BJ Archmage – Episode 14 : Lucky (1)



God of Wars has a time limit.


One cannot play past the time limit, no matter what position one holds, or how much money one has.


That’s why God of Wars players have done many things to be more time efficient.


If there was something that needed to be dealt with, then one had to take a break and log out to deal with it.


It was necessary to have a filled stomach to play at peak performance.


The time limit was 5 hours, but it was not easy to maintain one’s efficiency for all 5 of those hours.


Logging out at regular intervals of time to replenish nutrients was the key to maintaining this efficiency.


Of course, coming out too often was a bad sign.


If the game goes well, why come out too often?


“Big brother Hyunwoo, what’s going on?”


It was for this reason that Lee Hyuk-ju asked Jung Hyun-woo, who was eating candy while having a worried expression on his face.


In response to Lee Hyuk-joo’s question, Jung Hyun-woo shook his hand instead of answering.


Then said with a look.


‘Go away, you brat!’


It was an expression that could only come from sincerity without mixing a single act.


‘Damn it.’


Jung Hyun-woo’s state of mind was conflicted.


‘Out of all those Legendaries… … . ’


Legendary rating, Jung Hyun-woo thought when he confirmed the quest.


It wasn’t until this turn of life, but at least he thought he could solve the problems he faced right now.


It will definitely make things better than it is now.




However, it was Shinsu that came out of the legendary class quest as if laughing at Jung-woo’s expectations.


Of course, it wasn’t that Shinsu was bad.


No, in God Wars, in some sense, Shinsu’s value was higher than a legendary item or skill.


First, it’s utility was very high.


Some were excellent as transportation, excellent in combat ability, and it was excellent as a support.


‘I know that everything about it is great, but I can’t negotiate a trade deal at all!


Moreover, the value of Shinsu, Hwansu, and Seongsu was even higher due to the fact that it could not be traded.


A thing that could not be bought with money.


Shinsu was considered to be a reward given only to those who are really lucky or playing the game properly.


‘Ah, I’m about to go crazy.’


For Jung Hyun-woo, that was the problem.


‘I need money right now … … . ’


Honestly, all he needed was money.


Even though it was kind of snobbish, it was inevitable.


If he didn’t have the money right now, he could not afford the cost of living expenses, nor be able to play the game tomorrow.


‘The thing that stands out like this is poisonous for me … … . ’


Moreover, Shinsu’s problem was that, as he said earlier, he could not trade it for money.


Even the rich couldn’t get it, and of course the players were very jealous of who got it.


That is, even the rich would become jealous.


‘If something goes wrong, hunting is also difficult.’


The problem is that in God of Wars, such jealousy was usually expressed with violence.


God of Wars was such a game.


A game where if you run faster than others, they would try to crush your legs, and if someone is flying, then they would try to tear their wings.


Instead of stopping such actions, they just laugh.


‘Damn it.’


In a sense, Shinsu, who cannot be hidden by Jung Hyun-woo, who has no background and such, was a burden to him.


‘I couldn’t even confirm it properly.’


Therefore, the moment it was confirmed that it was a Shinsu, Jung Hyun-woo logged out without even checking it’s stats and properties.


Jung Hyun-woo’s disappointment was immeasurable and his day was ruined.


Woo Woong!


It was no more than a phone call that ended the turmoil that Jung Hyun-woo was going through.


After Jung Hyun-woo took out the folded smartphone from his pocket, he checked the number and opened it.


“Uh, Big brother. What’s up.”


Big Brother’s phone.




But what I heard was the niece’s crying voice.


-Dad, Dad … … .


“Dad? What?”


-Dad, fainted.


At that moment, Hyunwoo Woo didn’t worry anymore.






-There is no big problem. Blood pressure has only dropped due to temporary weakening of heart function.


The voice of the doctor coming out through the smartphone was dry.


-If there are any problems, please come and get a precise checkup.


After that, the doctor hid the image on the screen.


A text arrived after that from Hyun-woo’s bank.


[Paid 75,131 won to Vitalife Hospital on 2nd April, 2038. Ref No. 2213897678]


After confirming it, Hyunwoo Woo folded his smartphone and held his head in his hands.




At that time, Jung Tae-woo, who was lying on a narrow bed that felt small even for a hospital bed, called Jung Hyun-woo by name.


“I’m sorry.”


He said in short words, while Jung Hyun-woo frowned.


“Oh, take good care of yourself. I thought I had a huge problem again, and I ran here in fear. ”


A statement without any lie.


Jung-woo, lying on the bed with his brother’s grumble, said something bluntly after swallowing something.


“Hey, say you’re a little worried and pretend to be worried?”


“I’ve forgotten that worry since big brother’s fist turned my eyes into panda eyes after I ate your ice cream when I was five.”


“Five years old? Do you still remember that? ”


“I remember when I asked you to play a game when I was four, and then you were scolded by mom and threatened me?”


“Brat… … Study with such good memories and go to college. ”


The words often spoken out among brothers came and went.


The atmosphere was naturally relaxed.


“Dad… … . ”


However, his niece who was crying by the side of her bedridden father was still in a dark mood.


Jung Hyun-woo soon rose away from his niece.


“Hyerin, do you want ice cream?”


Then he smiled at his niece and asked.


However, his niece shook her head..


“Dad is sick, and he can’t eat anything that is delicious on his own.”


Jung Hyun-woo stroked Hye-rin’s head and looked toward Jung Tae-woo and said.


“What would you like to eat?”


“The one I always eat.”


“Mint Chocolate?”




“Your taste is really unique.”


“Yeah, it’s so unique that if I buy it and put it in the refrigerator, then I eat all of it. The reason why at that time is because there was one left, so I ate it.”


Hearing Jung Tae-woo’s attempt at a joke, Jung Hyun-woo snorted and stroked Hye-rin’s head a few more times, then turned around.


“Just wait for a bit. I will bring it soon”


After saying so Jung Hyun-woo left.

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