BJ Archmage – Episode 22: Civilian Slayer (3)

Civilian Slayer (3)


Players who slaughtered other players weaker than themselves and felt great joy from it were never good people.

It was obvious to say but the abusive language and desperate threats didn’t work at all on them.

However, there were some things that could make them nervous.

One was obviously the Explorer’s guild.

There was no need to explain this.

‘The Explorer’s guild and live streaming.’

The other was nothing but live streaming.

‘There are very few perverts who like to be caught on a live stream while doing bad stuff.’

There was a difference between enjoying just doing bad stuff and enjoying doing bad stuff in front of anonymous people on air.

‘If you guys were those kinds of perverts, they would have been widely known. Just like the Civilian Slayer’s guild in the past.’

In Midas’s sight, the Sylar wasn’t one of those kinds.

Of course, he wasn’t live streaming it.

It wouldn’t be strange if someone who was mean and jealous found out that Midas had these two, archmage job class and a holy beast, and attacked him.
(TL note: previously known as shinsu is now holy beast)

Besides, if he bragged about this fact on air?

It would become an advertisement saying ‘I’m right here. Please come and kill me!’

So, he was only acting.

There was no chance that Sylar could figure this out.

‘Fuck, he’s a fucking streamer.’

As Midas expected, Sylar stopped at his words.

Even after Sylar got rid of the cloth that was burning on his face, he hid his face with his hands.

There was no way to find out their identities due to their anonymous appearances, however, he couldn’t think about that.

‘By the way, how does he know my name?’

Instead, Sylar’s mind was fully on the mentioning of his character’s name from Midas’s mouth.

Midas smiled after checking Sylar’s face.

‘Definitely. His name is the same as his main character’s name.’

That was what Midas aimed for.

No one could find out someone’s character’s name unless he joined a guild or a party, or spoke out his name aloud.

‘Well, everyone does that. There is no problem with that if no one finds out.’

That was why many people named their side character’s the same as their main ones.

However, his name was found out.

He couldn’t think about how that could’ve happened.

His only concern was that it might affect his main character if things went wrong.

The pressure from that worry was worse for pro players, who maintained their living with this game.

He couldn’t help but suffer while thinking about it.

The answer to his thoughts didn’t really matter to Midas.

The important thing for Midas was that his prey was wasting time by himself.

“Hey, I said help! This damn dog is fucking strong!”

The other thing was that Lucky was faithfully performing his duty at the same time.


Raw, who couldn’t stand anymore because Lucky repeatedly bit off his legs, cried out.

“Hey, shut up!”

Midas waited for that moment when Sylar was shocked and shouted hard to throw a rock from his hand toward Sylar.

There was no way for Sylar to avoid the attack while being in a situation where his hands blocked his sight, and his focus was on someone else.


The rock hit Sylar’s head right away.

Sylar glared his eyes and reflexively turned his head towards where the rock came from.

However, what Sylar saw was an ice arrow that was flying towards his left eye.


Soon, his left eyesight became dark.

[ You have lost your left eyesight. ]

[ You have been critically damaged. ]

Sylar’s instinct was telling him that he was in danger after the alerts.

Midas continued shouting.

“Thank you for your donation! I will now show you how I hit the other eye.”

Midas’s leisurely voice reminded Sylar of the words Midas had said.

‘Fireball and then Ice arrow? Archmage?’


It was a legendary class that less than 100 people had in God Wars.

The player who had that kind of job was broadcasting with the content being hunting down civilian slayers.

‘Is he a rich guy playing his side character?’

He must not be an ordinary player!

As soon as Sylar thought about that, he started to run away while not looking at his back.

“Oh, the bastard is running away. Guys, I will definitely hunt him.”

Midas raised his voice as if he was going to hunt Sylar right away.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

However, Midas was heading the opposite way from where Sylar ran away.


Then, an arrow passed by Midas.

The archer, Chang.

He hid himself quickly because he was a ranged fighter when Midas suddenly started to attack them.

That was a wise choice.

However, he couldn’t figure out the situation that was happening while hiding and shouted at Sylar.

“Sylar! Why the fuck are you running away! Huh?”

At the same time, a cloth flew like a butterfly and covered his face.

It was the same cloth drenched in oil that covered Sylar’s face.


It was obvious that the next one was a fireball flying to Chang’s face.


Chang shouted after the attack and Midas aimed at Chang with one of the ice arrows.

‘Hunt the archer first and then the healer.’

At that moment, an unexpected thing had happened.


Lucky sent a signal that he had finished hunting, and that was a lot earlier than what Midas expected.

‘Well, I don’t have to hunt the healer anymore.’

Midas smiled and let go of the bowstring.


There are two kinds of people in sports.

People who fight a record and people who fight a person.

Midas was the latter.

At the time when he was a professional baseball player, he always fought with batters.

That was why he knew better than others about the meaning of dealing with people.

It was the same now.

“You fucking asshole! I will come to you! I’m going to bring all of our main characters and chase you until you give up on the game! You are doomed!”

After Chang’s game was over with the violent language, Midas wasn’t in a hurry to chase Sylar.

‘Sylar, the only one left.’

Somehow, he didn’t worry about Sylar, who ran away with the two sets from the Goblin Champion.

‘He should be around here…..’

It was because he was sure that Sylar didn’t run far from here.

There were three reasons for his confidence.

‘He would be dead if he left his comrades behind.’

First, his comrades were under attack.

They are more than just comrades and he runs away alone.

It’s worse than just dying altogether.

Second, he knew how to play God Wars.

‘Since he knows how to play the game well, he probably knows that running away is more shameful.’

It was not clever to thoughtlessly escape from the chaser, instead figure out the opponent and manage the situation right.

Besides, he could be chased by a group of goblins if he ran away in this field full of monsters.

Something worse could happen.

Also, there was no reason to avoid Midas if he thought about his job.

The situation can be reversed and he would hunt Midas if he could fight close.

The third one was Sylar’s psychology.

‘He is so mad that I messed up his stress relief while he hunted newbies.’

Here was the only place where the Sylar could release his stress.

However, a freak who was calling himself BJ Archmage, suddenly came out of nowhere while they were hunting and they were being treated like newbies now.

How would it feel?

It shouldn’t be good.

If it was his main character, of course, he would admit his defeat even though he felt bad.

He would even say sorry and get down if Midas told him to.

‘It’s not his main, but his side character.’

It was his side character where he had nothing to lose.

Would he tuck his tail and run away?

He could.

However, what Midas understood about civilian slayer melee fighters, who dealt with other players the closest, was different.

Most of them were more violent, cruel, and emotional than ordinary players.

They were the kinds who tried to solve a problem with violence.

What Midas observed while chasing Sylar was no different.

How he dealt with the fish he caught showed the person’s personality.

Midas did the same to Sylar just like how a pitcher drew a batter’s habit, tendency, style, and behavior pattern by repeatedly watching that batter’s video.

Sylar was as Midas expected.

There was a player who was hiding behind a tree, further than 30 meters.

He was showing ‘Sylar-DDAT19386724’ above his head.

‘Ok, I will wait for a chance around him.’

When Midas saw him, his senses became sensitive.

It has been a while.

The feeling was the same as when he was a professional baseball player and was taking the mound as the opening pitcher.

He had never felt this when he hunted monsters born from a system with a designed pattern and a manmade strategy.

Midas reimagined his feelings when dealing with this bad person and when that person moved as he had expected.

With those thoughts, Midas closed the distance between Sylar and himself.

“Oh, I think he’s gone. He is so good at getting away. It looks like it’s not his first time leaving his comrades behind and running away.”

He still pretended to broadcast and approached Sylar.

“I’m pretty sure, these punks’ main characters are trash as hell. They probably always get kicked out from parties and guilds. That’s why they are getting rid of stress here. So cliche. People who have nothing else do this. Wow, thank you for your donation.”

He kept letting Sylar know he was approaching while provoking him.

At that moment, Midas’s footsteps were clearly heard as he moved towards Sylar.

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