an expression, Midas smiled in his heart.


‘Of course, I should clear it then.’


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