BJ Archmage – Episode 17 : Well, Let’s Do It!(1)



The scenery of the capsule room was always the same.


“What’s going on?”


“Some newbies in the starter village were thinking about taking down a Goblin Champion with a three man party.”


“Oh? I only see three people who underestimate their enemies running away with their tails between their legs.”


“So you’re seeing.”


“What? You need to take a rest senpai, you aren’t making sense.”


Inside the capsule, people play God Wars, and outside the capsule room, they gather in a break room to watch God Wars.


The scenery Lee Hyuk-joo has seen has always been like this.


But now something strange had happened in this never changing landscape.




Jung Hyun-woo.


For Lee Hyuk-Jo, he was a pro player who earned money through games, but now he is a pitiful human who is in trouble.


The man was sitting on a sofa that was usually reserved for guests, wiping his face with a wet towel.


It wasn’t the appearance of a person living a normal life.


“Are you worried about something?”


The question that he had been waiting for, Jung Hyun-woo answered.


“Yes, I am.”


“What is it?”


“I need about 10 million won.”


In response, Lee Hyuk-Joo said with an awkward smile.


“Hyung, I have no money. All I do is look after the shop and eat ramen, sometimes I get to play God Wars when we aren’t as busy. How much could I possibly have?”


In response, Jung Hyun-woo smiled and said.


“Do not worry about it. If I was thinking of borrowing money from you, I wouldn’t be sitting on the sofa like this and wetting my eyes with a towel. ”


“Hyung, I have to get back to work.”


In response to Jung Hyun-woo’s answer, Lee Hyuk-jo quickly left the office.


‘It seems that Hyunwoo might really be trying to borrow money.’


It was a situation where we could measure the level of trust of Lee Hyuk-joo in Jung Hyun-woo.


Jung Hyeon-woo didn’t really care about Lee Hyuk-joo’s appearance.


I couldn’t afford it in the first place.


‘Yes, I don’t need 10 million won right away to better my life a little.’


The agony wasn’t just a mindless agony that I just spit out to Lee Hyuk-joo.


For Hyun-woo, the cost of living is not only his cost of living, but also the needs of those dependent on him.


‘Operational expenses for the rehabilitation of my Hyung, our loans. And when Hyerin enters elementary school next year, he needs to go through some extra tutoring. ‘


All those expenses easily added up to at least 10 million won.


‘Even if i earn 10 million, the fact won’t change the fact that we live in very bad conditions.’


That was the reason.


‘After selling the information and having pork belly for dinner, our living conditions won’t improve in the long run at all.’


‘To make enough money to make a difference, I have to run the Boss Monster Raid.’


The only way to earn a lot of money really fast in a guaranteed way in God Wars is the Boss Monster Raid.


You can get items higher than the unique rarity, like legendary gear, only by defeating the Boss Monster, and you can also receive sponsorship if enough viewers consistently watch your streams.


Of course, it wasn’t something anyone could do.


Far-reaching work, skill, as well as luck.


Especially in the case of broadcasting, there was no way that Jung Hyun-woo would do it right now.


In order to conduct a broadcasting business based on God Wars, you need to use WarTube, and although this market has not been saturated, it has become a mess.


In the past, Midas had known this and had given up on broadcasting.


‘It’s clearly different now.’


That was the reason he had the confidence in pulling it off successfully.


‘If I don’t do this now, I will never be able to do this again even if the opportunity knocks down the door and comes in.’


‘I am not confident in being able to do it now, but I can’t do it later.’


Of course I could have thought of it this way.


‘Even if it fails, there is no problem selling information … … . ’


Even if you fail.


If you really confirm the appearance of the Goblin Champion, you can sell the information even if Hyun-woo tried to raid it and failed.


‘Messing with a Boss Monster Raid like this is nothing but gambling with my hard earned skills and items.’


In a sense, everything in this game was gambling with your life.


‘It’s better not to try even in the first place.’


Jung Hyun-woo did not intend to gamble.


‘I don’t gamble.’


In other words, it wasn’t gambling that Hyun-woo was worried about.


‘I only do this when the odds are completely in my favour.’


Definite odds, a challenge based on it.


That’s why Jung Hyun-woo was lying on the sofa and covering his eyes with a towel soaked in water.


‘I have to channel my self from when I was still a professional baseball player.’


As a professional baseball player, before going to the mound, Hyunwoo always did a series of checks and calculations.


And even then, he never threw the ball with a feeling of gambling.


Always measuring odds and challenging.


‘… … Ah, if you do it like that then.’


Of course, the result when I was a professional player was not very good.


But now it was different.


‘There is definitely a chance.’


‘All my simulations and calculations say that I can do it.’


As soon as the thought ended, Jung Hyun-woo got up from the seat and removed the towel that had been covering his eyes.


‘The remaining time till it spawns is around 30 minutes.’


After checking the time, Hyun-Woo Jung began to eat the prepared nutritional bar and energy drink.


‘Fight in the best condition.’


Hyun-woo practiced the ideology of either giving it your 100% or not doing it at all.


‘In the best condition.’


After Jung Hyun-woo took out the finely wrapped Cheong Shim-hwan (heart medicine thingy) and put it in his mouth.


The 10,000 won medicine that he had bought at the pharmacy a little while ago, Cheong Shim-Hwan, melted in Jung Hyun-Woo’s mouth and went down his throat easily.




‘It’s the real deal. I already feel my heartbeat calming. A 10,000 won pill is different from your usual everyday pill after all.’


At that moment, Jung Hyun-woo shouted.


“Hyuk-jo, I’m entering!”






As soon as a goblin screamed and fell to the floor, a small wolf climbed onto the goblin’s body.




Then he immediately began to tear at and chew the goblin’s throat with the same spear-like teeth that he had used to rip apart it’s Achilles tendon.




The now dead goblin didn’t even get to scream properly in his final moments.




Lucky, who succeeded in winning the goblin’s knowledge, was wagging his tail vigorously.


“Well done.”


Midas patted Lucky’s head and praised him.


However, his eyes were different.


Midas’ sharp eyes were focussed on the surroundings, searching for traces of movement.


‘I just see a tranquil forest.’




This was the situation Midas wanted.


‘This area has been cleaned up.’


Being unable to see anything in his eyes means that there are no monsters around here.


‘The removal of the variables is complete.’


The stage had been set up to take down the Boss.


At that moment, Midas raised his head and saw a blue sky through the branches of the forest.


[8 seconds until the appearance of the Goblin Champion.]


The number gradually decreased, and the moment the number became zero, the world around Midas once again changed.


A red light flashed and the surroundings turned dim.


‘This is the moment when the Boss has formed.’




Then something new began to appear in the eyes of Midas.


A giant goblin that walked towards him with a yellow light shining above its head.


Goblin Champion!


The most powerful monster in the areas surrounding the starter village had appeared!


At that time, the light above the Boss turned red.


Evidence that the target was recognized.


Did I know the target? Of course, it was me. There was no one else around for miles.


‘The target acquiring range on Bosses is not a joke.’


Midas, who confirmed the fact, closed her eyes.


‘How can you catch the boss monster alone in this way?




If you don’t get nervous, if you aren’t afraid of the Boss, you’re lying.




Lucky, without knowing the feelings of such a master, ferociously howled, signalling to the owner that the monster was coming and to get prepared for battle.


“It’s luck that will get you through.”


With Lucky’s signal, Midas said with her eyes closed.


“Time to leg it!”


Whou… … khing?


Midas started running away.



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