BJ Archmage – Episode 16 : Lucky (3)



The jobs that players had in God Wars were way more subdivided than people could imagine.


The warrior class is divided by weapon selection such as swords, spears, hammers, and shields.


From there Warriors, Fighters, Knights, Paladins, and Dark Knights … … That was why God Wars’ job selection screen, the screen you see when you first create your character, was so full.


Some people commented that this extremely complex and vast job system was there just so the company could make more money.


“God Wars seems to have made up their mind to make money with card transactions.”(TL:embezzlement)


God Wars’ unique character selection system has been created just to earn more money every time a player decides to play another class.


However, not many players playing God Wars have such thoughts about the class selection system.


In fact, that was normal.


In any other game, whether the character in the game held a sword or a spear, one would automatically trigger the attack by either clicking the mouse, tapping the keyboard, or pressing the gamepad.


However, immersive virtual reality games like God Wars were different.


If a player that is best with a sword is given a spear, how much power could he wield with that spear?


The techniques, foot movement, the attack patterns were all different. One would have to practice for years to gain mastery with one weapon.


Taking account of that, it was natural that the warrior class was subdivided according to various conditions.


So was the wizard class.


Wizard classes are divided into four main professions.


Attacker, Buffer or Supporter, Summoner, and Miscellaneous.


Within this, categories were once again divided according to their various specialities,attributes ,and types.



-Skill Rank: F

-Skill Effect: You can move an object with your telekinesis.




In the case of the Telekinesis skill that appeared in front of Midas, it was classified as a Miscellaneous type of ability.


The important point here was why it was classified as Miscellaneous.


‘Woah, Telekinesis skills are really rare.’


Things that are rare to find, these things don’t have a fixed style of play, so it was hard to create a separate category for them, so most of them were largely grouped together into the Misc category.


‘That’s how I’m going to start earning money.’


Moreover, in the case of the Telekinesis skill, its usefulness was indescribably wide.


Of course, if the skill’s rank was low, and the Intelligence attribute and Mana pool of the user were low, then there wasn’t much to work with.


However, it was still possible to lift a moderately heavy stone.


‘There was nothing that could match this skill in utility.’


It is a great ability to recover a throwing weapon in a fierce battle. It could also help with managing the weight of items and such.


In fact, users with the Telekinesis skill were welcomed by many guilds and game companies as auxiliary units.


According to God Wars’ settings, it is impossible to steal an item from a player when the player owns the item, but if the player gives up the item, anyone can pick it up.


There was nothing that could go wrong when wearing an armor. You wouldn’t suddenly lose it in the midst of a battle.


But the problem starts the moment the player voluntarily releases said item.


For example, when throwing a weapon like a shuriken, or getting the item stuck inside the monster’s body, like a sword.


In such cases God Wars’ system recognized the item to be abandoned by the player.


If a player lost their weapon like this during a fierce battle, there was nothing they could do in any normal scenario.


What if the item was a legendary item?


The users of the Telekinesis ability could help with this problem.


‘The amount of money one could receive just by carrying and passing some items around was more than the money I earned by risking my life in dungeons.’


The ability was rare and the utility value was quite high, so the value of the ability was also very high.


‘A Telekinetic could control the battlefield with their extremely powerful crowd control ability.’


In short, a telekinetic could help the team avoid a game over in a battlefield.


If we look at it from a construction viewpoint, a wizard is just a daily worker brought over from a job agency, but telekinetics are technical workers who can handle the calculations, designing, and such.


Their status in a team was completely different.


‘When I first saw the ability on WarTube, I was also thinking about how to obtain Telekinesis.’


Therefore, in the past, Midas often imagined what it would be like to become a telekinetic.


However, that was the limit of Midas’ imagination at that time.


Only those who have eaten A5 Wagyu beef can know what it tastes like. Comparing it with chicken or pork is meaningless.


Midas couldn’t even imagine obtaining the Archmage job, dreaming about his adventures as a telekinetic was far away.


In other words, Midas had strong imagination and could think of many ways to utilize Telekinesis, assuming that he had the Telekinesis ability


‘There were a lot of things that I wanted to do as a telekinetic.’


He also imagined how he would have fought.


‘There would be nothing to worry about when hunting as well.’


Things like tying up a slippery snake, or blinding enemies would be easy.


‘It’s also good for interfering with those who are chasing something.’


For instance, if one interferes with the movement of a monster that is running away?


‘It can also be used to distract an approaching enemy so I can run away if need be.’


‘Similar to how I can pick up items dropped by my allies, I can also steal items from my enemies.’’


The ability was easy to use.


Midas now lived in the reality where he had this amazing ability..


‘If I get a rare item that makes me a lot of money… … I have to buy top quality pork belly that day and eat it. ‘


Simplicity, that was all Midas wanted.


‘Now, I ate CheongShimHwan, so shall we start properly?’


Midas moved in earnest to get that little bit.


“Lucky, let’s go.”




“Let’s go over the line once.”


Midas, he crossed the line separating the region controlled by the Explorer’s Guild and the region where danger was around every corner.




The players in God Wars had a unique phrase, The Explorer Line.


The essence of the phrase was none other than the Explorer’s Guild, and the line they drew on the field.


On one side of the line, the rules and restrictions set by the Explorer’s Guild were applied.


To put it more simply, the Explorer’s Guild was the law within that line.


It’s so ridiculous that even Patsy Kim Seondal marvels at it.


Surprisingly, the players in God Wars enjoyed hunting inside such an Explorer Line.


The reason was simple.


“It’s better to have an Explorer’s Guild, even if the situation’s like that.”


The Explorer’s Guild prohibited gathering up monsters to hunt, also known as sheepdog hunting, PKing, stealing kills, and item extortion within their designated lines.


In other words, enough cooperative hunting was possible within the Explorer Line.


“No. When there was no Explorer’s Guild, it was said that there wasn’t even a change like this.


In fact, when the Explorers’ Guilds wasn’t that old and couldn’t exert much influence, it was  more likely to fight with players than fighting monsters on the hunting grounds.


There were many players to fight against in those days.


In particular, attacks against beginners in the name of teaching them how to play were very common.


“It wasn’t an attempt at improvement, but a slaughterhouse.”


In such an environment, there were also guilds that slaughtered the newbie slaughterers who were popping up.


“Because I got a rare class, I was proud of it. But if I let other people know that I got lucky, I would get slaughtered too.”


Human nature is such that watching our neighbours get lucky and hitting the jackpot makes us feel jealousy and hate towards them.


“The ones who did not participate in this just watched from the sidelines and enjoyed the show..”


And in such cases, the bystanders did not intervene.


Just become an outsider and smile as they see the lucky owner falling into hell.


The ones with great power slaughtered the weak ones, and the weak ones banded together to slaughter the powerful ones.


So when the Explorer’s Guild began to take control of the hunting grounds, ordinary players welcomed them.


At first, one didn’t even get paid, but rather, one donated money to the Explorer’s Guild for the fact that the players worked hard to maintain this peace.


However, such a situation became one of God Wars absolute rules after more than five years.


Everyone followed the rules that were set inside  the Explorer Line willingly.


In other words, outside the Explorer Line was total chaos from the viewpoint of someone who’s always played inside the Line..


High level monsters roaming around, PK-ing for no reason, item theft, stealing kills.


It was the same in the beginning village.


‘It’s not normal beyond the line that is sure.’


Outside the Explorer Line, the so-called Beyond, was different from the stage Midas had hunted  in so far.


Ki, Ki!




Three goblins ganged up on him almost right away after he entered Beyond.


Midas also saw about ten goblins gathered up in a pack some distance away from where he was.


‘It looks like a guy who was hunting like he was a sheepdog got done in by them.’


It was a sign that the player who was herding the goblins together to try to kill them in one go failed to hunt them.


That was why the Explorer’s Guild bans hunting alone inside the Explorer Line.


If someone attempts to become a sheepdog but fails, then a herd of monsters gatherers together that ordinary players cannot hope to deal with.


‘There are many people who do not know how to play while still talking care of their own lives and the lives of others.’


Moreover, God Wars was very different from a normal game.


Herding monsters together didn’t just mean an increase in heads collected.


The level of difficulty in hunting them is not the main problem here, rather the way of combat itself has to change when facing an overwhelming number of enemies.


God Wars isn’t a game where the player is basically a God and rarely dies, or a game where monsters are gentlemen and take turns attacking the player.


Because of this, even skilled players never hunted in the sheepdog style unless it was a special case and they were 110% confident.


‘Let’s ignore it.’


Of course, Midas, who grasped this topic well, was not obsessed with a group of ten goblins.


‘It’s all worthless Japtem.’ (TL:…) (PR: Weed is angry)


I have no intention of taking risks to drain water from an empty river.


‘Because there are a lot to fish in the sea to catch besides these low level goblins.’


Above all, even if it wasn’t that particular group of goblins, Midas could take his pick on the field that was overflowing with goblins.


This was the reason not to cross the Line, and conversely, the reason to cross the Line.


There were not many cases of monsters being hunted outside the Explorer Line, so the population density was much higher.


Risk and reward always exist together.


Midas had never been at risk.


He knew the saying well.


Because he knew so well that he couldn’t do everything on his own, like the main characters in anime, movies, and novels.


‘Three goblins.’


But now it was different.


Now he had the power.


‘Okay, let’s go warm up first.’

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