BJ Archmage – Episode 13 : ! (3)



“He- Hello.”


Yol frowned the moment he saw the player’s face greeting him.


‘Damn, why is he here again?’


Midas, this customer who had given Yol great trouble today, appeared.


“You must be finished with work today?”


“Uh, yes.”


It’s also at the happiest time of day for Yoll.


The happiness of the moment was taken away due to this man’s appearance.


“Anyway, what is it?”


In this type of situation Yol bluntly asked the question.


“To receive the quest rewards for the other quest. Damn it, I’ve already used my monthly salary for this. ”


Midas’s answer to the question was mixed with dissatisfaction and irritation.


“Can I go in?”


And then the question.


The question was simply beyond question.


Yol’s role is to prevent or supervise players’ indiscriminate access to NPC Hayden.


But if he just let Midas go in, where Hayden is?


At least, even if you let him in, Yol needs to go in.


“Oh, yes. Go in. ”


However, Yol left Midas alone.


‘I want to shift quickly.’


The fact that this is the time to go off work, and the fact that he is already seeing annoying ties with Midas today, the two facts were giving Yol enough of a headache to care about Hayden.




In the midst of Yol’s view, Midas entered Hayden’s house.


‘There is no human being who wants to work overtime happily.’


Not surprisingly, this was also the timing Midas was aiming for.


From the start, Midas knew about Yol’s work already.


In addition, this was not the first time that he had worked in this way.


‘The weakness of the Explorer’s Guild is that there is no overall manager to manage the NPC managers.’


The Explorer Guild’s manager is definitely a terrifying being.


However, after all, they are still human.


They just received a job with a salary without being monitored or managed.


If so, how faithful would they be?


In a world without CCTV, work cards, and smartphones?


Obviously, there’ll be more people who don’t follow the manual than those who do.


Of course, if you do it too much, they’ll cut you off, but it was inevitable that there would be a gap in their action.


‘Now, shall I finish?’


The gaps were the ones that Midas utilized to survive in a world filled with tigers.


“I brought what you asked for.”


Midas talked to Hayden, and Hayden nodded with surprise.


“To actually be able to bring it. Very Impressive! ”


[You gave Hyden a piece of wood that was struck by lightning.]


Then, a notification was heard.


“Hoho, to think I would be able to make my Master’s medicine. Wait a moment. ”


With the notification, NPC Hyden started making something using a mortar and pestle.


Midas’ face looked at the sight and started to become serious.


‘If it gets too long, I’m screwed.’


Obviously, the time has been earned.


However, it wasn’t that long.


If Yol or a manager comes in on his behalf, trouble will happen.


‘Do it quickly, quickly.’


Without knowing how Midas was feeling, Hyden slowly made medicine using a medicine bowl.


How long has it been?


“It’s done. Take it. It will help you. ”


At that moment, a notification was heard.


[You have obtained a medicine made of wood that has been struck by lightning.]

[Hyden’s Helper title has been achieved.]

[A rune is paid as a reward.]


Upon hearing the announcement, Midas quickly opened the door and went out without looking back.




Then another manager on behalf of Yol tried to catch the doorknob and seemed to have hardened.


The new manager asked Midas.


“Has the previous manager left?”


“Yes, he did?”


“Oh, is that so?”


The new manager shook his head.


“Should I bring him back for you?”


“No, it’s fine. I don’t know the name as well. Then, please work hard.”


When he asked him to work hard, the manager said with a lively smile.


“Yes, thank you for always using the Explorer’s Guild.”


As soon as he heard that, Midas smiled.


‘He didn’t suspect anything.’


He smiled and replied with a happy voice.


“Yes, I’ll use it often.”


‘Now, it’s finally over.’


After answering, Midas moved on to end the day.




If you buy a lottery ticket, you will be excited when the lottery time comes even if you have no expectations.


And think.


What would you do if you win the lottery


‘Ah, how much will there be?’


Now Midas’ feelings were like that.


No, it wasn’t just at the level of waiting for the winner.


‘If it is an item, it won’t be worth it because of the level limitation, but since it’s a Legendary, I will receive the basic 10 million units, and maybe a skill card… … Oh yes.’


It was at the level you’ll win at least the second place, and pretty much going to the bank with a guaranteed lottery ticket.


‘Isn’t this so heart-pounding that I may be logged out because of a heart problem?’


Midas slowly took his step with that feeling.


*Creek… ….”


What stopped Midas from walking was the groan of a dying dog.


Instead of running away from Midas’ visit, the dog just laid there like a corpse.


‘It came.’


Midas’ gaze turned to the yellow question mark on the dog’s head.


At this moment, Midas no longer trembled.


Rather, he looked full of determination.


‘Yes, since I’m already here, come out with a skill card. Let’s pay some debt with the Legendary skill card. Let me also reverse my life.’


An expression full of hope.


‘Oh God, since you have helped me so far, I would like you to help me finish it once more. Please let me have the legendary golden card!’


I prayed to God with such an expression and took out the medicine I received from NPC Hayden from the inventory.


After that, the medicine was spread into the palm and then pushed out toward the nose of the dog which lay down on the ground.




The dog in question titled it’s head and started sniffing Midas’ palm. It started wagging it’s tail in excitement, got up, and licked Midas’ hand clean.


At that moment, the question mark that floated on the dog’s head became an exclamation mark.


And a notification was heard.


[The Lost Wolf’s sickness has been cured.]

[The Lost Wolf quest begins.]

[This is a legendary class quest.]

[You have achieved the Legendary Start title.]

[A rune is paid as a reward.]

[The god you serve pays attention to your achievements.]

[The War Dragon gives you a chance.]


Notifications constantly popped out and my ears became deaf.


However, I was not interested in that fact.


‘Is it an item? Is it a skill card?’


It’s just the rewards he gets from this Legendary Quest, and that was his only interest.


Notifications were heard in the ears of Midas.


[The Lost Wolf serves you as the master.]

[You achieved the title of Master of Shinsu.]

[A rune is paid as a reward.]


‘Huh? Shinsu ‘




Along with that, a word appeared on top of the Shinsu’s head.


‘But this isn’t a deal at all?’




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(Sorry was the dry period for the last two months, exams were coming in fast and deadly for both me and the TL. Now that those are over, BJ Archmage will be back on a two chapters a week schedule. Days of the week might vary, but releases will be consistent. Sorry again for the break in releases.)

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