BJ Archmage – Episode 20: Civilian Slayer (1)

Civilian Slayer


Capsule Room Counter.



“This is payment in advance.”

At Jung Hyunwoo’s words, who appeared in front of the counter, Lee Hyukjoo nodded and put his hand on the keyboard in front of him.

“How much are you going to put in? 30,000 won as usual?”

Instead of answering the question that was being asked with a calm expression, Jung Hyunwoo opened his three fingers wide.

Jung Hyunwoo was more confident than ever.

At that sight, Lee Hyukjoo answered with a nod.

“Yes, I just need to put in 30,000 won, as usual, right?”

Jung Hyunwoo slightly frowned at the answer.

“Hey, not 30,000 won. This, this.”

Jung Hyunwoo then shook his wide-open three fingers again in front of Lee Hyukjoo’s eyes.

Lee Hyukjoo tilted his head at that sight, and soon he seemed to understand the meaning, so he was surprised as he spoke.

“Hyunwoo, you can’t pay 3,000 won in advance for the capsule room.”

In the end, Jung Hyunwoo spoke with his own mouth.

“300,000! I’m putting in 300,000!”


Only then did Lee Hyukjoo, who understood the meaning of his fingers, nodded slightly and began to enter the amount of 300,000 won.

But soon, he spoke in surprise.

“Do you want to put in 300,000? You said you don’t have any money.”

At that question, Jung Hyunwoo spoke with a slight smile.

“There’s a way for everything.”

In the mind of Jung Hyunwoo, who was talking, he recalled the conversation of his phone call with the insurance company.

‘I’ve already mastered dealing with insurance company bastards.’

When he first spoke to the insurance company, it was apparent, but they offered very cheap compensation.

In that situation, Jung Hyunwoo did not become angry.

After his older brother and sister-in-law were involved in an accident, Jung Hyunwoo paid for his sister-in-law’s funeral in place of his older brother, who could have easily died during surgery. He was also taking care of his niece, who still couldn’t speak properly while talking with the insurance company.

Then, he realized that it wasn’t worth popping neck veins while getting mad at the insurance company.

If you cry and beg, the insurance company will treat you as a weak pushover.

‘Because you guys completely screwed me over at that time, I’ve prepared properly this time.’

Therefore, Jung Hyunwoo had prepared documents rather than words.

After getting out of the hospital with the old man with dementia, he went to another hospital.

A hospital where the disease severity “increases”, not a hospital that only treats the disease.

He went to a hospital where a full recovery that should take a week instead takes four weeks, where mild vertigo becomes post-traumatic stress disorder, and where a typical mild shoulder and back pain becomes an incurable disease caused by intrapelvic insufficiency in the body. He received the medical certificate very reliably.

Thanks to the exaggerated medical certificate, Jung Hyunwoo now had post-accident stress with aftereffects and had become a person with intermittent psychosis.

‘Too sick to get a job.’

Due to his mental illness, it will be challenging to get a job in the government or at a major company.

The price was 2.62 million won in compensation, and 4.21 million won in vouchers that can only be used at hospitals.

‘Thanks to that, I earned a month’s worth of living.’

One month, it was the moment when Jung Hyunwoo was given the time to play only games.

“Hyung, the payment is settled.”

“Yeah, then make a room for me.”

“How many hours do you want to have today?”

At the continuous questioning, Jung Hyunwoo spoke without hesitation.

“8 hours, full.”


One of the always enjoyable moments in RPG games is when you equip powerful items.

Whether one is lucky, hardworking, or rich, the player got excited the moment the item came into their hands.

[Goblin Champion Mask]
– Grade: Unique
– Level to equip the item: Level 5 and above
– It’s a mask made by the Goblin Champion. The Goblin Champion’s power is strongly embedded.
– All skills +10
– 10% increase in damage when attacking goblins.
– Opening additional options whenever adding the Goblin Champion item set
! All skills +5 whenever equipping 2 set items
! All skills +20, an additional 10% increase in damage when attacking goblins whenever equipping 3 set items.


That’s how Midas felt now.

‘The options are great.’

Unique grade item.

It wasn’t that it didn’t have any connection with Midas at all.

‘Come to think of it, even though I have gotten a unique item, have I ever used one before?’

But the moment he got the unique item, he thought about selling it rather than wearing it.

Besides, even if he obtained a unique item, it was unlikely for the item to be related to his job.

It was the same for this Goblin Champion’s mask.

If someone beats a boss monster, usually items like the Goblin Champion’s treasures come out, and when the person opens the treasure, cards appear. Lastly, he’ll choose one of the cards and get a random item after that.

It was practically impossible to get an item that fits with his job.

‘……There was none.’

That was why Midas had a distant relationship with those unique items.

He finished his thoughts quickly.

There were other items in Midas’s sight.

[ Wand of Goblin’s resentment]
– Grade: Rare
– Level to equip the item: Level 5 and above
– Goblin’s resentment is embedded in the wand. It has a special skill.
– Attack power: 16
– Intelligence +3
– Mana +3

[ Leather gloves of Goblin’s resentment]
– Grade: Rare
– Level to equip the item: Level 5 and above
– They are gloves that are made of Goblin leather. They do not seem to have high durability.
– HP +2
– Mana +3

They were rare grade items that were made with Goblin leather and Goblin’s resentment.

They could not be compared with the Goblin Champion’s mask, but still, they were worthy enough.

‘I can kill orcs with them……’

He could graduate from the beginner’s village and target a level 20 orc as his prey.

That was what efficient players did.

They proved their value by killing monsters that were higher level than them just like skipping a grade.

They proved that they were different by gladly facing hardship and overcoming it.

‘I can kill goblins much easier than before.’

Of course, Midas didn’t want to do that.

He didn’t deny that killing a monster that was stronger than him was incredible.

‘I would rather kill goblins comfortably than suffer to kill high-level monsters while competing with other high-level players.’

He didn’t want to have trouble playing the game just to gain praise, applause, and attention.

‘Fuel efficiency decreases when I drive faster I suppose.’

Above all, Midas knew that he’d pay the price for over pacing.

That was the point.

‘I’m doing it to make a living. I can’t overdo myself.’

The reason why he played the game was always to feed his family and himself.

He never had thoughts about playing the game to be the best or save money to buy items instead of buying steaks.

“Lucky, let’s hunt goblins.”


Midas and Lucky had started hunting.




The fireball that left Midas’s hand made a harsh sound when hitting a goblin’s head which was completely covered with oil.


At the same time, a screaming cry came out from the goblin’s mouth.

Its sound was stronger than usual.

The reason was simple.

‘I knew that there was no monster that could defeat my high stats. One hit of the fireball sharply decreases its HP.’

The power of Midas’s fireball became critical damage to goblins.

Ki, ki!

The goblins could feel the unfairness.

It was something that a goblin would say ‘Why the hell is he hunting goblins, not stronger monsters with this damage!’

Obviously, the goblin couldn’t say stuff like that.

Even if it did, Midas wouldn’t think about listening to that.

“Ice arrow!”

Midas started to speed up his hunt by using his new magic skill.

[ Cast ice arrow. ]

[ There are 3 remaining arrows. ]

When Midas cast the spell, the wand Midas was holding changed into a bow shape with the alert.


As soon as Midas put his hand on the transparent bowstring, an ice arrow started to be created.

He didn’t hesitate to pull the bowstring.


The arrow flew and pierced the screaming goblin’s face.

Midas saw that and made a satisfied smile.

‘Arrow attacks are suitable for critical damage.’

If the fireball was a bomb, the ice arrow was a bullet.

As much as they were different, they created a synergy effect.

The synergy effect was outstanding when he attacked with the ice arrow after weakening the monster’s defense with the fireball.

[ You have hunted a goblin. ]

The evidence was that he killed the goblin only with the fireball and one ice arrow.

‘I feel good today. I feel like goblins are not moving in my sight.’

Midas smiled at the fact.

At the moment.


A goblin started approaching Midas quietly from his back when Midas killed one goblin and aimed at another one with the ice arrow.

The secretly approaching goblin attacked tremendously the moment the distance between Midas and itself was less than 10 meters.


The goblin started rushing towards Midas’s back.

Midas didn’t seem to run away.

Also, he didn’t worry about this.

He didn’t even turn his back.


Because the goblin was not for him but Lucky.


Lucky showed himself to protect his owner and bit off the goblin’s ankle instantly.


The goblin fell toward the front and Lucky got on its back and started biting its neck.

Crunch, crunch!

The sound was creepy.


At the sound from Midas’s back, he smiled and pulled the bowstring towards a goblin that was approaching him.


The arrow went and pierced through the goblin’s forehead.

Soon, the goblin fell to the ground.

[ The goblin died on the spot from the critical attack. ]

The alert rang.


Midas admired himself.

‘Do I have a talent for being an archer? Why does it hit the target so well? I should have chosen to be an expert archer!’

The battlefield was changing from moment to moment, however, it looked like a standstill in Midas’s sight.

‘My condition is too good these days. The goblins’ movements seem like watching a slow-motion video.’

Midas just assumed that it was all thanks to his condition which reached its peak.

That was all.

He didn’t need to think about it more deeply.

‘I can just hunt the group of five goblins over there with this pace.’

When Midas turned his head, there was a green light spreading between some trees.

It was evident that there were five goblins.

Midas looked at Lucky who came to him.

“Lucky, should we hunt them right now?”


Lucky answered with his howling as he had waited for it.


At that moment, Midas seemed to find something and shushed while looking at Lucky.


While Lucky held his breath, Midas lowered his body and watched a group who was approaching the five goblins.

‘They are players.’

It was a party of three.

It was not weird at all.

Hunting outside of the Explorer’s boundary did not need a certificate or a license.

It was not weird if there were more players besides him.

‘Three and three more behind them.’

The problem was that there were three more who were chasing the group of three.

Midas grinned.

‘The civilian slayers.’

It was the moment that the reason why the outside of the Explorer’s boundary was dangerous came onto the scene.

Translated by Amy Shin
Twitter: @AmyShin39



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