BJ Archmage – Episode 16 : Lucky (3)





The beginning of the battle was the sound of the oil potion breaking.






The three goblins who were crowded together reacted at the sound and reflexively turned their heads in the direction of the oil potion.




At that moment, a fireball flew in from the opposite direction and exploded in the face of a goblin  who had been doused in oil by the oil potion.




The goblin hit by the fireball screamed and began to flail his hand around and repeatedly smacked his face in the hopes that the fire could be extinguished.


Meanwhile, the other two goblins ran towards the direction from where the attack came.






One of them shouted out something which sounded like a spell, and started running even faster.


“Have a piece of this!”


At that moment, the body of the slower goblin rose up in the air and hung upside down..


Kiik? Kiik?


A string was looped around the ankle of the goblin who looked around like he was confused.


‘Good, it worked.’


The string passed through the branches and was held by Midas.




Lucky, who had been hiding in some close by bushes and waiting for the call, appeared with a cute cry.




However, Lucky’s appearance of chewing happily on the Goblin’s nape wasn’t cute at all.


Lucky looked like a fierce beast with all the blood on his mouth and his eyes which looked like a seasoned predator’s.




It was natural that all the senses of the remaining goblin headed only there.




Midas, who approached at that moment, perfectly hit the joint connecting the Goblin’s neck with it’s back with his big stick.


‘I will definitely do it from one.’


Two goblins are currently incapacitated due to various reasons.


There was no reason to try to catch a guy who couldn’t fight in such a state.


Rather, it’s a sure way to reliably handle one during that time.


In addition, this method was not vaguely made.


‘This is the best way.’


It was the most perfect method Midas put out in the course of 18 battles.


In other words, it was fifty to one.


[Your level has risen.]


The moment Midas killed the three goblins, he heard a message informing him of his level up.




The news reminded him of when he first raised a character.


In the beginning village, there was a case where Midas grew quite quickly.


With the title of a former pro baseball player, I hunted in a party with players who had good skills, and thanks to this, I was able to quickly level up.


‘That speed can’t even compare to my current speed.’


Midas’ level-up speed was almost the same as that time, and was steadily increasing.


The windfalls he had received until now were so great.




Whether he knew the owner’s feelings or not, Lucky approached Midas and congratulated him on the level up.


To that fact, Midas smiled and patted Lucky.


“You are a blessing, a blessing.”


Midas smiled deeper.


‘It was really lucky that I got Lucky.’


‘To be honest, I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying this kind of hunting without Lucky being with me.’


‘No, even if I had dreamed, I would have treated it as a nightmare.’


‘If I came in here without Lucky, I would be resting in the capsule room’s rest area by now.’


Midas alone could survive in Beyond, but hunting in Beyond at this rate wasn’t something he had thought was achievable in the past.


This was why Midas looked at Lucky, who was licking him, with a very wide smile.


It was then.




Midas’ vision suddenly flashed red.


It was just for an instant.


A moment that is so short that it was surprising that it was even recognized.


‘What the heck?’


Anyway, Midas recognized the fact, and he looked around with amazement.


His senses were alert to detect the slightest abnormality.


However, no more abnormalities were seen.


‘What’s the problem?’


However, Midas faced this phenomenon he had never encountered before in his long career as a professional player for hire.


‘There was such an obvious indicator of something abnormal.’


‘This is the first time I have experienced a change of sight in this way while playing the game.’


Then Midas saw what was wrong.




Floating inside the green forest was a message written in red words.


[ ! Time remaining until the appearance of Goblin Champion : 59 minutes 53 seconds]


“What the-!”


It was a system reminder of the Field Boss being revived shortly.



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