BJ Archmage – Episode 19 : Well, Let’s Do It! (3)



Kim Minsoo, who created everything in God Wars, spoke.


I wanted to make a game that would give more to those who enjoy the game more deeply.


That was the rune system.


Kim Minsoo’s intention worked properly.


As he thought, God Wars gave more merit to those who dug the game well.


To the point where there was no other game that gave satisfaction to people who were really better at gaming than others, who spent more money in the game than others, or who were luckier than others.


‘I knew it was a fucking lucky-ass game.’


Midas was also well aware of the fact.



  • Level: 7
  • Divine Blessing: War Dragon
  • Occupation: Archmage
  • Stats: Strength (5+34)/ Intelligence (31+36)/ Mana (12+36)
  • Unspent Stat Points: 4

But, Midas, who now saw his updated stats window, had no choice but to admit.


‘I didn’t know it was this much.’


God Wars was more than the game that he thought.


Midas’ eyes turned towards the list of titles he earned from the hunt.

[Goblin Champion Hunter]

  • Title Description: It’s a title that only those who hunt the Goblin Champion can get.
  • Title Reward: All Stats +3
[Graduated Novice]

  • Title Description: It is a title that only those who hunt all kinds of monsters appearing in the starter village can get.
  • Title Reward: All Stats +3


[Along with the Spiritual Beast]*

*T/L Note: There was a wrong translation from TL, the former was ‘future,’ but after looking for it furthermore 신수 also has a meaning of spiritual beast, and it fits the context better.

  • Title Description: Only those who hunt a Boss Monster with their Spiritual Beast (Shinsu) can get this title.
  • Title Reward: All Stats +3

There were so many titles that it was hard to see all of them.


‘I expected the Graduated Novice with Goblin Champion Hunter.’


Of course, he knew the existence of these two titles, Goblin Champion Hunter and Graduated Novice titles.


It wasn’t just about knowing those titles.


The two titles were the reason for him to catch the Goblin Champion.


A six-point increase in all skills was similar to raising three or four levels at once.


This merit was indescribable for players below level 10.


‘So ‘Along with the Spiritual Beast’ is also possible to achieve this way.’


The title ‘Along with the Spiritual Beast’ that came next was unexpected but not surprising.


[The Man Who Caught the Goblin Champion Alone]

  • Title Description: It is an honorable title given only to those who catch the Goblin Champion without other players’ help.
  • Title Reward: All Stats +9


But the solo player title was unexpected.


Even the stat reward was out of the ordinary.




Rather than cheering with joy, he looked more burdened.


‘If I didn’t take the relaxing pill, my heart would have burst, and I would have logged out.’


Midas was feeling out of this world on seeing that excellent reward.


Frankly speaking, he’d like to log out, cool his head, and think about the whole situation.


He couldn’t help it.




‘I can’t believe my heart is shaking because the reward is so good. What the fuck is this?’


A person who has eaten meat before can eat it well.


Much more, Midas couldn’t eat paste porridge well, let alone trying to eat meat. Isn’t he a man who was terrible at enjoying this juicy and delicious meat that arrived at his mouth?


It was strange if you take this situation as it was.


Of course, that’s why he couldn’t avoid meat forever.


‘I’m gonna have to get used to it.’


Midas soothed himself by pressing and massaging his face a couple of times with his hands.


Woof woof!


Lucky gave a refreshing shout to its owner as if to cheer him up.


“Right, Lucky.”


Midas stroked Lucky’s head and spoke.


Then he spoke.


“Now that we’re at it let’s see how much of a lucky-ass game this is.”


With those words, Midas pulled out the opportunity he had received from the War Dragon.


[Would you like to receive a card reward?]


Midas shouted while approving the notification.


“Legendary skill, let’s go!”




Lucky also shouted at his shout.


A hundred cards appeared before Midas’ eyes.


‘There’s no gold.’


Of course, there was no legendary class.


‘There’s no red, as well.’


And there was no unique class.


All he saw were yellow cards that didn’t even reach the golden color.


Midas grumbled at the fact.


“As expected, it was a lucky-ass game. You should get at least one legendary skill out of here. You don’t know what game is.”




Of course, it wasn’t a heartfelt grumble.


Instead, Midas’ facial expression was clearly a satisfaction.


It was none other than one rare class skill card that made him satisfied.


[Ice Arrow]

  • Skill Class: Rare
  • Skill Effect: You can summon three ice arrows. As skill ranks rise, the number of ice arrows you can summon increases.


‘We’re going to secure ice magic with it.’


The best advantage of an Archmage is that they were not limited by the characteristic of the hunting ground by using the magic of all attributes.


In that sense, the Ice Arrow skill was a skill that would help Midas take a step towards becoming a real Archmage.


‘I’ll need to practice to be able to use it.’


Of course, Midas, who had been typically using the throwing ball style magic, needed some practice in properly using Arrow magic, but Ice Arrow was a skill worth it.

Obviously, Midas chose the skill card without hesitation.


Midas had a much more relaxed look because it was precisely what he wanted, something with a standard that fit him.


He also showed his composure.


“If this were a live broadcast, I’d have tried it here. Making a bet with the viewers. If I pick a rare card, I’ll have to do a handstand and show a twerking dance here.”




“Then the sponsorship will just explode, and then I’ll give it a reaction.”




Midas made a joke at Lucky.


At that moment, Midas shook his head with a bitter smile.


“…Huft, I’m talking nonsense in front of a dog.”


Live broadcast.


It was a symbol of a star player.


Famous star players even take the salaries of employees at large companies in just one day just by turning on live broadcasting and talking to viewers.


Obviously, Midas has also had countless imaginations of being a broadcasting jockey and having such enormous wealth.


‘If we do a live broadcast, we’ll end the game.’


But, live broadcasting was not that easy.


First of all, he lacked recognition.


God Wars had to use only a platform called WarTube, but it was impossible to stand out within that platform right now.


Of course, the first few viewers can be secured to some extent.


‘As soon as I turn on the live broadcast and catch the boss, all sorts of people will come to disturb me.’


The problem was that only a few viewers had a gorgeous, noble, and generous heart.


This time was like that too.


If Midas live broadcasted the process of his hunt for the Goblin Champion.


There must have been quite a few donations.


But, many more intruders would have come at him.


‘Let’s just sell the video.’


For Midas, it was best to sell the live video in a suitable place and share the profits.


Of course, it wasn’t without a way.


‘I might get a full set of unique items, and when the stream snipers come in, I’ll be done for. I wouldn’t be able to fight off all of them at this stage.’


But if he had enough power to turn even the intruders into prey, the show’s popularity would increase.


That was the biggest reason Midas gave up on live broadcasting right now.


Because Midas didn’t have the resources to plaster his equipment window with unique items right now. He had no means of deterrence against anyone who wanted to try their hand to steal his stuff.


‘That’s it for the bullshit, and let’s do looting. Let’s start with the living expenses.’


The reality is that even the unique items obtained by hunting the Goblin Champion should be sold for living expenses and capsule room fees.


‘I’m so glad. I don’t have to worry about the living expense for a month.’


And Midas was more than thankful for the reality.


He sincerely appreciated that he could continue his life with his brother and nephew right away with the monster he caught, and after standing in front of the Goblin Champion, he raised his palm on its dead body and spoke.



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