BJ Archmage – Episode 19 : Well, Let’s Do It! (3)



Few of the people who played God Wars played it for more than two hours in a row.


For this reason, the lounge in the capsule room was always crowded with people who logged out for a while.


Of course, the reasons they were logging out were different.


It was not difficult to guess the reason.


“Ah, the coffee tastes delicious.”


“Ah, damn it.”


The reason for the logout of those who were relaxed while eating sweet chocolate bars with coffee and those who smoked and spit out swearing words could be understood without asking questions.


But Jung Hyunwoo was different.




His short sighing face showed signs of agony.


As if something was not working out.




However, whenever he checked something on his smartphone, his face was full of energy.


It was hard to know how he felt just by looking at his face.


“Hyung, is something wrong?”


Eventually, Lee Hyukjoo asked the question directly.


Jung Hyunwoo nodded lightly at the question.


“What’s going on?”


“Money related.”


At the brief reply, Lee Hyukjoo nodded and then turned his back on him.


“Ah, I’m just gonna clean up.”


Then, he showed a willingness to clean up, even though he was not good at it.


Jung Hyunwoo once again checked his smartphone without looking back at him.


‘Goblin Champion’s mask is 1.1 million won.’


What he checked was none other than the Goblin Champion’s mask, one of the Goblin Champion’s set items.


1.1 million won.


The price was beyond common sense for a unique item worn at level 10.


‘Good things are expensive.’


In other words, it was such a good item.


To the point where it’s better to wear this one item than three or four other rare items.


Such an item now existed in the inventory of the character Midas.


That was why Jung Hyunwoo’s smile was drawn on his mouth.


But, as soon as Jung Hyunwoo touched his smartphone and checked its contents, his smile disappeared from his mouth.


‘The balance of the bankbook is now 1,000 won.’


It was actually a bank account balance that revealed its bottom line that stole his smile.


‘I can’t even use a minus bank account.’


After that, he continuously thought of his circumstances, and Jung Hyunwoo gave a long sigh as if he was smoking cigarettes.


In Jung Hyun-woo’s head, the Goblin Champion’s mask option was glimmering.


‘It’s such a shame.’


Frankly speaking, Goblin Champion’s mask option was too great to be sold like this.


‘If I had enough money, I could use it before I sell it.’


If he had enough money to spare, he would have used it without worrying.


It wasn’t exactly strange.


If a better item came out after using it properly, he could get enough money even if he sold it then.


In fact, most players were like that.


When a good item came out, he used it as much as possible and sold it when the item had lived up to his needs and expectations.


That was the norm. The problem is, as he had repeatedly said, that money was urgently needed.


And there was not a single corner where the money would come from Jung Hyunwoo’s situation.


‘Should I take a private loan?’


‘I’m going crazy.’


Of course, Jung Hyunwoo knew better than anyone how stupid it was to take a private loan because of this thing.


In reality, it always required negotiation and compromise in making a living.


‘Ah, I just want someone to give me some money all of a sudden.’


Nevertheless, as Jung Hyunwoo repeatedly touched the smartphone’s screen because he still had some regret, suddenly, the smartphone began to ring.


Jung Hyunwoo immediately pressed the call button.


“Yes, this is Jung Hyunwoo.”


A weak voice came from Jung Hyunwoo’s throat when he answered the phone.




However, the situation soon turned around.


Jung Hyunwoo changed his voice and posture.


Then Jung Hyunwoo asked a question.


“So you’re from an insurance company? The car accident?”


As soon as the answer to the question came out right away, Jung Hyunwoo spoke with a smile in his mouth.


“Ah, wait a second. I had an anxiety disorder from the accident. I got a severe anxiety disorder. Just by thinking about it, I have insomnia, mental impact, and trauma. Can I talk to you later? I’m so tired right now…”


After finishing the phone call, Jung Hyunwoo immediately put his smartphone in his pocket and came out of the lounge.


‘These bastards, I’ll get you a good one.”


With the eyes of a hunter who had found his prey.



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