BJ Archmage – Episode 18 : Well, Let’s Do It! (2)


God Wars’ star content, Boss Monster Raid.

The reason why such Boss Monster Raids were difficult was simple.

There were only a few players who can play one-on-one against the Boss Monster.

And whether it’s a hundred people who were rallying or a thousand who were rallying, only one had to face the Boss Monster one-on-one.

That was why those who managed Aggro at Boss Monster Raid received the most reward.


It was the same for the Goblin Champion.

With 160-centimeter-tall, its physique was closer to a human than a goblin, while wearing leather armor and a wooden mask used by primitive men, it was not something a level 10 player could catch.

‘If I fight with a Goblin Champion, I can’t even survive for as long as the duration of cooking cup ramen.’

Midas, he was so sure that he could bet his entire fortune on the fact that he would get a game over within three minutes the moment he was under the grasp of the Goblin Champion’s hands.

So Midas ran away.

‘But just by running away like this, hunting can’t start.’

However, it was still impossible for Midas, no matter how talented he was in matching well with monsters, to run away smoothly from the Goblin Champion, who had better physical strength and stamina stats than him, then hitting the bull’s eye with magic or pebble

Running away like this was not the answer.

‘All I need is time.’

That was what Midas had been preparing so far.

To buy himself some time to throw something at the target.

‘It came!’

A wooden pillar scratched with an X mark came into Midas’ eyes, and as soon as he saw it, Midas took a different step.

His stride was just as long as if he was passing puddles of water when he walked on the ground.



Lucky leaped forward and jumped big to a place where Midas had crossed at Midas’ scream.


But Goblin Champion had no will to do so.

It stepped on the spot where Midas and Lucky didn’t step on.


At that moment, the ground sank, and half of the Goblin Champion’s body was stuck to the ground.


The voice that came out of the Goblin Champion’s mouth was distorted.

It was the moment when Goblin Champion fell into a trap.

Such a trap was very crude.

The Goblin Champion could escape in no time if he used some of his strength.


Obviously, Goblin Champion moved to get out of the trap.

At that moment, a wooden barrel fell on the head of the Goblin Champion.


The fallen wooden barrel was smashed into pieces after hitting the goblin’s head.

Naturally, something in the barrel soaked the Goblin Champion’s hair and its masked head.


Then Midas’ fireball hit Goblin Champion’s head.


In an instant, the Goblin Champion’s head burst into flames.

That “something” in the wooden barrel was none other than oil.

‘1 combo success!’

This was Midas’ trick.

He set up traps everywhere to grab the Goblin Champion’s ankle.

The goal was literally to grab the ankle.

There was no need to grab it for a long time.

‘Three seconds is enough.’

Although he failed miserably, Midas still played as a pitcher on a professional stage.

‘Looking at it, I was a robber killer—a robber killer who caught bastards trying to steal the base.’

He was quite accustomed to throwing the ball quickly on the mound, since it would be stolen if he threw the ball slowly.

‘After that, I’ve been told by the coach that if you don’t drive a runner out, you don’t have to do such a damned thing.’

Moreover, he was more accustomed to it since the days he drove the runner out were much more than when he didn’t drive the runner out.

Besides, he was quick-witted.

Roarr, roaarrrrr!

Midas’ eyes glistened as soon as he saw the Goblin Champion, whose head was covered in fire, with half his body stuck to the ground, prioritizing the action to put out the flames of his head over getting out of the trap.

‘You bastard, you got caught!’

For Midas, more time was given to him.

Midas, of course, had prepared for that time.


When Midas reached out his hand, a pre-prepared rock near him looked like a baseball, so the stone which was good to be thrown was caught in Midas’ hand, and Midas threw the rock ball once again at that moment.


Overhand, the ball that came from the neat pitching form drew a fine line and stuck to the Goblin Champion’s head.


Goblin Champion screamed at the attack.

Of course, it was impossible to figure out the Goblin Champion’s thoughts with that scream.

And Midas didn’t have to do that.

‘Red light!’

It was because the red light on the Goblin Champion’s head gave him a distinct picture of its current situation.

“Lucky, let’s run!”


At that moment, Midas began to run away with Lucky without looking back.


In the meantime, the Goblin Champion, who pulled out half of his body that was trapped, began to chase Midas, who was running away.


The running Goblin Champion, who never thought to put out the fire that remained on his head, saw nothing else but Midas.

Obviously, it had no sense of its surroundingsto see the trap it had fallen into, that was put another five meters ahead of it.


And once again, Goblin Champion’s body was stuck to the ground, and ‘Bam!’ Once again, a wooden barrel fell on the head of the Goblin Champion.

The fallen wooden barrel broke into pieces, and the oil inside it soaked the body of Goblin Champion this time.

There was no need to add more fire this time.


The fire spread all over the body of the Goblin Champion.


Midas, of course, threw a fireball to the Goblin Champion without a little bit of hesitation.

‘Eat it twice!’


After looking at the signs, Midas noticed that he could afford another time and threw a fireball again.


Next, he threw a series of rocks.

That moment, it was caught with a series of attacks.

But Midas, on the other hand, had not let go of any of his tension.

‘Look at the HP after this much attack.’

The level of HP in Boss Monster itself was different from that of ordinary monsters.

If only this kind of attack could have caused a visible damage dealt in the first place, there wouldn’t have been any indication that “Boss Monster Raid” would be challenging.

‘I can’t believe you made that kind of thing to be caught by a novice.’

Despite the series of attacks thrown, it was clear to both eyes that the Goblin Champion’s HP status was not that different from the beginning.

That was the most definite reason that convinced Midas of the Goblin Champion hunt.

‘We’re going to have to do at least ten more; it will pass into the second phase.’

It was clearly seen how far he was towards the goal and its location.

Midas knew better than anyone how great it was at the Boss Monster Raid.

‘There’s nothing I can’t do.’

Midas began to hold firm confidence in his heart more than ever.


With that confidence, Midas shouted at Lucky.

“Let’s run!”


And again, Midas started running away with Lucky without looking back.


Looking at that, Goblin Champion came up from the ground with an angrier sound than a little while ago and stepped forward to chase Midas.


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