BJ Archmage – Episode 18 : Well, Let’s Do It! (2)

At that moment, the third trap, which was just in front of the second, swallowed the Goblin Champion once again, and Midas, who turned his back, threw a ball of fireball at the Goblin Champion.


Midas, who landed the fireball, had a confident look on his face.

‘It’s a triple combo attack according to the original strategy! I knew you’d get caught!’


Boss Monster Raid, the most challenging content a player could face in God Wars.

A content that could not be easily challenged with clumsy preparation and skills.

Therefore, the attack on the Boss Monster was more elaborate than any other in the God Wars.

Most of the boss monsters hunted by top-level players have little data, so there was no way to attack them, but in the case of low-level boss monsters, there was definitely a way to attack them.

It was the same for Goblin Champion.

“Goblin Champion has three phases in total.”

“When its HP is 70 percent or less, it’s invoked into the second phase, reducing its defense by 10 percent, while increasing its movement and attack speed by 20 percent. You have to keep that in mind.”

“If its HP is 30 percent or less, it’s invoked into the third phase, at this time, all abilities are increased by 20 percent. It only chased its target as its priority, and it gave the most damage to you. You’ve got to be careful with the long-distance dealer.”

The number of phases, the phase section, and the changes according to the phase.

In fact, the answer was there.

Nevertheless, many failed in hunting among the Goblin Champion hunting parties than what was expected.

And the reason for their failure was always the same.

“Don’t lose focus, don’t panic, and you have to repeat this job till the end without making a mistake.

A human was not a machine.

So was Midas.

‘The limit of concentration certainly comes.’

He knew his limitations clearly.

One of the best things Midas was able to do was the ability to know himself.

‘And beyond that limit, I’m bound to make mistakes.’

So he made a thorough calculation.

It was a calculation he did when he sat on a couch with a towel covering his face while he logged out.

Will he be able to achieve his desired goal without making a mistake until he reached his limit?

‘I could do it according to my calculation.’

Then Midas answered that he could.

‘But it was the same as when I was a pro baseball player.’

Of course, it was the same when he was a professional baseball player.

Baseball player Jung Hyunwoo also stepped onto the mound because he thought he had a good chance of winning and was able to do it.

But reality said to him.

‘I thought there was a chance of winning, but it was a real bummer.’

You’re wrong.

Your conviction is just a delusion.

‘It was like that no matter what I did.’

Since then, reality had repeatedly said the same thing to Midas.

Midas’ conviction was a delusion, and his choice eventually became a mistake that should not have been made.

‘My life has always been like that.’

It was that kind of life.

‘So far.’

But at this moment, Midas saw for the first time that his conviction became a reality.


Goblin Champion had many injuries through the repeated running fight against Midas.

‘I saw this scene.’

It was the same scene that Midas imagined with a towel covering his face.

‘It has begun the third phase as planned.’

By luring Goblin Champion into the trap without a mistake and accumulating damage through throwing attacks in the earned time, he succeeded in making its HP below 30 percent.

‘My concentration is now limited.’

In other words, Midas’ concentration had been exhausted.

It would be impossible to modify the plan as perfectly as ever.

One, of course, he had expected that as well.

‘Well, I don’t have to attack anymore.’

Of course, he had prepared countermeasures as well.

No, there wasn’t much to call it a countermeasure.

The information about the Goblin Champion was already clear enough to be found on the internet.

If its HP were below 30 percent, it would enter the third phase; in that case, Goblin Champion would only pursue the target that had given the most damage.

So from now on, Goblin Champion would chase Midas through any kind of attack, even if its whole body burns.


Which means, from now on, it didn’t care what Lucky did to the Goblin Champion.

“I believe in you.”


Lucky let out an awaited long howl at Midas’ words.


It’s not over till it’s over.

The words of the great baseball player, Yogi Berra.

Frankly speaking, the words had never touched Midas’ heart before.

‘It’s all about the guys who remained. The worthless fellows won’t even get a chance to see the end of it.’

Even if he wanted to see the end of it, most of the time, he didn’t get the chance.

‘I got driven from the mound before that.’

So did he as a baseball player.

Instead, he would be hit by batters to the point of losing his mind, and if he had given up the score, he would have quit baseball neatly, but before that, the coach substituted him.

It was the same even after he started God Wars.

Midas, who was being thrown into the Boss Monster Raid, was just playing a part.

From beginning to end, he had never opened and ended it on his own.

It’s not over until it’s over; he had never thought about it enough for the end to touch his heart.

That’s why the battle against the Goblin Champion had to be remarkable.

Whether it was a happy ending or a bad ending, the performance had to be ended somehow.

It was a performance that Midas had never experienced before.

And now he saw the end of it.

The fallen Goblin Champion.


Lucky howled towards the sky like a trumpet, with its bloodstained muzzle on top of that goblin.

[Successfully hunted Goblin Champion.]

And a notification that the hunt is over.

At the notification, Midas clasped his hands firmly, closed his eyes tightly, and cried out to the sky.


He burst into cheers for the fact that he had ended the silent frustration that had been piling up in his life for the first time.

Nothing was heard in Midas’ ears.

[You have achieved the title ‘Goblin Champion Hunter.’]

“Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaargh!”

In front of the notification, Midas threw up what had been piling up for as long as he lived, as if he didn’t hear it.

No, to be honest, he did hear it.

He heard it, but more than that, Midas wanted to burst out what was inside his heart right now, first and foremost.

This feeling alone was proof that he was alive and that he was not wrong, so Midas tried to ignore what he heard.

[You have achieved the title ‘Graduated Novice.’]

[You have achieved the title ‘Along with the Future.’]

[You have achieved the title ‘The Man Who Caught Goblin Champion Alone.’]

[The War Dragon gave you an opportunity for your great victory.]

“…Ah? Wait.”

‘Why are there so many?’

But there were too many notifications to ignore.


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