BJ Archmage – Episode 14 : Lucky (1)





Jung Hyun-woo sighed, and sat down on a worn-out bench on the side of the road.


Jung Hyun-woo held his face in his hands.


‘I’m glad it’s not a big deal.’


In such a state, the first feeling that Jung Hyun-woo felt was relief.


‘I’m really glad.’


He was thankful that something tragic hadn’t happened to his brother.


‘Damn it, this wouldn’t have happened if he had gone through the surgery properly.’


He’s feelings quickly turned into anger, irritation and concern.


It wasn’t a concern without reason.


Jung Hyunwoo’s brother’s condition was more serious than it seemed.


At the time of the accident, Jung Tae-Woo was so seriously injured that it was a miracle he survived even with modern medication.


He had to go through ridiculous amounts of surgery, and he was wearing all sorts of medical devices on his body after the surgery.


His heart also had a device attached to it.


His body was akin to a ticking time bomb, no one when his injuries would relapse.


Jung Tae-woo’s body, which was in such a state, got worse as the days went by.


‘No, even without surgery, he should do rehabilitation exercises properly.’


The human body is a thing that needs to constantly move to maintain itself, but he couldn’t expect that from Jung Tae-woo.


‘It’s all about money at this stage… … . ’


The solution to almost all of these problems could be easily achieved if he just had money.


Of course, money couldn’t heal everything, it couldn’t magically make everything easier to obtain. 


No, most of the problems that Jung Hyun-Woo faced so far could be solved with money. And most of the problems he could face in the foreseeable future.




When faced with such a reality, Jung Hyun-woo lifted his hand covering his face.


‘Let’s forget about Shinsu for now. Even if I moan over it, Shinsu won’t become tradeable. ‘


Jung Hyun-woo made up his mind.


‘Even without that thing, I still have a way to make money right now.’


A plan slowly evolved in Jung Hyun-woo’s mind.


‘Information and items.’


He came up with a plan to make the money that he so desperately needed.


‘In the case of information, it would be not as profitable if it is sold right now. The character’s ability must be commendable to some extent before it can have good bargaining power. Selling something that is worth a lot of money for almost nothing just because I’m currently weak makes no sense. Things that need to be received need to be received properly.’


At the same time, he was calculating in the coldest possible way.


‘However, there’s no such limitation for items.’


Amidst such calculations, Jung Hyun-woo was able to think of what he had to do right away.


‘Cultivating the character and securing items.’ (pr: its a cultivation novel confirmed)


At that time, the existence of Shinsu, that had been forgotten for a moment, came to Jung Hyun-woo’s mind.


‘Yes, since it’s already there, let’s go all the way. Whether or not there are bastards jumping around me, the only thing I can do in the end is play the game. ‘


After completing the calculation, Hyun-woo stood up.


‘Now, there is only hunting.’


Even if the situation is bleak and his heart is about to rot, the only answer that came to his mind was God Wars.


Jung Hyun-woo, who knew such truths, did not hesitate.


This was a normal thing for him.


Of course, there was no such thing as ‘what should I do in the future?’ kind of corcen.


‘For now, I need to power level.’

“Big Brother, what ’s going on? Isn’t the time over? ”


In response to Lee Hyuk-ju’s question, Jung Hyun-woo threw a question instead of the answer.


“Are there any spots for a capsule?”


“There is one spot left right now actually. But haven’t you run out of time? Shouldn’t you be done for today? ”


In response to the question, Jung Hyun-woo answered briefly.


“I have something to check for a moment. Please arrange a spot. ”


After saying so, Hyun-Woo took off his coat and started preparing to access the game.


At the same time, Jung Hyunwoo confirmed the time given to him.


’30 minutes left. ‘


There were 30 minutes left for him.


Of course, it wasn’t the exact time.


‘I don’t know when it will end.’


The time remaining till logout could be reduced if his vitals were recorded as being abnormal by the capsule.


‘There are three things I need to check.’


Because of that, Hyun-woo was making a list of things he needed to do immediately.


‘The effect of the rune, the identity of the Shinsu, and what Faith it has.’


Things that he needed to do.


‘The first thing to do is finding out the Shinsu’s identity.’


“Hyung! It’s all done!”


Lee Hyuk-joo gave him the signal.




Players sometimes feel lonely when they login to the game.


In a space where there is nothing, starting a game without anyone’s welcome was like the feeling of being thrown alone into an empty world.


Midas, too, sometimes felt that way.




But now it was different.


Woof woof!


With Midas appearing, a furry beast shook its tail and greeted Midas.


‘Is this thing really a wolf?’


Honestly, its look is doubtful as well, and it’s actions too… no matter what it looks like, it sure as hell ain’t a wolf.


[The Wolf that has lost its name]


The name that floated upon its head, if it wasn’t for the thing that Midas was seeing, he would have thought it was just a furry dog.


‘Well, since it looks good it’s fine.’ 


Of course, the appearance was secondary.


‘Because Faith was the most important thing.’


What is important is the fact that this Shinsu inherited a power of Faith.


It was like a player.


‘Please come out with about Tier 3 or above.’


From Tier 1 to Tier 5, there were ranks in the Faith, and their power ​​changed according to the rank.


[Please give a name to ‘The Wolf that has lost its name’.]


The system alerted Midas.


The system wanted Midas to bestow a name upon the Wolf, thus giving it a new life.


‘What should I name it? … . ’


Midas paused.


When he tried to name it, nothing came to his mind.


‘Mungmungi? That’s little too much right? Then should I go with a name that looks cool? Alexander? Abraham? Yeah, those names are a little weird for a dog. Lotto? Jack?

No, those names would get me in trouble and might get attacked from society later. ‘


In front of Midas, the Wolf, waiting for a new name, began to whine.




It howled as if it wanted to prove its identity as a wolf.




It was like crying out his name.




Of course, Midas shook his head.


‘No it’s not Hou. It would look too foolish to call it Hou every time you call it, right? That’s a thing that only retards would do. ‘


Then a word came to mind in Midas’ mind.




The Wolf that got it’s name updated the text floating on top of it’s head.


[‘The Wolf that has lost its name’ now gets a new life with a new name.]


It’s new name was showcased on it’s head.




And under the name, the abilities of the Shinsu which could only be seen by Midas began to unveil themselves.


It’s Faith was also shown.




Midas, who saw it, hardened at the moment.


“Pe, pen… … . ”


It was that moment.


[The heartrate of the User has increased rapidly.]

[User is forcefully logged out.]


Midas’ time was over.


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