BJ Archmage – Episode 13 : ! (3)



“Damn, it’s a monster that eats money, it’s a damn monster! That damn NPC! ”


Midas sent a string of curses towards Hayden under his breath and headed back towards him.


There was however, no stumbling block created by the Explorer’s Guild this time.


Yol, who managed NPC Hayden, kept a safe distance from him to not get involved in Midas’ issues.


‘There’s nothing good about getting tied up with a matter like that. I should just ignore it. ‘


He no longer wanted to be connected with the trouble called Midas.


“How much money is being eaten by this quest? I’d rather buy a top-tier item with this money!”


Midas kept cursing and Yol closed his eyes and turned away, as if he had nothing to do with this.


After confirming the appearance of Yol, Midas’s face became very serious as he narrowed the distance to Hayden.


“I brought it.”


Between those serious expressions, he spoke in a small voice.


“Impressive. To actually be able to bring this.”


Hayden accepted it from Midas’ words.


[7 Goblin’s Resentments given to Hayden.]


And immediately accepted the quest material.


“Thanks to you, my work has become easier.”


[You received a quest reward.]

[You have leveled up.]

[Hayden shows interest in you.]


And he gave the reward.


It was a sweet reward.


However, Midas did not think about the sweetness.


Rather, he focused on the conversation with NPC Haydn.


“Can you get me one more thing?”


Soon after the question came out of NPC Hyden’s mouth, Midas replied as if he had waited.




[You received the quest ‘Hayden’s Research’.]


After a brief answer, a notification was heard in Midas’s ear, and the quest window appeared.


[Hyden’s Research]

-Quest Rank: Unique

-Quest level: Level 10 or below

-Quest Content: Special ingredients are needed to make medicine that Hayden learned from his Master. Find a tree that has been struck by lightning and bring it with you.

-Quest reward: Medicine made from a lightning-struck tree, experience, and title ‘Hyden’s Helper’


A tree struck by lightning.




The moment he saw the word, Midas discarded dozens of scenarios he had in mind.


‘It is the best scenario.’


And he left only one of the best scenarios he thought of.


Midas turned away from Hayden and asked Yo,.


“Does Hayden only need expensive things to complete his quests? Can’t he have quests with lower requirements?”


In response, Yoll replied in a business tone.


“Information on quests is provided only to those who have purchased the pass. Everything that happens to those who have not purchased the pass is at their own risk. ”


And from the tone of his unwillingness to no longer relate to a man named Midas, Midas filled his face with discontent.


It was like a balloon that was about to burst.


“No, no even if that is the… …. ”


Soon after the moment of dissatisfaction, Midas shook his head and shook his head.


“Eugh, what could be wrong with your manager? The problem is that this is a garbage game. ”


With a long sigh, Midas shook his head and said, looking at Yol.


“You are suffering because of me. I apologize.”


Only then did Yol loosen up a little.




First, you don’t have to do something toward your opponent with your head down.


“Please do your best.”


With that in mind, when Midas left NPC Hayden’s house, Yoll chuckled.


‘Because it’s not even worth doing so.’


It was a moment when Yol just accepted the situation to be what it looked like.




‘I can’t do this kind of thing.’


After greeting Yol and coming out of NPC Hyden’s house, Midas went straight into an alley.


Only after confirming that no one was around him did he breathe a sigh of relief.




Midas’ expression was tense.


‘Those fucking Explorer’s Guild.’


Honestly, Midas’ acting was overkill for a player newly starting God Wars.


The Explorer’s Guild is certainly great.


Additionally, Midas’ response was certainly overkill for the average player too.


But it couldn’t be helped.


‘I remember the old days.’


Midas, he saw with his own eyes how the Explorer’s guild went through this business.


Initially, Explorer’s Guild did not use NPC quests as a business item in the first place.


Logically speaking, suddenly a guild came out, and from now on, NPCs will be theirs.

You won’t go, ‘Oh is that so, let’s fight!’ and such.


There were not many people who were welcome to this fact at first.


‘There could not be a genocide like that genocide.’


The Explorer’s Guild response for those who revolt was not a war but a massacre.


‘Because all ten guilds held hands together.’


Also, the massacre of the time was carried out by the Explorer’s Guild as well as all of the 10 guilds.


Exactly, at that time, they made a cartel and took advantage of it, so they could become the 10 Great Guilds of today.


Newly created guilds never achieved their absolute status overnight.


In any case, Midas went through it all from beginning to end.


A story that a player who had party played together until yesterday while playing God Wars was stamped on by a newly created guild and had quit the game.

He has seen countless amounts of such players.


He experienced a time when the most bloody violence in God Wars hit the peak.


‘Of course, shit holes are everywhere.’


In other words, Midas survived in that world for over five years without dying.


No matter how he rolled in the bottom, he still earned money from the exploitative world to feed his brother, nephew, and himself.


He didn’t have much, but he is very well versed in the way of survival in God Wars.


‘I just need to get out of the starting village.’


Moreover, even Explorer’s Guild could not dominate the whole world of God Wars.


Realistically, It wasn’t exactly worth it.


No matter whoever sees this, it is inefficient to attach managers to all NPCs.


In the case of the Starting Village, the Explorer’s Guild is strategically placed.


A place to impress beginners to follow the way of the Explorer’s Guild, a supervisor supervised all NPCs in the village.


In other words, the story changed when you left the village of the beginning.


‘When I get into the castle unit, you don’t have to act like a fool in front of the Explorer’s Guild.’


When the scale becomes a castle unit, it is impossible to take control of all NPCs even if the Explorer Guild is so great.


So they choose and focus on one.


Only a few NPCs giving really important quests were monitored and managed.


‘Moreover, God Wars’ scale is just way too insane.’


One couldn’t cover the entire scale of God Wars.


God of Wars was a world overflowing with undiscovered things.


‘Honestly, if it weren’t for that Legendary Quest, I would have never been in so much trouble like this.’


And to be honest, if this quest wasn’t related to the Legendary Quest, even if the Explorer’s Guild is troublesome it wouldn’t have become like this.


No, he wouldn’t have had to deal with the explorer guild in the first place.


He would have Ignored it, and just nurtured his character.


In other words, the beginning of this dog shit-life was because of a legendary quest that came with a dog.


‘Let’s see whether or not you’re so special, if not I’m going to eat you. ‘


Midas, who organized the plan in his mind, returned to the main subject.


“Quest Window.”


After activating the NPC Hayden’s Research in the quest window, I checked the contents of the quest once again.


‘Is there any hidden information?’


There wasn’t anything special.


‘Well yeah, of course, I won’t be able to see all the information.’


Midas was not disappointed with the fact.


‘It is also a miracle to come back here.’


It’s pretty hard to imagine just getting here in one day of gameplay right?


If you want something more in such a situation, you are just greedy.


‘Even God won’t help me that much.’


Midas is prepared, even though it would become difficult.


‘Where should I find a tree that was hit by a lightning bolt … …. ’


With such determination, he looked at the Starting Village and the forest of monsters surrounding it.




Then something strange appeared in Midas’ eyes.


‘Why does the light come out over there?’


It was a miracle God gave him.

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  1. Kyrin Fireheart

    No matter how he rolled in the bottom, he still earned money from the exploitative world to feed his brother, nephew, and himself.

    This should be neice.

    Also thanks for the new chapter, glad your schedule has calmed down.

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    “No matter how he rolled in the bottom, he still earned money from the exploitative world to feed his brother, nephew, and himself” Is it nephew or niece this is the second time i have seen this.

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