BJ Archmage – Episode 15 : Lucky (2)





In response to his niece who greeted him, Jung Hyun-woo handed her a packet.


“Now, this is the ice cream that Hyerin was waiting for. Put it in the refrigerator. Of course, don’t take more than one for now.”




Jung Hyun-woo sighed briefly as he watched his niece go towards the refrigerator.


‘Seems like big brother took care of her well.’


It was a sigh of relief of being free from the despair he had been subject to only a few hours ago.


“Why are you so late?”


On the other hand, the voice of his hyung, Jung Tae-woo, towards the appearance of his brother was filled with anxiety.


“Did you goto to Japan to buy ice cream or something? Do you know how long it has been? ”


Jung Hyun-woo being late made him worried.


Seeing his older brother’s worries, Jung Hyun-woo replied back with a grin.


“Hyung, I’m about to be thirty now.”


It seemed funny to be treated like a child even when he was in his late 20s.


“Yeah, now you are at the age of getting married too.”


“No, not like that.”


“Yes, since you’re all grown up, you should go and meet some girls and have some romance.”


In such conversations, Hyun-woo shook his head lightly and said.


“Something urgent came up, so I went to take care of it. ”




“Something related to a dog.”


Jung Hyun-woo’s answer sooner or later brought upon a smile that he tried to suppress.


“Uncle! Are we raising a puppy?”


Hyerin, who was eating an ice cream, asked with a twinkle in her eyes.


“Perhaps we are.”


Hyun-woo’s words lit up the heart of his young niece.


Jung Hyun-woo said with a smile to his niece.


“Does Hyerin like puppies?”






“They are cute!”


Jung Hyun-woo replied back.


“Yes, puppies are cute.”


At that moment, a thought came upon Jung Hyun-woo’s head.








A monster that appeared in Nordic mythology and whose howl signalled the end of the world.


It was a world-renowned myth, and in many fields the name Fenrir was adapted and used.


God of Wars was no different.


In God of Wars, Fenrir made his appearance by occupying one of the positions of the gods.


‘The Immortal Guild’s guild master Lapo, and his Shinsu, Tori Tori, whose Faith was Fenrir.’


‘The name was quite funny though.’


However, Lapo, who put Tori Tori in the front whenever fighting, showed his insane ability in the early days of the game.


‘The combination of the best attack type familiar and the strongest buffer.’


Legendary class, Blessed Herald, only obtainable for those who served the goddess Nike, who only presents victory.


Lapo, who obtained the first growth type class in God Wars, was gifted the Shinsu before he even reached level 10. 


Lapo then wiped out God Wars with his newly attained Shinsu.


He didn’t even have to actively play the game and only slept.


Due to Lapo’s powerful buffs, his strong Shinsu, whether it was a player or a monster, they were all instantly turned into items and experience chunks.


‘It was utter nonsense.’


Furthermore, Hyun-woo had seen Tori Tori in action up close, and realized the power of Fenrir.


At the beginning of the game, he played in a party with Lapo and then he saw it with his own  eyes.


And he realized.


‘I really realized that this game was based upon pure luck.’


That this is a game was more rotten than you could ever imagine.


Anyway, Fenrir was a very big deal for a Shinsu.


It was that strong.


‘If it’s like this, then the story is different now.’


Naturally, Jung Hyun-woo’s plan had to be revised.


‘I have to be much more careful now.’


No doubt, Lucky’s Faith being Fenrir is great.


However, this did not mean that Fenrir was strong enough to protect Jung Hyun-woo from all threats right away.


The Shinsu had to grow like a player.


‘If I aimlessly go about, and get into an accident, then I may have to quit this game.’


If you show it to others, without a doubt, some of them will definitely not be able to stand it, and because of envy, Hyun-woo’s new character would be endlessly PKed.


‘Since an opportunity like this came knocking on my door, how can I just blow it away.’


For that reason, he can’t quit a character with Archmage as a job that obtained Lucky.


Honestly, this was a huge opportunity for Hyun-woo.


If he were to make a new character right now, he could get the Archmage class again.


But what about getting a new Shinsu?


Would this opportunity ever come again?


Even if it does come, would it be possible that the Shinsu could get the top Faith amongst all tiers called Fenrir?


‘I have to guard it.’


Only one thing is clear, this character must be kept even if there is a limit to it’s life.


“Bro, there’s a spot free!”




‘Let’s see how well it fights.’


So Hyun-woo prepared to access the game again.




Lee Hyuk-Joo said to him.


“You now only have 2 hours of prepaid time left.”


“… … I know.”


“When it’s finished, it is forcibly terminated. I can’t do anything about this too! Make sure to adjust in the middle! ”




Hearing the words of Lee Hyuk-joo, Hyun-woo grit his teeth.


‘Once I have enough money, let’s buy a capsule first.’


It was at that moment when he really understood it.

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