BJ Archmage – Episode 17 : Well, Let’s Do It!(1)



There is more content in God Wars than people think.


It wasn’t just about leveling up.


Earning achievements and runes is the evidence for that claim.


‘We hope players will enjoy the whole world of God Wars in more and more ways. Runes are designed for those who enjoy every corner of the game.’

It was a system.


Of course, there is no single game in the world that goes back to the intention of the game developer.


Out of all the available content, only a small portion was repeatedly and wholeheartedly enjoyed by the playerbase.


Among them, skills were at the forefront.


As the butterflies and bees gathered to the scent of flowers, many of God’s players played God Wars because they could use their skills.


Then some people asked,


‘If Gods Wars’ flower is a skill, what is Boss Wars Raid, the best content of Gods Wars?’


Midas was able to answer clearly.


‘The Boss Monster Raid is a star.’


It’s like a star in the sky.


‘A star that everyone can see, but only a few can reach it. They have to be supported by many people and train for years to reach the star.’


There are countless people who can see and enjoy the stars as much as they like, but only the chosen few can reach out to them.


‘Flowers and stars are similar, but not at all.’


That was the difference between flowers and stars.


Anyone can reach and take the flowers, but the stars aren’t like that.


‘Not at all.’


Boss Monster Raid was that difficult.


First, the number of Bosses appearing was too small compared to the number of players enjoying God Wars.


It is ridiculous to be able to compel competition.


At the same time, the cut off line for participating in the raid was too high.


God Wars is a game where it is difficult enough to hunt even ordinary monsters, but the Boss Monster Raid is the most difficult hunting scenario in God Wars.

It was high content.


‘The value is different.’


Of course, the most decisive part was that the amount of money taken was different.


In God Wars, items of rare or unique ratings were more expensive than the average person thought.


It’s not something end-game viable, but even a level 10 or level 20 unique item could go for upwards of a million won.


What is the value of the Legendary item? The calculation itself is pointless. Depending on the situation, the price of automobiles, and so-called expensive sports cars, fluctuated wildly.


‘To a different degree.’


However, the amount of money involved in the Boss Monster Raid was different.


The tens or hundreds of millions of people watching an exciting Raid and enjoying God Wars, if you could get only 100 won from each of them?


A Boss Monster Raid was able to arrange this kind of scenario.


‘That’s why the ten Great Guilds are headed by the Abyss Guild.’


The Abyss Guild, which is rated as the best in the Boss Monster Raid, was selected to lead the 10 guilds.


If the Abyss Guild’s A team was going up against the top tier Raid Bosses, the average number of viewers exceeded 700 million.


The cost of the viewers, as well as the advertising costs and the sponsors’ expenses, combined with the audience’s donation, brought astronomical money to and from that one raid.


‘One could earn money just by reporting the location of a Boss in times like these.’


‘Reporting this Champion Goblin means I can pay for my capsule room costs for the next few weeks easily.’


There was nothing difficult to report.


‘If you report to the Explorer’s Guild without going to other guilds first, they will give you special treatment too..’


The explorer guild tended to pay more than you expected in this area.


In fact, even in the Explorer’s Guild’s position, it was not as much as the Abyss Guild’s, but it was a situation where they earned considerable income with Boss Monster Raids too.


‘Because there is nothing like this for the debut of new characters entering the game or the debut of pro players switching to God Wars from other games.’


In particular, the Goblin Champion is the highest level monster that appears in the newbie village area.


In many ways, it was a business without any loss.


‘Because of this, one has to take an adventure.’


It was like picking up a wallet containing a lot of money, but turning it in for a reward.


‘Hyerin, your uncle will buy pork belly today.’


Midas was willing to buy a heavy chunk of pork for his cute nephew (TL: hyerin is a nephew, not a niece. Some confusion happened earlier) on his way home today.


‘You are lucky.’


I naturally smiled.




Lucky barked as if expressing consent to the owner’s feelings.


It was that moment.


‘Unlucky … … . ’


Lucky’s howling brought Midas’ thoughts of going to the Explorer’s Guild to a halt.


Instead, he recalled the scene a little while ago.


The mass butchering of tiny little goblins he’d been doing with Lucky.


‘… … This is out of line. ‘


And now his situation.


‘There was no encounter with any other player while hunting. And I’ve actually reduced the number of goblins in this field by a lot.’


In that situation, Midas thought. Going to the Explorer’s Guild would certainly raise questions about his powers, even if he was just a regular player in their records. Just venturing out of the Explorer Line was sure to raise some eyebrows.


‘Can I raid this Boss myself, to keep everything under cover?’


How about you go about catching the Goblin Champion?


If it were the Midas a few hours ago, it would have been a joke.


‘Hey, Hyun-woo! What are you even thinking!?’


I think I might have said that to myself.


But now Midas was different.


Now he wasn’t the Midas who could barely make ends meet after selling his body and soul everyday.


He’s the owner of a very special job called Archmage and a ridiculously lucky guy who puts Fenrir as his best battle ability.


‘Honestly, isn’t this a full wallet?’


Above all, the money inside the wallet was ownerless.


‘It’s something not to be turned in, but a lottery ticket that I found on the street.’


Rather, it’s just something everyone has to run into and win.


When I came to that thought, Midas’ expression no longer had a pleasant smile.


Instead, he began to suffer.

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